BLACK STAR Crosses Earth Orbit Path every year...but, at a different location...???

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BLACK STAR Crosses Earth Orbit Path every year...but, at a different location...???

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05 Jul 2018, 15:07

Written by Bonnie and Terral
June 1, 2018
Hi Terral:

Is this a misconception of mine...?? I mean, has it remained below the ecliptic all this time...??? And, we are still awaiting the real crossing date...?? It seems that the confusion stems from the pole shift scenario.
Yes, and yes. There is a misconception on your part and the Black Star has been moving left in the orbit diagram just below the ecliptic plane (less than 1 degree) from the beginning. You are confusing a Black Star-Earth “crossing event” projected for May 20th and the Black Star crossing the ecliptic plane from the southern hemisphere of the solar system into the northern hemisphere upon reaching perihelion position nearest the Sun.
Listening to the recent hour long video with reference to Saturn and Jupiter’s influence in the next year or so, do you suppose this pattern may be a perpetuating pattern--thereby, according to your model, the black star is very UNLIKELY to meet up with Earth on Earth's orbit path...??
There appears to be misconceptions on your side regarding Saturn-Jupiter solar system harmonic influences versus Black Star crossing Earth orbit path along the 1.6 million-mile segment of space that Earth travels every year on May 20th. Jupiter’s influences have likely caused the Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside-alignment quake events (like the May 4th Hawaii Quake) to strike earlier than projected by the modeling. However, Jupiter will be 30 degrees farther ‘left’ in the orbit diagram in May 2019 and well left of Black Star relative position to the Sun still in the Libra Constellation. Therefore, the combination of Saturn-Jupiter solar system harmonic influences can very well make the May 2019 nearside-alignment quake event strike “later” than projected by the predictive modeling. None of that changes the fact that the Black Star will eventually cross Earth orbit path on way to reaching perihelion position nearest the Sun along Venus orbit path.
Re: the inflated number of low magnitude earthquakes...two points here: how do we assess "swarming low magnitude quakes" and the thousands of quakes that occurred with the Kilauea eruption as true indicators of movement, or whatever...??
The weekly-event value total for 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events around the globe has jumped from a record 600+ to more than 1600 last week to almost 2600 for this week showing an unprecedented climb in the indicator earthquake events. The high-magnitude earthquake events at the same time showed a sharp reduction to just one of the 5-mag quake events for Week 15 that last week climbed to about ten events above the year-over year weekly average for Week 18. Earth went more than a month with just one of the 6-mag quake events characterized as “unusual,” but now we are starting to see signs of more 6-mag quakes coming on the horizon. Earth has gone 17 weeks now without a 7-mag quake event, which ran up to a whopping 24 weeks during the 2017 orbit cycle last year. The global tectonic-volcanic dynamic has shifted again with the 6.9 Hawaii Quake, which means we monitor the global situation for clues/signs of the new dynamic. The leading explanation today is that the Hawaii and Galapagos mantle-heat plumes have connected to the deep magma plume formation originating in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire that is expanding out of control to become a global phenomenon. We should expect to see more of the “magma-mantle heat plume” discoveries around the world in combination with new fissures opening up, as the deep magma plume formation inside Earth mantle transition zone continues enlarging. The magma plume formation is no longer growing and contracting twice each year with each earth change uptick and lull period. Again, the entire formation is connected to mantle plume heat sources originating in EARTH CORE causing the entire deep magma plume formation to grow out of control.
I'll have to re-listen again...I believe you said we could expect a larger magnitude jolt in August...??
No. The current earth change lull period runs through mid-to-late August 2018. Then, Earth turns in natural orbit around the Sun to pass through the Black Star’s headlights moving through September, which should produce the same environmental conditions that triggered the 8.1 and 7.1 Mexico Quakes from 2017.
The idea that a period of earth fissures, an increase in quakes, both in number and magnitude that is likely to occur before a potential pole shift ought to be the real wake-up call.
Or, the sheeple become more desensitized to all the earth changes to fall into a deeper sleep beyond the reach of anyone. If recent events are any indication, then you have seen me issuing warnings for the last few weeks with the dramatic changes in the deep magma plume formation. Right? And yet, the numbers of people waking up to begin devising the best survival strategy possible in the Survival Group Program seems to be dropping at the same time. Blessings, Terral

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