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There is not one study in the 65+ years of water fluoridation to show it is safe.

Dumping caustic corrosive hydrofluo-silicic acid ( toxic waste from the fertilizer industry) into TAPWATER is a CRIMINAL ACT.

Cities that do not fluoridate their water include: Portland, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin, Copenhagen, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Helsinki, London, Montreal, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, and Zurich. Russia never did dump this toxin into public tap water! Europeans ended the fluoridation experiment in the 1970's and now the globe is only 5% fluoridated artificially… Canada is 30% fluoridated.. USA is stilll over 70% fluoridated!

Fluoridation has now been exposed as a neurotoxin in Britain's prestigious medical Journal The Lancet. Is it time for YOU to demand a "Fluoride-ectomy?" This is the essence of spiritual work…working in service to stop local tyranny!!

Those who are most harmed by fluoridation are those we were told it helped the most-- Marginalized children, with poor diets and newborns are most adversely affected according to recent studies. Also the elderly, and those who already have health challenges suffer greatly. We are ALL affected at the cellular level by tainted water. You also absorb it through your skin when you bathe. Dental fluorosis is the first sign of skeletal fluorosis. Fluoride accumulates in teeth and bones and is the leading cause of hip fractures.

End 70 years of propaganda Rise up. You can easily win this challenge Wave your truth brush at city hall… Clean unadulterated tap water is your birthright.

"Democracy is not a spectator sport" Get informed, get active

Read on for surefire tips to END fluoridation. Use small handbills to inform your neighbours. Many people today are drinking bottled water so the literacy is there… What is important is for people everywhere to stop fluoridation in America, Australia, Eastern Canada,Alberta. You can easily win this challenge

Be informed. Use the excellent grassroots books, websites and videos to share with friends, neighbours and local councillors. Contact, meet with your city councillor, mayor and ask for an immediate moratorium on fluoridation…You will need to present a "Notice of Motion" to garner a bylaw change re fluoridation policy. Most council members don't know that toxic waste is used to force medicate in our municipalities. You will be most effective if you take several professionals with you ( retired chemist, MD, parents of children with mottled teeth etc.)

The only task of an elected council member is to ensure that there are open transparent processes. Too often, government policies are directed by behind-closed-doors lobbying by groups which profit from disease and ongoing ignorance… Too often public officials are drinking tap water at public expense. This has to be exposed.

If you do not get action, then you will have to start an information campaign using handbills, or neighbourhood newsletters to inform your neighbours about the issue. WELL DESIGNED HANDBILLS and FLYERS are the KEY to your success!!! You need to show that you have broad public support. Culturejamming efforts/ using erasable felt markers on STOP signs," Stop POISONING US WITH FLUORIDATION"… helps you to raise this issue to prominent awareness in your community. Ask teens to assist! DO NOT DEFACE property with indelible markers...

Key info websites: www.momsagainstfluoridation.org and www.fluoridealert.org (regular updates by ethical professionals)

Important documentaries:

OUR DAILY DOSE Click for video https://vimeo.com/142334833

Free e Books:
The Case Against Fluoridation: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There Paul Connett,PhD., James Beck, MD, PhD, H Spedding Micklem, D Phil. Click for ebook
www.fluorideresearch.org/433/files/FJ20 ... 70-173.pdf

The Fluoride Deception:an interview with Christopher Bryson Click for you tube:

 Fluoride 101 Click for video:   www.youtube.com/watch?v=30umO7s4Zj0

Click for ebook:
www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf ... ion%20.pdf

  • Fluoridation is NOT effective
    Fluoridation is NOT ethical
    Fluoridation is NOT safe

"Briefly then, fluoridation is a violation of medical ethics, is ineffective as a preventive of cavities and is toxic to human beings" - JAMES S. BECK, M.D., Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Medical Biophysics at the University of Calgary.

 Honest ethical dentists and health professionals do not promote nefarious fluoride Educate your dentist, and boycott those dentists who are ignorant: Check  IOAMT Click to find ethical dentists in your region.  www.iaomt.org/for-patients/search/  

Download this info sheet created by an honest MD, and add the email addresses and phone numbers of your local councillors. Share with those in your community who are awake and who care:

-A Nobel Laureate in Medicine called water fluoridation THE biggest scam ever propagated against society
-many studies done after stopping fluoridation and all show no increase in caries and some an actual decrease!
-This new study is faulty and shows only a mild increase in baby teeth problems in Calgary. This is consistent with other studies that show small increases with baby teeth and decreases in problems with permanent teeth following cessation of fluoridation. 
-Fluoride concentrates in bones and teeth and make them more brittle
-the chemical used is not pharmaceutical or natural fluoride but hydrofluoridilicic acid, which is scrubbed out of fertilizer stacks along with arsenic, cadmium and other unsavoury toxins and is not allowed by strict rules in land, air or any water. 
-over 1,000 studies show fluoridation is not safe, effective nor ethical
-Health Canada cannot produce a single study showing safety of fluoridation 
-fluoride is a proven neurotoxin that decreases IQ in kids by 7 points (Harvard School of Public Health July 2012)
-fluoride is a proven thyroid hormone poison. A study in England May 2015 showed an increase of hypothyroidism up to 30% in fluoridated areas
-NO studies are being done to ascertain safety
-Shortly after the CDC proclaimed water fluoridation as one of the top 10 medical miracles of the 20th century, they quietly admitted the effects were only topical. You still hear the former daily, rarely the latter
-Fluoride is not an essential nutrient nor a vitamin, and is not necessary for any bodily function
-Fluoride was used not long ago to treat overactive thyroids and osteoporosis, both highly dangerous and no longer practiced 
-Officials only control concentration, which has nothing to do with dose and dosage, then misleadingly tell the public it is safe to drink as much as they want
-Over 7,000 professionals have signed onto a global open letter asking for a stop to this antiquated practice 
-Less than 5% of the world is fluoridated yet promoters make it sound like most of the world is and that we are the last holdouts
-Vancouver and Montreal have never been fluoridated yet there teeth are as good as fluoridated Toronto
-97% of BC, Quebec and Europe are not fluoridated and yet good or better dental health than the USA at 70% fluoridated 
-everyone should read THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION and THE CASE AGAINST FLUORIDE, and get up to speed on the science and the scam of water fluoridation 
Dr. Bob

When the people lead, the leaders will follow

Rule #1: Know that this challenge is winnable. You have truth on your side. Hold their feet to the fire! Expect results!
Rule #2: NEVER "Debate"… Debate is win/lose tactics. Learn about Delphi technique, how bureaucrats stack public meetings to feign participation. Fluoride has always been a fraudulent measure. Stand your ground. The only people promoting fluoride in the 21st century are PROFITEERS or THOSE WHO ARE IGNORANT. ( Bribes?)
Rule #3: Be persistent. Only use petitions to inform people, and to build your database of honest contacts. (Facebook is usually infested with trolls and fun seekers, players.)
Rule #4: Engage in conversations about tap water, children's health, city hall incompetence…. Learn how to briefly articulate major concerns.
Rule #$: Be organized and ask for help. Teens and retired professionals are great helpers.
Rule #6: Do not depend on mainstream media, concentrate on short handbills, or biweekly newsletters. Distribute by word of mouth/& emails.
Rule #7: When writing letters to officials do not use form letters.. brief individual emails/ letters make a difference. Also write letters to the editor to raise this topic in mainstream media, get the ball rolling… Perhaps you can write or get a professional to write an OP ED piece for the media.. Be witty, outrageous, and fun so your letter gets printed… Ask friends to write too!!!.
Rule #8: Monitor media for lies and disinformation and respond promptly.
Rule #9: Insist that this measure is a criminal act/ professional malpractice. Wimpy "politically correct" language does not win the day.
Rule 10: Smile and have fun. Be creative, even a bit daring and outrageous!

Change the world starting where you live…GRASSROOTS! This is the ONLY place you can have power and influence!

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