Saturday October 20th on Collision Course @ 6:30 pm EDT (approx)

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Collision Course
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Saturday October 20th on Collision Course @ 6:30 pm EDT (approx)

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This show will begin to dive into the facts and evidence of PLANET 9.

PLANET 9, and the discussion surrounding it, comes with a lot of heavy baggage. What it is? Where is it? Is it Even Real? These are the question we need answered before we can even begin to associate activities of Kuiper Belt objects in relation to it. Come listen in on an in-depth discussion about PLANET 9, migrating planets and the potential of a star map to the location of PLANET 9 today. A must hear show. As always.



Saturday Oct 20 at 6:30 pm eastern will work.


Renu Malhotra


Dear Francis,

Thank you for this invitation. I would be delighted to do this interview. Usually the time you stated is quite open on Saturdays on my calendar.

Thanks, and best wishes,
Renu Malhotra
Louise Foucar Marshall Science Research Professor
Regents' Professor of Planetary Sciences
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721


To: Dr. Renu Malhotra

Dear Dr. Malhotra,

My name is Francis Walsh and I am an astronomy researcher interested in interviewing you regarding your research into Planet 9 and migrating planets. I have a weekly radio program online focusing solely on Astronomy and the potential for new discoveries.

My mission is to make astronomy easier to understand and more accessible for layman and amateurs who, like me, want to have relevant and regular updates about space from a trusted source like myself and scientists like yourself.

The interview would be a Skyped for sound and not video. The request is for a LIVE interview to be performed at approximately 6:30 PM EST via Skype on Oct. 6th if possible.

You would have to be prepared a few minutes before airing. I would have a short setup prior to going live.

I have Oct. 20th from 6:30 pm until approx 7:15 pm EDT If you are free. If not, we can find a date down the road.

I will send the contact info if you would like to partake in this request. I appreciate all you do.

Thank you in advance,

Francis Walsh

Astronomy Research

Collision Course was, is, and always will be about what one person can do to change the outcome of an assumed reality. Outer Space is where it’s at when you’re listening to Collision Course every Sat. 6-8 pm EDT on (rev)

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