Building  A Working Tribe




Building a working tribe of equals

1. Due to the fact that everything is supposition at this point and doom has been predicted and prophecies since the beginning of time we have to operate on two fronts, everyday life and the what if tomorrow never comes scenario.

2. The Plan makes a solid plan that includes stress management.

3. A tribe must be made of several specialized people

A. Workers - young people who are strong and able

B. Hunters – also young and know how to hunt trap and stalk

C. Tool makers and fixers – people with mechanical and scientific knowledge that will design produce and fix items necessary to you survival

D. Medical – someone trained in the basics of first aid not weak of heart, with understanding of natural medicines also empathetic and part personal councilor to help with the depression and anxiety that will go along with a complete reset of life

E. Cook – anyone can burn food but meals are important to the tribes social structure and a personals metal health it is the most important part of survival

F. Someone that can sew and fix clothing

G. HIGHLY IMPORTANT – someone who knows the ways in preserving food so you don’t all die from food poisoning

4. Creating of the council – the tribe must meet every day to deal with problems on a all level pass the conch meeting, intertribal squabbles can end the survival possibility of all in the tribe.

5. The constitution – and written list of rules that must be unanimously be approved by all in the tribe

6. Selection of leaders preferable one of each sex so all feel represented to weigh and asses the important decisions.

7. Before letting someone be voted into your tribe prepare some questions to ask a person before the vote. For example: have you been on welfare all your life – these people are likely to be lazy and a drain on your tribe. Each tribe must decide what is acceptable.

8. And tribal economy – sounds stupid but each person will bring different skills and provisions. And each skill has a value. Like someone who is making and fixing tools and cloths or treating your wounds does not have the time or skill to hunt or grow food, does that mean they should not eat?

9. PRE EVENT RESEARCHERS – everyone must break up the duty of finding information on surviving without electricity or a buyable food source print these things out and build books in loose leaf folders each person should have a category so everyone isn’t duplicating the efforts of another

10. PRE EVENT supplies each person in your tribe may have different current incomes, what each has in the way of supplies and need of supplies must listed so things that are needed as a group can be bought or made as a group while it is still possible. We all know we need food provisions and fuel sources. But so many forget there are many other things we might need in an electric and transportation free world for example: ropes tarps guns ammo arrows bows, traps snares wax thread needles medical supplies bandages toilet paper feminine supplies antibiotic like Fishmox bleach alcohol still supplies peroxide soap towels list can go on forever. And of course a dry cool critter free place to stockpile this stuff.


Pre Event Education

Which plants in your area are edible and which ones aren’t

How to make a charcoal based water filtration system to clean drinking water and how to purify it through chemical, boiling and ozonation techniques

How to make a wood gassifier to power mechanical engines without gasoline

How to build a small electric radio wave receiver and transmitter

What’s needed and how to weld metal

How to convert AC and DC electricity to cross power needed electrical items

What individual daily water intake requirements are and how to dig a well to access ground water

How to cook meats with nothing but the sun

How to build fires even in snow without matches or fuels

How to build a hand powered electrical generator for use in flashlights, radios, etc.

How to snare small animals out in the wild

What bugs and other nasty critters you can eat to stay alive

How to make a make shift compass to navigate with and how to navigate accurately without one

How to germinate seeds for planting

How to make homemade solar panels

How to make your own fishing hooks and traps with everyday items

How to communicate with Morse Code


Be prepared to deal with the things below

STAGE 1 - Coping

Assuming that  a major cataclysmic event that will alter human life forever
various disaster scenarios, along with their probabilities of actually happening and the dangers to human life they represent – from shifting magnetic poles, to brown dwarf flybys to rogue asteroid attacks to increased solar storms and cosmic rays , failure of the national or world economy, break down of social infrastructure, and the list goes on.
What the end of electricity and 1st world food distribution operations will have on life as we know it
How to prepare for mass public hysteria and marshal law - people will go insane and all semblance on civilized behavior will be a thing of the past
What variables like sea level, frost depth, volcanic ash spread, ground faults, rainfall amounts and depth to ground water and others prioritize what locations in North America provide the highest probable likelihood of survival given each disaster scenario and what locations you simply cannot afford to be in under any circumstance
How to effectively plan an escape plan from major metropolitan centers and getting to caches of stored supplies and resources to make it to a high probability survival locations
How to preserve what supplies and food stores you’re able to muster to elongate your survival timetable
What the timeframes of different disaster scenarios will look like to aid in planning
What survival skills you will need to survive without electricity, running water, oils and fuels, medicines and access to commercially available foods
How and where to plan and build a long-term survival plan including the skills you will need to access ground water, purifying water supplies, growing your own food, and how to develop building materials from raw materials
What suppliers offer great preparedness products from dried and bulk food items, to storage kits and shelter in place options
And all the raw survival skills you’ll need to deal with any situation!
STAGE 2 -Planning for a real future

Assuming you make it to a survivable location and you have the skills to survive the first few months without electricity, running water and the other realities of life in a post apocalyptic world; you’ll need to quickly need to turn your attention to long-term survival.
LEARN NOW how to set up sustainable farming, accessing geothermal heat sources and other techniques that will be critical to long-term survival once the initial dangers past


Due to the genome project, it has been determined that every person on earth can be traced to an original matriarchal, or mitochondrial beginning gene pool of 292 women in a small pocket on the western coast of Africa. So going out on a limb lets say that mankind had reached a technological point equal or greater then our own, ( and there is much evidence of this ) and there was a similar great disaster! that means that of all the people on the planet at that time only these few survived to continue the human race, that is pretty scary odds. archeological anomalies have been dug up that make no sense so get buried in museums as they have no way to classify these objects. but regardless everything you see around you except things made of rock will basically rot, rust, dissolve, and find them selves under miles of stone and dirt, over a geologically quick period of time as little as 200 years to 2500 years depending on the nature and make up of the object, only stone, and gold, maybe a few exotic alloys survives over millennia and even that dissolves and changes given enough time.


In disasters many people die , people you love will die. and it will effect your mental health and this is one of the greatest benefits of a tribe is the support of others thru personally hurtful times.

There may even come a time, when you have to help someone pass, who is injured or sick beyond repair, and letting them continue in great misery. Only the mentally strong will survive, so you must make sure you know who the people in your tribe are, I personally test everyone I know and find there breaking and trigger points, how much it takes to make them mad, sulk, violent, cry, it is the only way to know who you are dealing with, it has made me hated by many people over the years but it has also gotten the weak minded from my orbit. I will not find myself in a situation that I get dragged under by the person who freaks or panics to the point the endanger my tribe or myself. - thanks for reading  - NnitehawkK