A Tribute to the Dandelion

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A Tribute to the Dandelion

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03 May 2018, 15:22

Submitted by Clint

May 1, 2018

Years ago, Nature Sunshine formulated an herbal mixture that took down any flu symptoms really quick. The name of their product was called "HRP-C." For several years our family could count on this product to quickly knock out any flu. The biggest problem with HRP-C was that it was often sold out when I needed to restock. So, I started buying 3 or 4 bottles at a time to make sure we always had it around.

After about 2 years of having this wonderful product in our medicine cabinet and using it to quickly eliminate any flu symptoms, Nature Sunshine discontinued making this product. I am pretty sure their decision was not based on lack of sales of HRP-C. I am pretty sure some nefarious pressures came upon their owners and leadership to pull this very effective product.
The main ingredient in HRP-C was dandelion root. The dandelion root has antiviral properties. Being introduced to HRP-C gave me an initial understanding of how powerful the dandelion plant is or at least how powerful the root of the plant is. This was around 20 years ago.

Since I could no longer buy HRP-C and since our supply eventually became exhausted, I told the family never to kill out the dandelions in our yard. Whenever I got sick, I would dig up some fresh dandelion root, wash and scrub the dirt off that root and eat it. This helped in addressing any flu symptom. But it just did not seem to be as effective as the HRP-C formulation.

Several weeks ago, I had a very sick child. I took him to the doctor and started him on antibiotics. Every day for a week I was constantly debating on whether to take him to the hospital. The little fellow was really very sick. Every day I was going to the health food store buying something for him to help him with his flu. After 5 days, he still was not getting better so I started making him smoothies with a complete dandelion plant (except seeds). At first, he could only drink 1/8th to a 1/4 cup of the smoothie. As soon as he started to drink the dandelion smoothies, he quickly started to get better. In a few days he was completely well.

While he was sick, I had 3 other children coming down with the same crud. And it really was bad. My 1-year old granddaughter had also become pretty sick. Two other children were coming down with the same flu symptoms. As soon as I had the children start drinking dandelion smoothies, all 4 quickly reversed on their flu like symptoms. Each was at a different stage of their symptoms.

The results of them drinking their dandelion smoothie each day was remarkable. I sincerely thank God for His most wonderful creation and helping me figure out what I needed to do to help my sick son. Part of that creation is the dandelion plant.

I now only use one dandelion plant when I make a smoothie. I try to get the largest plant with yellow flowers I can find. If no plants are flowering, that is OK. You go with what you can find. I place my hand around all the leaves of the dandelion plant and gently pull while I use a dull knife to sever the root as deep as possible. The idea is to get as much of the root as possible. Then I pull each leaf off while washing the plant. I wash the dark areas away that are found at the leaf/root interface. Then I wash and scrub the root to get off as much dirt and other off the root. I scrub with a denture brush. This stiff small brush seems to work best to clean the root. I go after the dark areas trying to remove as much as possible. The root still will have brown areas and some small dark areas at its top even after washing and scrubbing. I figure the need to stay since a good washing and scrubbing will not remove them. I discard any dead leaves, associated grass and weeds that are not part of the dandelion plant and any seeds. When the yellow flower turns white it has seeded. So, I discard this part.

I then throw the washed and scrubbed dandelion into a mixer with frozen strawberries and blueberries. These fruits mask the bitter taste of the dandelion plant. Then the children don't mind drinking their dandelion smoothie.

With the evil design of the powers-that-be to eliminate 93% of the world's populations, you really need to learn the power and wonders of the dandelion plant. Meanwhile avoid taking the flu shot. It is designed to kill all those who take it via a cytokine shock mechanism when the "right" virus is released. This evil design alone will eliminate around 1/2 of the USA population. Don't get in line with the evil agenda of the powers-that-be. That agenda is not in your best interest. It is designed to eliminate you and your family.

There are some deadly strains of viruses that are yet to be released. When they do, watch out America and the rest of the world. Almost, everyone that has taken the flu shot will die when they are released. Could the system be that evil? Ask God and the Lord Jesus Christ if so. They will show you the truth if you are willing to open yourself to the truth. Ask the 10's of millions of unborn babies that have been murdered in abortion mills. They can clearly show you the evil the current system if you allow their blood to speak to you. Yes, their blood does cry out.

Hope this short article on the dandelion plant can be of help to you and yours in dealing with the flu or influenza.


Clint's article appears in the Survival Section of Terral's 2018 Newsletter Issue 18.

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