Gavin McCall, Independent Researcher

A picture of Gavin D McCallGavin McCall, host and lead investigator of Ancient Humans, says that humankind is much older than mainstream science claims.  Ancient Humans airs on the syndicated Revolution Radio network and is accessible by anyone in the world via the online player.

Independent researcher and information technology engineer, Gavin McCall joined Revolution Radio in March of 2016.  Since then, Ancient Humans has aired every Sunday, pushing its investigation into alternative origins of the mysterious Earth-bound creatures that call themselves humans.

Gavin is a self-educated indigo child, aka, wunderkind, and an unsigned lead guitar player for the American True Heavy Metal band Forever’s End.  Gavin has decades of experience working with digital media, news media, and refers to himself as a love activist.

Gavin is a published poet (Swirling Dervish on Amazon) currently working on his second compilation.  Gavin practices a martial art called, Pu Chong.

Fascinated with mathematics, philosophy, spiritualism, and the occult, Gavin explores these subjects and more every Sunday 8-10pm EST (7-9pm CDT) on Revolution Radio.

Other shows Gavin has worked on:

  • The Hammer (pilot) True Heavy Metal show (radio)
  • Ancient Humans (TV)
  • Gavin’s Universe – Science Nonfiction (radio)
  • Black Holes Don’t Exist (YouTube)

Prior to producing Ancient Humans on Revolution Radio, Gavin worked as a document specialist, information technology technician, and 3D animator/modeler.

Gavin’s first experienced news media as a 15-year-old journalist on the cable television show: Kids From Chaos

Gavin was born, raised and educated in Marin County, California.

Gavin has a campaign to raise funds for his small business startup called Green Digits Media.  There are some initial expenses he needs to cover to start working for himself legally in the state of Florida.  Visit his campaign page now and make a donation!