Bonnie Questions Terral on the Earth Changes, Survival and Geopolitics

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Bonnie Questions Terral on the Earth Changes, Survival and Geopolitics

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12 Jul 2018, 15:22

Written by Bonnie and Terral
July 6, 2018
Bonnie writes: Hi, Terral.
Could it be that volcanoes are the primary reason now...vs the large magnitude quakes you are expecting?
Please forgive, but I am not following your characterization of “the primary reason.” The earth change data and related evidence suggests that Earth may not see another 7-magnitude earthquake events for some time matching the 24-week drought from the 2017 Earth orbit cycle now reaching 18 weeks for 2018. In fact, Earth just now saw the third 6-magnitude earthquake event (Russia: USGS) in the last eight weeks, while the number of weekly 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events is going through the roof. The primary earthquake trigger is connected to deep magma plume activity emerging from the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire to become a global phenomenon.
The 200 plus list...are these the people who have merely subscribed to the survival materials...?? I guess you won't answer that...i can only figure that Rebecca would be further ahead in terms of investment, etc if all 200 plus members were actively planning and investing.
The USA Survival Group Program at currently has more than 260 subscribers with Four Survival Group Program Options including Rebecca’s Primary Group Option in NW Arkansas. There are three Group Options in the Ozarks with Linda’s Group forming along the Texas-New Mexico border. Yes. Each Survival Group Option grows stronger with member participation that increases Group resources (financial and human) to increase the chances of survival for everyone involved.
GSM and mini ice age --- I believe that they believe what they are saying...
Those believing that nineteen bearded Jihadist radicals pulled off the 911 Inside Job may very well believe what the corrupt Govt is saying with the same right to be wrong as those believing the FLat earth check out our sponsors click an ad nonsense. The cutting edge of the Project Black Star Investigation concerns tracking the gravitational-electromagnetic anomaly moving through the ecliptic constellations (Leo, 2010-2012, Virgo, 2012-2015 and Libra) and the deep magma plume formation part of the new global tectonic-volcanic dynamic. The Black Star and deep magma plume formation are responsible for creating the “birth pangs” from 1Thes. 5:1-5 where the sons/children of the Day/Light can recognize the patterns to testify with (and for) the Earth with warnings about the coming “destruction.” Those pushing the Grand Solar Minimum, Mini Ice Age, Geomagnetic Reversal story-lines are using smokescreen-type propaganda to hide what is coming from space and what is really happening below our feet in Earth mantle transition zone IMHO. You can call them lettered agency operatives, assets or dupes to then decide for yourself which is more dangerous.
Diamond of GSM is expecting a V-5 or V-6 volcanic eruption for the western pacific...perhaps in the Krakatoa region, and Dutch is expecting another caldera forming near Kilauea and Mauna Loa....what are your thoughts on these potential developments??
Please send links for Diamond of GSM, because the name does not ring any bells. The Hawaii situation is deteriorating sitting on top of the deep magma plume formation that is now connected to the Hawaii mantle plume. We should expect things in Hawaii to continue deteriorating to produce increased destruction for the short term and perhaps for the duration. Dutch sees the seismic-volcanic-event patterns very well, but I am not confident that he has made the necessary connections between the deep magma plume activity and the changing global tectonic-volcanic dynamic.
Some believe the Earth is tilting...and the Moon--half Moon looking horizontal rather than vertical. (WSO) No use in providing will dismiss them anyway.
Always send links to anything you feel has application to the Project Black Star Investigation with a time-stamp description of where your evidence begins in the videos. I will take a look and simply call them as I see them.
JUPITER Have you checked back to confirm where Jupiter was in the early years of the investigation?
Yes. That is why you see backside-alignment quake events on the Black Star Event Timeline with the “late” notations, because of Jupiter’s influences on the backside of the Sun for 2012-2014. Jupiter was on the opposite side of the Sun relative to Saturn moving through the 2011 Earth orbit cycle that produced the 9.0 Fukushima Quake.
YELLOWSTONE I believe that Mary Greeley might have had an insightful report on this yesterday, or two days ago.

My view is that Mary understands the local Yellowstone environment as well as anyone making regular update reports. However, the substance of her reports seems to leave out deep magma plume formation influences transferring deep magma-wave energies from the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone through the Americas (info) and the carbon blob discovered under the US West Coast (info). Generally, we see Mary making reports of Yellowstone magma intrusion moving through the earth change uptick periods with fewer reports of activity moving through the earth change lull periods. If my suspicions are correct and the deep magma plume formation is inflating out of control from connecting to the Hawaii-Galapagos mantle plumes, then we should expect Mary to continue making reports about Yellowstone magma intrusion and tilt-meter increases for the duration. We shall see…
In my opinion. the poles are shifting now....and the Black Star's magnetic repulsion effect is the silver lining that will prevent that 90 degree shift that a lot of people are fearing.
I must assume that you are writing about the geographic pole shifting and not just the geomagnetic poles. If Earth orbital rotation shifts by just one degree (not happening), then global sunrise-sunset times will reveal dramatic changes particularly in the extreme northern and southern regions of the world; which is not happening. Don our project astronomer would ring the warning bells to provide evidence for drawing his conclusions, which is not happening either.
MILITARY TRAINING to fight in tunnels. NORTH KOREA Is this just another smokescreen....US has plenty of tunnels here. Other sources go into the Draco alien reptilian rabbit hole....Trump wants a Space Force. What is really going on...??? ... und-997906 ... n-tunnels/
Syria, Iran and North Korea do not have Rothschild-owned central banks, which is why you see smokescreen propaganda like this (article, article). Check out these recent developments where North Korea is ready to allow another Federal Reserve in their country (video). Rothschild is using Trump as his whipping boy like Obama was used against Libya-Gaddafi (article). North Korea’s compliance is likely tied directly to how Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have joined the Rothschild Global Bankster Cartel with Syria and Korea now in the Rothschild cross hairs.



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