Recommended Buys for your Survival Prep

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Recommended Buys for your Survival Prep

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31 May 2018, 15:22

Submitted by Clint
May 27, 2018

Below are a few recommendations of important things to make a part of your survival prep. I don't sell any of these items except the 120 mm tubes. I already have my marketing established elsewhere for this item. So, I am not making this recommendation to make sales. And, even if I did, that would be OK. I spend hundreds of dollars in travel costs every year investigating survival groups and contributing to different survival groups at different stages of maturity. Also, I spend hundreds of hours each year writing for Terral's newsletter mainly about survival subjects. I would be better off financially and time wise, if I did nothing like most folks. But that is not me. I love the survival subject and try to help anyone that is willing to take serious steps towards saving their own hide and the hides of their family.

Here are a few items that will become pretty important for your survival situation that most would not typically think of adding to their survival prep.

Sawyer Bite Kit: The Sawyer Bite Kit costs around $15 now. 15 years ago, it cost $11. It still is worth every penny that you pay for it. It saved me a lot of money not having to sign into the emergency room years ago. It allowed me to pull a lot of poison from my right leg after a copperhead snake struck. It saved me a lot of money at the emergency room and from rotting flesh or possibly worse. If something has injected poison into you, the best thing to do is get it out as fast as possible. This is no longer the common-sense approach of most of the medical establishment. They can make a lot more money injecting anti-venom and treating rotting flesh. The medical establishment is pretty much eaten up with money corruption in so many ways it is quite scary. Yet, at times they are most needed and helpful. But not during the first 10 minutes after you are bit by a very bad critter like a poisonous snake, wasp, bee, spider, scorpion, etc. You don't have to have a doctor's degree to figure out the best thing to do is to get that poison out as fast as possible. Buy a Sawyer Bite Kit for each of your vehicles. Place one in the glove compartment of each vehicle as well as one at home. This is good insurance for you and yours especially as the medical care becomes more and more corrupt or even not available for more folks.

Vinegar: Buy at least 4 gallons of vinegar (5% acetic acid). Or if you are trying to save space buy one gallon of 30% acetic acid. You are not going to save much money over buying the cheapest vinegar you can find at WalMart or other retailer. But if you don't have a lot of space you can store 6 gallons of 30% acetic acid in a one-gallon space. You can make 6 gallons of vinegar (5% acetic acid) from that 1 gallon of 30% acetic acid.

Vinegar will help kill out fungus growing on your skin. It is great for killing out athlete's foot and dissolving plantar warts (viral) on feet. You will need to soak your affected foot or feet for at least 30 minutes each day in vinegar to kill out either of these skin problems. Usually, within a week you will see a marked improvement even in the worse of situations. Warts can also be addressed by placing a 40% salicylic acid patch over the wart. I have not tried the patches which I found and bought at WalMart recently. I know the vinegar works through practical experience. I am also pretty sure the salicylic acid patch will help. I just don't know which will work better since I don't have any experience with the acid patch. If you have a lot of planar warts or other it will most likely be easier and more effective to soak the entire area in vinegar for around 30 minutes at a time.

55 Gallon (or smaller) Steel Drums with a removable lid that can be sealed: Rodents can and will gnaw through plastic containers, like 5-gallon plastic buckets. If you are depending upon plastic to keep rodents out, you may be in for a surprise when you need your food supply the most. Store food and any products with associated smell in steel drums. The cheapest and most available are the 55-gallon drums. Make sure these drums are clean of any nasty chemicals. It is best to buy drums that only stored food in the past. You can easily find 55-gallon drums with lids for $15 to $25 each in most locations. Make sure the lids fit round on the top the drum and will tighten down to form a continuous seal.

Canik TP9SA: This 9 mm hand gun has been the best for my small handed wife. It is quite a bit cheaper than other 9 mm hand guns. We have run 1000's of rounds through my wife's TP9SA without any misfires or jams. I spent 3 months on the range at least once each week shooting with my spouse before she selected this gun as her favorite. After comparing over a dozen handguns on the range, the Canik TP9SA was the best for her small hands regardless of the price. And it had one of the lowest price tags too. This is a great 9 mm handgun. And for the money you can't go wrong, especially if you have smaller hands.

120 mm Military tubes: The shells for the M1 tank are 120 mm. Each one of these shells is protected in a separate steel tube. These water tight tubes are great for storing and/or hiding rifles, guns, ammo, etc since they form a water tight seal. You really don't want to be storing expensive guns and ammo and other in a storage unit that could be broken in while you are not there. Store your expensive items at an underground location you are well aware of and can find after burying. Let a few others in your family that you trust know where that location is so if you are not around, they can retrieve your cache. The 120 mm tubes are the best I have found for storing small items underground. Cover the top with plastic bags to keep the dirt out of the lever-lock mechanism of this great underground storage container before you bury it.

Concentrated Permethrin: Concentrated Permethrin can easily be diluted with water to a 1% solution. Or you can just buy the 1% solution from Sawyer or other. Spray your socks, shoes, pants legs to repel pests like ticks, fleas, and chiggers. Allow your shoes and clothes to dry before putting them on. This will help to repel these nasty pests. You can buy 36.8% Permethrin on Amazon or other that will allow you to make 36.7 times the volume at a much cheaper price than buying 1% solutions. Of course, you are going to need to take precautions when you dilute your concentrated solution down. You can buy clothes that are already treated with Permethrin. But eventually you will wash away the permethrin after enough washings. Having such clothes is great for now and at the beginning of a catastrophic event. Having concentrated permethrin to extend your bug protection as long as possible is recommended.

Food Grade Activated Charcoal: Food grade activated charcoal is a tremendous absorbent for poison. My son-in-law is an emergency room doctor. He uses activated charcoal to flush patients that have or may have swallowed certain poisons. You may not hear much about the tremendous ability of activated charcoal to help save the lives of those who have been poisoned. I guess this is because it is so cheap to make and buy, at least in bulk. I bought a 25 pounds of food grade activated charcoal years ago at very reasonable costs. Anytime any in my family, including myself, have the runs or vomiting (after the vomiting stops), I insist they take a teaspoon or more of activated charcoal. Such will quickly absorb poisons in your GI tract. Depending upon the poison and how much of the poison, such rather inexpensive therapy could save a life. Well, the emergency room doctors believe in it. And they are right about its use. Nothing better is to be found to absorb poison either on the skin or in the GI tract.

Gun and Ammo info: I have been hunting and toting a rifle or other firearm now for over 50 years. I don't know how many times I have been to Front Sight in Nevada for firearm training. Each class is 4 days of day long and sometime nightlong training. I try to learn everything I can about guns and ammo as well as improve my skill. There is a massive amount to learn and to consider. Recently, I subscribed to a monthly magazine called Gun Tests. I know enough to know they are on the right tract to bringing you the real nuts and bolts about different firearms, accessories, and ammo. So, I am recommending this magazine for you to read and to learn what you can while you still can about the many firearms, accessories and ammo. You can contact Gun Tests at I recently, paid $20 for a yearly subscription. It is well worth the $20 for the information you will be getting from Gun Tests. This will be money well spent if you are serious about improving your arms and skill-at-arms situation.

Terral's Newsletter and Survival Group: Terral uses good logic in his approach of determining what is going on with the Earth. Just recently volcanic activity went up worldwide just as Terral logically predicted months before such actually happened. Terral was a little off on the date, but not by much. Complete accuracy does not really matter if you are preparing before the dates that Terral is proposing. We are going to be looking at another near-side-alignment next May 2019. My plan is to continue to monitor what Terral has to say each week. He is right enough and close enough to the dates when seismic and volcanic activity increased tremendously twice each year. Being aware of Terral's proposed dates helps me in my survival prep. Developing a schedule of preparation to be as ready as possible by the end of every April for geographic catastrophes is certainly worthwhile. It is well worth while to subscribe both to Terral's newsletter and survival group. I have found valuable associations within Terral's survival group which have been very worthwhile for my survival prep.

Each of these 9 items is part of my survival prep. In certain survival situations they can and will be of great help, perhaps even critical, to you and your family. I hope this short article can be of help to you in your survival prep.


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