Terral03.com Survival Group Program: Welcome Aboard Bob from Iowa!

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Terral03.com Survival Group Program: Welcome Aboard Bob from Iowa!

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24 May 2018, 15:31

Written by Clint
May 22, 2018

Terral's Newsletter:

Glad you are on board with Terral's newsletter! His information about Planet X or more precisely the "Black Star" is the best I could find to explain the many Earth abnormalities that have been occurring. Also, Terral's analysis is the only one I could find that provides any predictive timing results that have consistently proven to be accurate with his near-side and far-side alignments of the Black Star with the sun and the Earth. When these alignments occur approximately twice a year, they cause more earthquakes and volcanoes. Months before the near side alignment that just occurred, Terral pointed out that there would be more volcanoes going off as we approached May 15th, 2018. This has been the case.

Terral's theory is that the Earth's core temperature has been increasing due to the electro-magnetic interaction with the Black Star and Earth's iron core via the induction process. The increased core heat is transferred through four main magma plume arms originating in Indonesia. As the earth's core heats, more seismic and volcano activity occurs along those 4 long arms which stretch over the Earth. If Earth's core heat generation is significant enough, then more earthquakes and volcanoes occur.

I am looking at the patterns that Terral clearly points out each week. Terral, is allowing his compiled weekly observable data to reveal what is next. Terral is in a predictive mode only as he assimilates past repetitive seismic and volcanic data in relationship to where he believes the Black Star is located relative to the sun. His predictions have proved to be accurate. I believe they will continue to be so.

Terral's Survival Group:

Your membership in "Terral's Survival Group" provides you the opportunity to contact any of the other survival group members. Valuable associations can be made within that group which can help you prepare for the horrendous times coming. I have found some valuable contacts within Terral's survival group member's list. That is worth a lot to me! A few of us within that group are now organizing to relocate to a survival community where each of us will have land ownership. This gives each of us more freedom to prepare as each of us are able and as we wish.

Also, there are 5 survival groups associated with Terral. Further action and possible investment are required on your part to become a member of any of these 5 survival groups. You can contact the group leaders to determine what your cost will be to become part of one of these survival groups. If you do decide to join a survival group, it is important that you also have a clear understanding of what your rights and limitations might be within the context of that survival group. This will help you better understand what your options will be within the context of that survival group.

Survival Location:

I believe it is important to be living on the North American Craton at a higher elevation (900 feet or more) in a rural location. Terral provides a very nice map of where the North American Craton is located.

Even though I live on the North American Craton in North Texas, there are two major problems with where I now live. One is that I have around 7 million neighbors here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. If those 7 million people become desperate, I don't want to be part of that equation. The second problem is that I am at only 600 feet elevation. With the sloshing oceans that may be coming, it may prove to be wise to be at an elevation of at least 900 feet. Once water starts to move, it has tremendous momentum because of the weight of water. This means massive water on the move can move inland far more than most would ever believe.

Survival Communities:

A viable alternative to a survival group is a survival community. In a survival community each person or family purchases or leases their own land and develops it as they are led and able. In a survival community you have neighbors that are much better prepared than the general public, even in rural areas.

Owning or leasing your own property has worked best throughout history to reduce tensions between neighbors which is going to be very important, especially if the system fails. Since really bad times are coming, having your own property at a safe location in a survival-oriented community tremendously enhances your survival options.

The phrase, "Good fences make good neighbors" has been around a long time. There is a lot of wisdom in that phrase that still applies today and will continue to apply because of the base nature of mankind.

My Plan:

I am currently looking for a low-cost property at a survivable location with other well-prepared survivalist that are willing to become neighbors. I plan to be on site at that survival location throughout the summer starting in early May 2019 and each year thereafter when the near side alignment occurs according to Terral's excellent analysis.
That time will be my vacation time which I will use to enhance my bug out property more each year until it is no longer possible to do so.


I don't think we have another decade of peace and safety left in the USA and perhaps most of the rest of the world. My calculations show that we have 9 years at most. When I write "9 years" that is a maximum.

The Black Star is continuing to move inward towards the orbit path of the Earth. Next year during the near-side- alignment around May 20th, 2019 even more electro-magnetic energy is going to get released by the Black Star into the Earth's core. Most likely the problems this causes will be greater than this year.

Perhaps the destruction caused by this year's near-side-alignment is not over yet. What happens in the next couple of weeks or even months after the near-side alignment we just experienced may be an indicator of how serious the geological events may become. We will soon see what the total impact has been for this year's near-side-alignment event.

Whenever the Black Star crosses Earth's orbit path, there could be major geological disruptions worldwide. This could cause the system as we know it to fail for long periods of time or even permanently leading to masses of people becoming desperate. This will be a very good time to be in as rural a location as possible with other survival prepared neighbors that will watch your back as you watch theirs.


Much more great information about survival related topics can be found at Terral's Newsletter link. I usually write an article for most weekly newsletters about some topic that I am thinking about during the previous week.
If you have any questions about survival, I will either answer your question(s) or find someone who has a better perspective on the subject.

Now: Dallas/Fort Worth Area of North Texas
Future: North West Arkansas

This and other related articles are posted in Terral's 2018 Newsletter 21.

Complimentary link: https://goo.gl/LUUPJM

Get more information, support the research and subscribe to the Newsletter-Survival Group Programs at https://www.terral03.com.

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