Breaking the Speed of Light: Where Einstein Went Wrong

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Collision Course
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Breaking the Speed of Light: Where Einstein Went Wrong

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08 Dec 2018, 17:37

Welcome to another episode of Collision Course, a show about outer space hosted by amateur astronomer and sometimes radio host, Francis Walsh. This week we'll be updating the most important and interesting new discoveries from outer space and the Universe.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity has been the foundation of our understanding of physics based on Albert Einstein's mathematical measurements of the Universe. His theory of relativity postulated, past tense, that the Universe had a speed limit and the speed in which Photons travel across time and space was a constant. The math has stood the test of time until today. Researchers at CERN, using the Large Hadron Collider, have just announces the measuring of speed of Neutrinos from point A to point B was clocked as a billionth times faster than what a Photon could muster. While this may not seem to be much, in the scale of mathematics it's an enormous calculation.

Thanks for listening to tonight's broadcast. If you'd like to have me call you tonight to talk about outer space, feel free to leave a number in chat or add "fuzzywashere" as a contact in SKYPE.

Collision Course was, is, and always will be about what one person can do to change the outcome of an assumed reality. Outer Space is where it’s at when you’re listening to Collision Course every Sat. 6-8 pm EDT on (rev)

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