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Written by Clint and Terral
June 16, 2018
Clint writes: Hi Terral:

Last month I spent considerable time in trying to understand what was going on the Kilauea volcano and the surrounding fissures. Normally, I don't lock onto one event and go after understanding like I did with the Kilauea volcano. I knew something significant was up with this event. So, I continued to pursue an understanding of what was going on. About the only thing that made sense to me was a horizontal flow of magma. Yet, the Kilauea volcano was not near magma plume #1.
The leading explanation today is that the primary-deep magma-plume formation (see Map) that originated in the Indonesia-Fiji Origination Zone has grown to extend below the Hawaii location between Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 1 (to the northwest) and Corridor 2 (to the east) giving us three deep magma plume formation terminal ends converging on the Cascadia Basin.

Watch short heat-plume video:

Notice the “heat plume” formation under Hawaii that now appears connected to the primary-deep magma-plume blob giving the formation three sources of energy that cause formation expansion:

1. Solar and Black Star-redirected solar electromagnetism via the Sun-Earth and Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connections.

Earth core/internal elements are heated up causing expansion, when Earth turns around in orbit (middle of February) to begin moving towards the Black Star. The Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection shortens rapidly that raises the percentage of internal active conduits that increases Black Star electromagnetic potential for injecting heat into our planet using Earth metals and the induction process. Earth core grows from February through May for Earth to pass the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun, until Earth moves away causing the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection to lengthen moving all the way through August. Then, Earth turns around in orbit to pass through the Black Star headlights that shortens the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection to produce the second earth-change uptick period that runs into November and the Earth-Sun-Black Star backside alignment that begins the second and final earth-change lull period.

2. Deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone causes sudden magma expansion and deep magma plume wave action sending magma waves coursing through the buoyancy-barrier corridors. High pressures are constantly moving towards low pressure areas, as Earth attempts to maintain equilibrium. Our earthquake event watch areas shift back and forth along corridor 1 and 2 depending on which side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone is being pounded by these deep quake events.

3. The new addition is the rising heat plume under Hawaii that appears to be inflating the entire deep magma plume formation to cause gradual expansion part of the changing global tectonic-volcanic dynamic.

Here is the deal in a nutshell: The 6.9 Hawaii Quake from May 4, 2018 turned out to be our Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside-alignment quake event that struck earlier than projected by the predictive modeling where Jupiter appears to be playing a key solar system harmonics role. Part of the previous global seismic pattern included monitoring the deep earthquake events for identifying areas (corridor 1 or 2) where 5-magnitude earthquake events were striking at the 10-kilometer depth particularly in the Cascadia region and in the Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Chile turning north to the Mexico/USA West Coasts. The deep quake events cause sudden deep magma expansion sending massive deep magma-plume energy coursing through the corridors that raise the massive “horn formation” to produce the seismic pattern. However, introduction of this “third” heat-energy source (hotspot under Hawaii) caused gradual expansion of the entire deep magma plume formation, which increased the diameters of each buoyancy-barrier corridor; which means more deep magma plume energy is required to raise these horn formations. Then, Earth moved through the recent seven-day earthquake-event reporting period with only one of the 5-magnitude earthquake events striking on the entire planet!!! Earth appears to be moving into uncharted seismic-volcanic waters where my current predictive modeling based upon historical data will certainly break down producing red values for being far too high (2.5 to 4-mag quakes) and for being far too low (higher-mag quakes). The bad news is that eventually the deep magma plume formation terminal ends collide to break the buoyancy barriers causing the glassy-type magma to rise and expand to displace the magma supporting Earth crust at the surface causing massive crustal displacement that changes the face of the Earth with some areas sinking (like the US West Coast and Northern Europe), while some areas rise up like we see on the Scallion Map of the Future (image).
I did ask God what was going on. Immediately, I was shown a large flow of magma going east from the Hawaiian Islands towards the West Coast of the USA. When the magma dropped in the main Kilauea volcano, this is when this Eastward flow got into gear in a big way. I do think that this Eastward flow opening was due to the increased heat from the near-side alignment. I don't know how the volume of this flow compares to the arms. But for sure it is massive. I saw that to be the case. The flow Eastward was siphoning the magma out of the main Kilauea tube and pulling it Eastward along the same direction the fissures were opening up.
The key for understanding the new global tectonic-volcanic dynamic for me is to realize that the Hawaii hotspot that formed the island chain is now plugged into the entire deep magma plume formation representing one gigantic blob with arms that reach around the entire planet within Earth mantle transition zone. While the deep earthquakes in the transition zone continue sending deep wave energy coursing through the buoyancy-barrier corridors, the entire plume formation mass is growing with heat energy coming from deep inside the Earth. We should suspect that the primary deep magma plume formation will continue enlarging over additional hotspots leading to a catastrophic scenario that plays out later in the timeline.
Terral, you are entirely correct. The Earth dynamics have changed! Perhaps, the recent heating due to the near-side alignment activated something in the core that is now funneling more heat than would have occurred from the electro-magnetic flux increase alone. This is my guess of what has happened.
Earth reached a maximum core temperature passing between the Sun and Black Star producing eight and nine new volcanic eruption events heading towards the 6.9 Hawaii Quake Event. The Hawaii hotspot then began introducing even more heat energy to the deep magma plume formation that increased deep magma plume pressures throughout the region. This new expansion then combined with the deep quake-driven energy that currently is having great influence on the entire magma plume formation as a whole rather than within the individual buoyancy-barrier corridors including magma-plume arm 1 and 2.
Regardless of the mechanism, what is now going on is VERY SERIOUS and most likely will lead up to an event that will initiate a major disaster within the territory or states of the USA. I have no idea of the timing. But I did see that when the flow reverses from going Eastward and starts to go back toward Hawaii that soon after a major disaster would occur in Hawaii. I am not able to put any time frame on this event. At times, I can see what is going on and sometimes what will happen in the future. But the timing always remains a mystery. Regards, Clint
There is currently insufficient evidence for drawing definitive conclusions about the timing of how the scenario plays out. Those with the resources are wise to relocate away from the USA east and west coasts onto the North American Craton and to join a strong survival group to be in the right place at the right time before the crap hits the fan. Terral

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