May 20, 2018 Black Star-Earth Crossing Event

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May 20, 2018 Black Star-Earth Crossing Event

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24 May 2018, 15:24

Written by Rosanne and Terral
May 19, 2018

Hi Rosanne:
Thank you for writing and for your support of the research at You wrote:
On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 7:18 PM, rosanne wrote:

Hey Terral,
I’m sorry to bother you but I need to hear your take on a possible crossing event in 2 days. I know you are expecting the elite to release a contagion and silver to go to $40 and all else you feel will occur. But could it be that the people helping with the research who say it’s this year, are right?

The chances of a May 2018 Black Star-Earth crossing event producing a magnetically-induced geological pole shift are decreasing with every passing minute. If you remember, then my testimony was that Earth would see 7, 8 and 9 new volcanic eruption events passing between the Sun and Black Star. That prediction came to pass, but "earlier" in May 2018 that forecasted by the predictive modeling developed in 2017. As reported in the recent updates, we need Earth to testify more in this case for evidence of a sharp reduction in earth-change activity. Then, I must go through all the related seismic data (since 2013) to determine where misinterpretations of the evidence have been made in search of the real seismic pattern. It could be that Jupiter is having a powerful influence (solar system harmonics) and causing the nearside-alignment quake events to strike early like the gas giant caused the backside-alignment events to strike later than expected before 2015. Right now, the evidence appears to suggest that the 2018 nearside-alignment quake event came on May 4, 2018 with Hawaii, which is eleven days ahead of schedule. However, this conclusion is supported by the fact that Earth saw 8 and 9 new volcanic eruption events over the same period, which was reduced to 5 for last week. We want to know if that weekly-event value is going down to indicate Earth has passed the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun. I need to revisit the magnetosphere data from the week before May 4, 2018 to signs of a collapse-reversal, which will be done in combination with comparative analysis of new-incoming data that I suspect will show that Earth is already moving through the anticipated earth-change lull period.
I feel that the internet would be down by now if it was this year. Do you agree?
Earth appears to have already passed the "speed bump" with the 6.9 Hawaii Quake created by the intersection of the Sun and Black Star gravity wells like we saw with the 8.8 Chile Quake (2.27.2010), Fukuhsima (3.11.2011), Guerrero (3.22.2012), so on and so forth. The difference is that Earth crust is more flexible than in earlier Earth orbit cycles relative to the Black Star, which means tectonic pressures have a lower chance of building before being released for 90 percent of the planet. Earth saw another tectonic resent with the 7.5 Papua Quake like with the 7.9 Papua Quake from the last orbit cycle, which is the reason for seeing none of the 7-mag quake events for 24 weeks (last year) and now 11 weeks in a row this year. We should realize already that May 2018 is not the year of the Black Star-Earth crossing event, because Earth is moving towards the May 20th crossing date and the earth changes are "decreasing" around the planet. If 2018 was the year, then Earth would have been tipped over from a Black Star/magnetically-induced geological pole shift on May 4, 2018 at the alignment and at a time when the earth changes were reaching a peak, which obviously did not happen. The current evidence suggests that Earth already passed between the two stars and that the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection is "lengthening" once again, which means Earth core is cooling and moving through another earth-change lull period.
Also, if no one can see the BlackStar how can the government see it to predict 2021? I’m so confused.
Nobody can see the Black Star using a cellphone, camera, camcorder, webcam or even a ground-based observatory-class telescope using infrared accessories (like Don's), because of Black Star characteristics, features and behavior that is more like a black hole than any known celestial object. However, we should suspect that the House of Rothschild and at least some among the world governments do have the ability to track the Black Star using advanced technology. The Russian projections carry more weight with me because the Russians identified the Elenin Comet missteps (link) and identified dangers for the USA (link) following the global tectonic-volcanic reset associated with the big Solomon Island Quake (Feb. 6, 2013) that cracked the tectonic plate in two that began the massive tectonic cascade of the plates away from the North American Craton. While the Russian 2020-2021 projected "event" (link) cannot be verified today using all the related data, the Russian conclusion appears to be supporting by the new-incoming data saying Earth passed between the Sun and Black Star on May 4, 2018 using the May 20 Black Star-Earth convergence date.
Who’s to say that the “peace and safety” referenced in the Bible has to come from the government? Maybe, just maybe, it can be spoken by someone we look up to for guidance, someone like you! I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking. Just wondering what your take is on this. Thank you for all you do. Rosanne.
Every individual must assume the responsibility of determining who is providing good science-based information to eat the meat and throw away the bones. My view is that the "birth pangs" from 1Thes. 5:1-5 represent the "earth changes" (quakes, volcanic eruptions, magnetopause reversals-collapses, etc.) in combination with the geopolitical events like the Cascadia Rising Exercises, Jade Helm 15, New Madrid Exercises, so on and so forth. My suspicion is that Trump will serve the House of Rothschild to install a Rothschild-owned central bank in Syria like Obama was used against Gaddafi in Libya. Then, Rothschild will make the move against Iran for the "world" to proclaim "Peace and Safety," once NATO, Trump, the Europeans, China and even Russia sign all of the related documentation handing global currency creation authority to the House of Rothschild who represents the serpent from the Garden beguiling the world using deception.

All indications are that we have a least a 2019 Earth orbit cycle with chances increasing for a potential 2020 and possibly a 2021 orbit cycle under our belts, but, again, more data is required for comparative analysis to earth-change data and patterns for the last five years for drawing definitive conclusions.



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