Building A Tribe



how you use or don't use it is up to the reader and I take no responsibility for the out come of its sue

Personal food kits for on the cheap preparedness – this does not include water sources

In each ration box or tote – 1 week – for 4 people 2 adults 2 children

Three normal size bags dried beans

4 1 lb boxes of pasta

2 boxes Mac-n cheese

Assorted spices whatever you want

Can of vegetable shortening

Three bags of rice

On bottle of generic over the counter multivitamins

7 cans of condensed milk

1 100 count box of tea

jar peanut butter

box of saltines

2 zip lock sandwich bags of coffee

4 large cans of tomato sauce

12 packs of Kool-Aid mix

On 1 box of powdered milk

1 gallon zip locks of flour

1 gallon zip lock bag of sugar

1 gallon zip lock bag of cornmeal

This goes in ball jars --- salted pork – how to make salt pork

Cut pork into cubes cook in oven at 250 for about 3 hours

In each ball jar put 1/8 cup of salt --- add pork to Ύfull while still warm pour boiling water on top and a table spoon of shortening this will make an O2 seal when it cools – make sure all jars are bleached in hot water and well as the seals before doing this – now when you sued this it has to be soaked in clean warm water to de salt it water will need to be changed 2 or three times or it will be un edible

Rotate these totes every 12 months – just use the contents as normal it is a rather bland gassy diet but will cover the dietary needs

For peeps in the country

Get a book on your local area and figure out what grows wild that you can eat

Buy a bow and arrows learn to use them

By a regular shot gun and 200 ro0unds of deer slugs

8 rolls toilet paper

12 chocolate bars


plastic utensils and plates don't waste water for washing dishes if it can be avoided

each person should have a minimum of 4 liters of water per day

keep water purification tables in first aid kit






Medical tape



Tea bags – put wet tea bags on puncture wounds

Razor blades

Hacksaw – I won’t say what this is for but if the time comes you will know

Gun powder – to cauterize bad wounds

Sewing needles and monofilament thread or 100% cotton thread

You can make stitching needles by heating them till they glow and bending into a half moon have several sizes



Eye drops and eye wash

Cayenne pepper


Fishmox – fish mox is amoxicillin can be gotten of Amazon – you must know if you are allergic

I am not suggesting you consume it use you own judgment - do some research on Google search "Fishmox human consumption"

never use or store tetracycline it becomes toxic and deadly in a very short period of time


FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS as it is just a basic outline