Premier Episode, Season II of Collision Course: IBEX

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Collision Course
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Premier Episode, Season II of Collision Course: IBEX

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01 Oct 2018, 15:12

Good afternoon, all ... 40x360.mp4 ... elier.html

I want to invite you all to listen in to our first episode of Season II of Collision Course!! Saturday October 6th from 6-8 pm EDT, 2018 I will interview Stephen Fuselier from the Southwest Research Institute in Austin, TX. This month marks the 10th year IBEX has been monitoring the outer reaches of our Heliosphere and beyond. One of the things we'll talk about is the discovery of what is known as the IBEX Ribbon, and area of neutral atoms that have scientists researching how they interact inside and outside the Sun's area of influence.

These discussions bring scientists together with our goal of uncovering new data from outer space. It's imperative that the Citizen Space Force continues to push an agenda for others to follow. Join us every Saturday and let us know what excites you about what's happening in space. A continued effort to arrange for guests to come and speak about their research will propel our knowledge base and expand the reach of people like you and me. Think how nice it would be to get an update from your favorite scientist? It's nice, I can tell ya!


I will never think one researcher is more or less a researcher because of what they choose to research. The only thing I will refute is the evidence that is put forth. we should not allow ourselves to be misled or otherwise fooled. When you listen to Collision Course you can be assured that all the research is down by the participating members of the Citizen Space Force, scientists, astronomers,and mathematicians. Don't miss the first show of Season II. "It's been too long!!!"

Collision Course was, is, and always will be about what one person can do to change the outcome of an assumed reality. Outer Space is where it’s at when you’re listening to Collision Course every Sat. 6-8 pm EDT on (rev)

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