The Sky is Falling

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The Sky is Falling

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17 Dec 2017, 09:44

Have you looked out side your door lately? It is a scary place out there that is for sure. There are people and things out there that wants to do you in. At times it seams that the whole World is out to get you. The guy who lives next door is really an alien out to harvested your DNA.
There are terrorists behind every other bush in your back yard. The paper boy has shifty looking eyes. The guy who works at the corner store is really an FBI agent there to watch what you buy each day. The GPS in your car tells them every where you have been. You are filmed at every red light you are stopped at.
You are bombarded by radio to ultra volatile waves ever minute of your life. When you watch your TV remember that it is watching you also. Ever place that you visit on the inner net is recorded to use ageist you if needed.
You can’t leave you home with out your paper mask to keep out the Ebola Virus or the chem trails and remember to bring your dark sun glass and heavy duty sun screen. It may even be a good idea to have iodine tables near by.
You have to watch what you are eating if it taste good most likely it is not good for you. The fish you have for dinner could be radioactive but what the heck Fukushima’s reactors are melting down and we all will be glowing soon. What you are eating as food is really eating you.
When you go out at night be careful you don’t get picked up by a UFO and get probed. Don’t walk down any dark streets you may be kidnapped to be am evil sacrifice, sold to a slaver or just jumped by a crack head that needs a fix.
The boarders are being over run by illegal immigrants who most likely are bring in new diseases or they are terrorists that are out to wipe us all out. We need to keep an eye on the shape shifting lizard reptilians that are in control of our Government whom are waiting for the return of planet X.
Remember that the extraterrestrial Anunnaki and the Nephilim are dew back any day now to save us all from doom. Make sure each day to check your you tube to find out the latest news about the Yellowstone super volcano dew to go off if the big pole shift don’t stop it.
Keep an eye on your neighborhood you never know when the Islamic State may move in. you may need to buy a pray rug. don’t call 911 for help the cops may show up and shot you as the bad guys get away. Keep eating what they want you too but you had better not ask what it is. You may find out the truth about GMO.
There is fast food after all the fats make your meat tasty, juice and helps to keep them immortal. Remember do the research your self about the things you hear about never take any ones word. You are the only real change that is needed. You must ask question about every thing if reality is to be seen the way it should be.

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