Warm Weather and WSO

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Warm Weather and WSO

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26 Jul 2018, 15:14

Written by Randy and Terral
July 25, 2018
Randy writes: Hi Terral, hope you are well, your research looks right on the money still I’ve been following at least 3 years and have to say you're the best out there as far as predictions go. Case in point evidence of record heat:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... globe.html

I would also like to ask you for your take on Eric Briggs research on WSO he claims the moon is acting funny (actually because the earth has been affected by a magnetic anomaly he clams is a brown dwarf which I know you disagree with) brown dwarf aside, they are looking at the bow shock images and seeing strange stuff have you seen this and do you have any comments...

Kind Regards
Terral’s reply (and comment to WSO video) July 25, 2018:

At the 25:00 mark in your presentation: This Moon commentary is way off. Your image was taken at 1:45 PM in the afternoon, if I am reading you guys correctly. You are not tracking the Moon tilting on its axis, as you seem to be trying to demonstrate. The Sun is out of the frame and "above" the Moon in the midday sky. Right? All you are doing is taking a picture of the Sun casting light on the top of the Moon, which means the shadow (nighttime side of the Moon) is facing us in the observer position. Go out and take the same image the next day at the same time and you will see the angle change because the Moon is farther around in natural orbit around the Earth. The only way to make your case is to take close-up shots of the Moon for identifying specific landmarks where three landmark positions are required for doing the math (triangulation). Most people fail to realize that the landmark features on the rising Full Moon in the east turn over to be on the bottom of the setting Moon in the west.

http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/about- ... termediate

We have multiple-trained astronomers working with me on the Project Black Star Investigation and they would be sounding the alarm/warning bells, if the Sun, Earth, Moon or any of the planets were 1 degree out of place or tipped one degree off the normal axis plane.

Right now, my greatest concern is over the deep magma plume formation growing out of control in Earth mantle transition zone with the connection of the Hawaii and Galapagos mantle plumes.

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At the 34:00 mark: There are no signs of a true magnetopause reversal here like we saw in March 2012:

My video:

What you are looking at includes eddy formations swirling into Earth magnetosphere due to a combination of:

1. An active geomagnetic storm:

2. The Moon becoming energized, which causes subatomic particle flows to swing around the Moon creating reverse-reflux flows.

My two videos on the phenomenon:

August 16, 2016:

Updated August 18, 2016:

The Moon-Eddie Formation Phenomenon is well documented in the historical data once you connect the dots. This phenomenon has thirteen opportunities to manifest each calendar year, when the Moon is moving through Earth magnetosphere, or in near proximity. When making the magnetopause reversal claim, then always check for geomagnetic storms and Moon position. Real Black Star-induced magnetopause reversals take place ONLY when the Earth is passing between the Sun and Black Star (5 to 8 days prior too), which happened again on April 23, 2016:


The problem in each case (2012 and 2016) is that the Department of Homeland Insecurity scrubbed the data from the servers, which required us to reconstruct to original ISWA data you see in the first video above. We were only allowed to see 2 hours of the data for the 2016 event, before that data was also scrubbed from the ISWA servers. If these eddy formations in Earth magnetosphere were real magnetopause reversals (not), that data would be scrubbed too. Terral

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