Update to "Cheap/Effective Way to Deal with Foot Fungus"

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Update to "Cheap/Effective Way to Deal with Foot Fungus"

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19 Jul 2018, 15:24

Written by Clint
July 17, 2018

This article is an update to the article titled "Cheap/Effective Way to Deal with Foot Fungus (7/8/2918 - Clint)". In the last 9 days I discovered that I needed to provide more insight in cases where an open wound is present along with a fungal infection. This update is pretty much the same article with some added insights on how I best soak a foot or feet with itching fungus when an open wound is present.

I have had some fungal problems on my feet on and off most of my life. When I was a youth my mother would take me to the doctor to obtain the best in their arsenal to knock out athlete's foot. That did not work very well. So, I had to live with this problem for many years until I finally figured out something that would work.

Over the years I have found that soaking my feet in vinegar to kill out fungus has worked better for me than anything else. By soaking a foot or both feet in vinegar (5% acetic acid) for 30 minutes to an hour has proved to be quite effective for me in dealing with the fungus that causes athlete's foot. Vinegar is cheap. I buy the cheapest distilled white vinegar I can find. I place my foot or feet flat into a container that will accommodate the size of my foot and will not leak. I pour vinegar over my foot or feet until the affected area is covered with the vinegar. Then I soak at least 30 minutes. After soaking, I step on a clean towel to help dry the vinegar off the bottom of my foot or feet. Then I carefully use a clean, dry towel to dry all vinegar left from the soak, especially between toes. If I have open wounds or sores on two toes that touch each other, I place a spacer between those toes to keep them separated until the skin can scab over each toe separately. Otherwise, the skin from one toe will scab with the other toe. Every time these two toes come apart, the wound will then reopen requiring much more time for the toes to heal. I now use sterile gauze or a band-aide (if it will fit) to keep adjacent toe wounds separated during the healing cycle.

Plantar warts can also be effectively treated by soaking your feet in vinegar. It takes at least an hour of soaking, preferably 2 hours for multiple days to get rid of plantar warts. The alternative is to either place an acid patch over the plantar warts or have them cut out. Since it is going to require at least 4 to 6 weeks for feet to heal up after being cut on, I have found that it is worth trying the vinegar soak method first. Also, realize that even if you have a doctor cut out your planar warts, they can grow back.

If I have an open wound due to foot fungal problems, I give the affected area the opportunity to go through at least several healing cycles. A healing cycle will be for the wound to scab over followed by the peeling of that scab. The procedure is to soak the affected foot or feet for 30 minutes each day for several days to help kill out the fungus. If open wounds are present, stop soaking after several soaks. Dry and bandage any open wounds until they can scab over. Keep the wound area as clean as possible while healing.

Eventually, the scab will peel. If itching remains after the scab falls off, then repeat the cycle. NOTE: I define an open wound as when either blood or puss or both are exuding from the skin. If an open wound will not heal, it is best to seek advice from your health care provider(s).

Because of the medicinal value of vinegar, because it is relatively low cost, and because it has a very long shelf life, having gallons of vinegar as part of your medical kit is a good idea.

Hope this short article on how to deal with foot fungus can be of help to you and yours.


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