"Warning" - Change in the Dynamics of Magma Plume Heating

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"Warning" - Change in the Dynamics of Magma Plume Heating

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05 Jul 2018, 15:12

Submitted by Clint
June 28, 2018

Approximately twice a year the Earth comes into alignment with an object in space that Terral (www.terral03.com) defines as the "Black Star". Over the last 5 years, Terral has well documented this object which is now in alignment with the Libya constellation relative to the Sun. Months ago Terral pointed out the Earth would be in alignment with the Sun and the Black Star in May 2018. He calls this a "near-side-alignment" because the Earth is closest to the "Black Star" during this type of alignment. The alignment arrangement is the Earth between the Sun and the "Black Star" all in a straight line. According to Terral, when the Earth aligns with the Black Star, a lot more electromagnetism is inputted into the core of the Earth. Earth's rotational movement and its iron core within the increased electromagnetism causes the Earth's core to heat up more than usual. The Earth is experiencing global warming. But it is from the ground up not from the sky down as false science has been attempting to deceive the masses to believe. This increased "global warming" is not due to manmade gasses. It is mainly caused by increased electromagnetism coming from the Black Star and the Sun.

Terral predicted that as we approached the May 2018 near-side-alignment that the number of new volcanic eruption events would go up. Terral has very good documentation of what would happen as we approached each alignment event with the Black Star during the past years. As the Earth went into the May near-side-alignment with the Black Star and sure enough the number of volcanoes started to go up. This is exactly what Terral predicted. None that have carefully followed his research were surprised that yet again Terral was correct with his predictions. He has had a consistent very good track record of prediction over the years.

Without fail the number and activity of volcanoes went up during the predicted "Black Star" alignment event. Then something very unusual occurred after the near-side-alignment event in May 2018. Usually, after an alignment event, the number of volcanoes quickly drops off. Also, the activity in these volcanoes usually quickly subsides as the Earth speeds past the much slower moving Black Star and the distance gap quickly increases between the Black Star and the Earth. There was a drop off in the number of new volcanoes after the May 2018 near-side-alignment event. But now we are building back up in the number of new volcanic eruptions each week. Also, the flow of volcanoes usually quickly subsides after an alignment event. This did not happen this time around.

Terral rightfully issued a "warning" from how the earthquake and volcano dynamics have changed after the recent near-side-alignment was over. I have been listening to Terral commentaries every week for the last 2 years. He has never issued a "warning" before. Terral issued this warning because he realized that the heating dynamics of magma in the magma plumes has significantly changed. Now the Earth has a lot of magma plume movement and extra heating that cannot be defined by the Earth's alignment with the Black Star alone. Within the last few weeks it has been noted by scientist that a large magma plume formation was first noticed under Vermont, parts of New Hampshire, and parts of Massachusetts. Note: Different articles on the Vermont situation characterized the magma plume formations "blobs" or "giant magma chambers".

Below is my take on what is going on. Sure, there is some guessing and some speculation here. I am not privy to the mountains of data that certain government-controlled scientists have at their disposal. Nor am I paid a very nice salary to investigate and to write papers and to tote the official line. Just realize these scientists are not going to give you all the truth. Often, they don't tell anything. To do so would mean that they would lose their job and be in trouble for violating non-disclosure agreements that they have signed with their government-controlled employer or the government itself. But I am not privy to the information of what is going on within the Earth's core and magma plumes except what has been released to the public. So, please give me some slack as you read the below.
My take on what is going on:

The last near-side-alignment of the Earth with the Black Star in May 2018 caused enough extra heat to go to the Earth's core to cause a significant increase in the movement of the massive magma plume formations. The movements of the magma in these formations can be either horizontal to the Earth's surface or upward/downward to the Earth's surface. Of course, magma within these plume formations may also be moving somewhere between horizontal and vertical to the Earth's surface.

The Earth does heat up more when the electromagnetic flux from either the sun or the black star increases such as happens during alignment events of the Earth with the Sun and the Black Star which occur approximately twice a year. Terral has found that very deep earthquakes between 440 and 680 kilometers deep also increase the heat input and movement of the magma plumes. This short article is going to focus on a new phenomenon. That is the energy input to the magma plume formation from the rise and fall of magma. I will call this vertical movement since it is either up or down vertical to the ground. When magma movement is upward/downward as would be the case when the magma within a volcano rises and/or falls, then more energy can be added to the overall connected magma plume if that rise or fall is on a high energy field. High energy fields which are isolated vortexes of magnetic fields connected with the Earth's core. These vortexes are perpendicular to the Earth's surface. So, they can be in alignment with the rise and fall of magma in volcanoes.

I suspect that a lot of volcanoes are actually on high energy fields. This is one reason that people are attracted to areas of the earth that were once very active volcanoes. The high energy fields allow one to have more energy and to overall feel better. So, there has always been a natural migration of peoples to these regions. As long as the volcanoes stay dormant that is not a problem. But now old, dormant volcanoes are starting to come alive.

When tremendous amounts of magma move up or down on these high energy fields within volcanoes or other, this movement combined with the magnetism found within the high energy fields themselves generates a lot more heat which is inputted to the overall magma plume formations. If this is the case, as more and more volcanoes activate and show more and more upward and downward movement of magma, I expect each individual active volcano to add more energy into the overall magma plume formations. As the number of these deep magma formations increase, the heat going into the magma plumes will increase much more rapidly than anticipated.

After due considerations of Terral's excellent recent reports and what I know of high energy fields, this is the best mechanism that I can propose at this time. I think it will prove to be very close to what is actually going on.

As more volcanoes show more and more upward and downward movement of magma expect the worldwide volcanic situation to worsen especially during and after the increased electromagnetism from the Black Star when the Earth is in alignment with the Black Star and the Sun. This is the case because the new dynamic of added energy input due to upward/downward magma movements on high energy fields.

This is a very serious situation and will bring disasters much more quickly than I had anticipated just a few weeks ago. The next alignment of the Earth with the Black Star and the Sun will be a far-side-alignment in November 2018. This alignment is called a far-side-alignment by Terral because the Black Star will be on the other side of the Sun far away from the Earth. This alignment will place the Sun between the Earth and the Black Star. This alignment will input a lot more electromagnetic energy into the Earth's core causing the number and flow of Earth's volcanoes to increase yet again. After this alignment, even more volcanoes will be going off with even more flow. Then in May 2019, the Earth will see yet another near-side-alignment with the Black Star. I cannot predict exactly what the destruction will be. But it could be significant.

I could give a lot of advice about what a person should do. But that is not the intent of this article. I will give one very important bit of warning to those on or near coasts. "All those on any coast need to quickly move away from where ocean or lake water may slosh as tectonic plates begin to move from the increased magma plume expansion and the effect of that expansion on the tectonic plates." I hope this short article on the dynamics of the magma plumes heating up helps you to gain an understanding of what is going on. This is VERY SERIOUS and will definitely change the world as we know it. Clint

This article appears in the Featured Section of Terral's 2018 Newsletter Issue 27.

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