Geological Pole Shifts and Deep Magma Plume-Mantle Plume Connections

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Geological Pole Shifts and Deep Magma Plume-Mantle Plume Connections

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09 Aug 2018, 15:31

Written by Bonnie and Terral
August 4, 2018

Hi Bonnie:
Thank you for writing.
On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 7:49 AM, Bonnie wrote:

It gets a little confusing when early on in the video, you explain that we will be going through a series of pole shift (plural) -- and later on describe the main event pole shift,
A series of pole might you describe one. Severe weather, anomalies, etc.,??
Are you sure that we are not in one of these shifts now...???
The initial magnetically-induced geological pole shift is triggered by Black Star-Earth near proximity allowing the Black Star to wrestle Earth magnetic polarity control from the Sun. This first pole shift will tip Earth away from the Black Star causing ocean waters to crawl upon the land repeatedly from the sloshing influences. Then, the Earth moves away from the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun, when the Sun recaptures Earth magnetic polarity control to stand our planet back up again in what will be a more-violent pole shift than the first one. No. Earth is not going through and magnetically-induced geological pole shift at this time.
I can well understand why Chris is not getting the expected involvement in the seems that we are still in the early stages.
Yes. Survival Group Members already heavily engaged in preparations, relocating to the Ozarks, work-week events, etc., might wonder about why other members are so slow in developing survival strategies where Normalcy Bias likely plays a key role.
It's strange.... the teeth aching seems to come and go. What in the Hell could be causing this -- other than some type of pseudo-type energy.
From the symptoms you have described over the years (this might sound odd), I wonder if you have a herpes-type virus migrating from the ganglia towards the nerve endings part of the natural reproductive process. Most people fail to realize that somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of the general population has one form of herpes or another. Some people have no symptoms whatsoever, while other people have a few of the symptoms with no outbreaks; because the virus fails to successfully migrate through the nerve ends to break the skin after making several attempts.
I expect a quake somewhere by Monday...this aching is pretty consistent right along with Mr. BB's forecast.
MrBBB's prediction has little chance of coming to pass IMHO, but he might get lucky like Frank last year. LoL! The next opportunity for a 7-mag quake for me is coming in September once Earth receives the anticipated electromagnetic Jolt, after the current earth-change lull period is over. That said, deep magma plume activity has been on the uptick for the US West Coast for some time now and maybe your physiology is like that of buffalo (article) or other animals (article) seen heading for the hills before earthquakes. Perhaps their teeth are hurting too. :0)
I'd like to ask you about Hawaii...Kilauea and how it upset all of your research. Was it mainly that the date differed, and upon review you got a better picture of how the magma plumes are spreading...??
The data and modeling both say that Jupiter and solar system harmonic influences have caused recent nearside-alignment quake events to strike too early, as Jupiter has been closing in on Black Star position relative to the Sun. The data and seismic pattern suggest that the investigation has not been tracking the Black Star using the earth changes. Instead, we are tracking the gravitational-electromagnetic-magnetic vortex created by a combination of Black Star and planetary orbital positions where Saturn and Jupiter in particular have played key roles. Jupiter will be positioned 30 degrees left in the orbit diagram/solar system in May 2019 than in 2018, which will give us more information for understanding what is really going on here. Then, the Hawaii and Galapagos mantle plume/hotspots (and likely others) connecting to the deep magma plume formation has changed the global tectonic-volcanic dynamic to produce a new series of earth-change patterns raising alarm bells and raising concerns about how the scenario plays out.
Will Kilauea be a secondary origination zone for all magma plume activity. Long Valley caldera is "swarming" now--and I suppose Mt Popo has entered another eruptive phase.
No. The Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone is the location where deep earthquake events caused the deep magma plume formation to begin growing in the first place. This is the location where deep earthquake events continue adding expanding-glassy-type magma to the magma plume formation that produced the primary buoyancy-barrier corridors that reach around the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire to the Americas. The deep magma plume formation pushed under Hawaii to make the Hawaii mantle plume/hotspot connection that now (like Galapagos) is adding energy and mass to the enlarging deep magma plume formation that is now growing OUT OF CONTROL creating more opportunity for additional mantle plume connections in the Pacific Ocean and around the entire world. They key here is to realize that the deep magma plume formation now has three primary energy sources that include:

1. Solar and Black Star-redirected solar electromagnetism translated into heat energy via the induction process using Earth metals.

2. Deep earthquake events (Indonesia, Fiji, South America) that causes massive expansion of the deep magma plume formation pushing the formation terminal ends.

3. Deep Mantle Plume/Hot Spots (Hawaii, Galapagos, etc.).

These additional mantle plume connections have now taken over the changing global tectonic-volcanic dynamic producing seven new-volcanic-eruption events for the last three weeks in a row, when we should be seeing just two or three of these events at this point in the Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star and moving towards the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star on the summer side of the solar system. The reality is that we can formulate a series of final outcomes using a range of algorithms where none of the scenarios are good, because at some point the buoyancy barriers containing the deep magma plume formation will break. Right now, the evidence suggests that the breach will come in the Cascadia Basin where the Really Big One has been expected for some time. The danger for survivalists-preppers is that the catastrophic scenario plays out with fewer and fewer of the large-magnitude earthquake events where Earth has already gone 22 weeks with no major quakes like we saw last year with 24 consecutive weeks, which causes many people to be lulled back to sleep about what is happening all around us. Earth mantle transition zone was expanding and contracting with the two earth-change uptick and lull periods part of each Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star, but that is no longer the case!

Earth mantle transition zone is now growing out of control causing fissures to open up around the world, which also causes separation of the tectonic plates reducing the chances of a high-magnitude earthquake event part of the new tectonic-volcanic dynamic that has been in play for the last two years. You just happen to live in the Seismic-Volcanic Convergence Zone (that does not change either) where the cumulative deep-magma-plume influences are converging even now, which is why Mary Greeley is reporting about magma intrusion at Yellowstone, because the deep magma plume formation is growing/expanding even moving towards the end of the current earth-change lull period. That is why I expect the next 7-mag quake to strike in September once Earth turns around in orbit around the Sun to pass through the Black Star headlights. If you remember, that is when we had the 8.1 and 7.1 Mexico Quakes in the Watch Area in September 2017.



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