Did We Let an Alien Scout Escape? More Oumuamua

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Did We Let an Alien Scout Escape? More Oumuamua

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03 Nov 2018, 16:47

More news is being released about recentl developments of theories behind the interstellar traveler Oumuamua; what we know may be fake, let’s discuss.

Why do I feel like we are being misled about the object that trace reads the inner solar system in October 2017. Listen in on where I think the story separates from reality. Brought to you by the Citizen Space Force, a conglomerate to uncover mysteries in outer space.

No signal jamming is expected. We hope you join us every Saturday on Studio B from 6-8 pm in New York.

Collision Course was, is, and always will be about what one person can do to change the outcome of an assumed reality. Outer Space is where it’s at when you’re listening to Collision Course every Sat. 6-8 pm EDT on (rev)

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