John Goodwin Hollywood Publisher Joins TJ 6E on Cosmos Connection Studio B

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John Goodwin Hollywood Publisher Joins TJ 6E on Cosmos Connection Studio B

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24 Feb 2018, 16:18

John Goodwin
Galaxy Press

John Goodwin is best known as a mover and shaker in the publishing world. John has taken on the role of promoting publishing among Science Fiction Writers.

We at ACO welcome social media to share our ACO Author Club Organizers and ask that you follow John's lead in promoting "Your Own Life Story!"

Whether your testimony is believed as your own life story or not matters not. If you believe it then you can achieve it either by living it or writing it or both.

We at ACO Association are not here to judge you. Although we do know of some Authors of the Future's writing contest that one can enter FREE.

Writer's of the Future Link:
There are ways to get your story out to the world and even if other people do not believe you as a human maybe they will as an archetype. We all have a connection to the core of our own inspiration that most call the imagination.

We promote future visionaries with our Cosmos Expo and Stargate to the Cosmos.

Let's here how John can convince us to share our Science Fiction Writer's Intuition as he inspires us to be more than we are in the now! JOIN COSMOS CONNECTION with TJ  6 E


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