Out of Favor Investments

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Out of Favor Investments

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19 Jul 2018, 15:19

Written by Clint
July 17, 2018

This short article will look at 3 future investments. They are investments for the future because for now they are not doing so well. The idea is to buy low and sell high. If you buy an investment that has gone up, it can and may still go up more. Yet, there is always the risk that an investment that has gone up significantly in value may crash.

My first pick is silver. It has fallen recently from 17.19 a troy ounce to 15.85. That is a 7.8% drop. Silver can go down further. Perhaps it is best to wait a few months to see if it goes down further. But I am looking at silver next year or a couple of years out. I think over the next few years that buying silver at 15.85 today will prove to be a very good investment.

My second pick is gold. Like silver it has taken about a 8 % fall recently from 1350 to 1240. Overall, I think silver will do better than gold because the gold to silver ratio is somewhat high at 78.8. That ratio is usually much lower at around 50 to 60. If silver returns to historic gold/silver ratios, then it will go up more than gold in any future run up on the precious metals.
Either silver and gold are pretty safe investments at their current prices.

My 3rd pick would be to buy some Iraqi Dinar, IQD. There has been some tremendous speculation over the last 10 years about this currency going up in value. Yet, it has not increased in value. The political situation in Iraq has improved with their recent elections. This could lead to a revaluation of their currency to higher levels. This investment is a long shot and not likely to happen as either silver or gold to increase in price. But so was Bitcoin a very speculative investment not too many years ago. And Bitcoin was one of the best investments anyone could have gotten into 5 years ago.

None of the 3 investments mentioned in this article are doing well today. All 3 are relatively stable with the downside being small. All 3 have a good upside potential.

If you have the means to invest in either of these 3, I think you will see a pretty good increase in the next few years. We will see over the next few years.

Hope this short article on investments can be of help to you and yours.


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