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Call-In Phone Numbers

Phone: (850) 677-3759  (anyone can call)
Skype: SkunkHunt

Instructions for calling in:

  • When calling during the airing of a show, please be patient:
    • If we do not answer you, give us 15-30 seconds to call you back and add you to the conversation.
    • If we do not respond do you in 30 seconds call us again.  If your comment is important, then keep trying and don’t give up.
    • When you are connected, please mute your microphone on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer until you are addressed by the show host or producer.
  • You can call us anytime when the show is not on the air and correspond with the show creators or leave us a voicemail message.  If you would like your message to be played on the air please tell us somewhere on the message that you give us permission to use it on the air.

Online Contact Form

Use the following form to submit feedback to the show creators or to book an appearance on the show.  If your message should require more correspondence we will provide additional contact details to you in a reply.  If you are specifically looking to book make sure you mention “BOOKING” somewhere in the message.


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Advertising Information

The show is a member of the Revolution Radio network and subject to its advertising policies.  For details about online advertising opportunities for this website, use the contact page above.  If you’re interested in advertising on Revolution Radio, you should contact management at

Be A Guest On The Show

You’ve probably wondered how to become a guest on the show.  Well, it’s rather easy!  All you have to do is send an email to the producers stating your name, phone number, the area of your expertise and details about the experience you want to share with us.  We will review your submission and make a determination if it fits within our schedule.  A producer will call you.  Use the contact page above or email us: