Farming News You Won't Hear in Mainstream Media

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Farming News You Won't Hear in Mainstream Media

Post: # 931Post Ldyhorse
07 Mar 2018, 22:43

I'm gonna be serious for a few moments and fill who ever is willing at reading this post what is going on in our state concerning dairy farms. Not farms you have never heard of but neighbors and friends you know right here in your back yards . I may upset a few in what I'm gonna say but it needs known because you won't read it in a newspaper or hear it on the radio. many farms in Pennsylvania just received letters that they are not wanted anymore and their milk isn't needed. This all stems from a new milk plant built in the state of Indiana. You think there isn't money in milk tell that to the suits that run Wal- mart. That's right Wal-mart ! They built a plant in Indiana financed huge mega dairies and cut off contracts with processors in our state along with others that can't compete with their size. When you purchase milk at your wal - mart it's not from Pennsylvania it's from mega Dairy's that cows never see the light of day or feel grass on their hooves. People in Eastern PA report shortage of milk on Wal- mart shelves. Lancaster PA of all places is one of them. Smart on Wally worlds part because this means dealerships , hardwares , Vets the list goes on will lose business as the Pennsylvania Family farms disappear leaving them a monopoly on tools shovels lawn mowers .......Auctions daily with cows being sucked up by wal - mart financed mega farms in Michigan along with other states who by the way are shutting off family farms in their own states making way for factory farms. It's not a state issue it's a factory farm being pampered by Wal - mart issue ! This is the first of two planned. They have killed the family farms in the east and mid west now with plans of taking over dairy in the south building in either Texas or Arkansas . Is it about Milk ? Somewhat but their main goal is what follows. My grandpa always said our economy is a family farm meter of success. They ride together ! I have always paid attention seeing if his theory proved true and it always has from stocks I have along with what Im paid. Once the failure of the family farm is complete. Sam W. Will have total control over everything you purchase sharing only with their rival Amazon. Families are being put through hell in our back yards for what ? Greed and personal wealth. I hope our president is up for the task because if my grandpas theory is correct we are all gonna witness the biggest bubble burst sense the Great Depression and it all started with the dismantling of family businesses with the family dairy being the biggest bomb in wal - marts war chest. Won't be long and your view on the way to Wally World will be empty run down villages with collapsing barns between them. Great value my butt !! I cannot take credit for the post this was typed by the one and only Randy Spicer

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Re: Farming News You Won't Hear in Mainstream Media

Post: # 1055Post Im_a_Jin
15 Apr 2018, 03:36

I have shared this with the senators from pennsylvania. it is an interstate issue, so yeah, hopefully they choose listen.

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