Genocide through silence, murder, disinformation, ignorance, division, discredit, and distraction

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Genocide through silence, murder, disinformation, ignorance, division, discredit, and distraction

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26 Apr 2018, 15:48

Submitted by Clint

April 19, 2018

The powers-that-be want about every 93 people out of 100 now alive on the Earth to soon be gone. They want a population of obedient serfs that will do anything for them. Better they would like to limit human population even further and have very capable robots to serve them. I think their plan would work except for one major kink, that is there is a God in Heaven that cares about his elect here on planet Earth.

God and His elect will not allow this plan to be completely implemented. For the elect on the Earth, this plan will fail to come to total completion. Yet, much of it will be implemented killing off billions of people worldwide. Many of God's elect will lose their lives in the next 15 years as the days before the return of the Christ approach. Maybe Jesus will come back sooner. But I will stick to the year 2033 as the return date of Christ. Meanwhile the evil elite will go about to destroy the world's populations. Below are the ways the elite will have their evil hand in the destruction of so many 100's of millions and billions in the coming years: Note: if you doubt that this is going to happen, you really need to rethink things out especially as you see millions die very quickly in the coming years.

The Evil Ways of the Elite:

1. Silence: I do believe that Planet X (The Black Star) is very real. I think the 6th seal of Revelations is describing at least part of the effects of Planet X. When Planet X crosses there will be tremendous tsunamis that will drown much of the world's population along the coast lines. The destruction will be sudden and quick. Most likely Planet X will take out a good hunk of 1/2 of the world’s population.

2. Murder: Anyone that had credible credentials within the system that started telling the general public what was going on, have been taken out. This has kept the plan to murder the masses secret. All the way back to 1993, Harrington was taken out because he was a credible astronomer that was going about to prove the existence of Planet X. Recently, Cunningham of the CDC was taken out when he tried to warn the public of the harm of the flu shot. Yes, the elite will use both Planet X and the Flu shot to kill a whole lot of people. Almost all that have taken the flu shot will die from cytokine shock when a derivative of the Spanish Flu virus is released.

3. Disinformation: Just about anyone that has any following on the internet has a cadre of disinformation "specialist" that are continually attacking them. You know where the truth is when you find this scum hanging about to slander and to defame.
4. Ignorance: If you don't teach people the truth, there is always a lot of ignorance. The families, so called "churches", the media, educational institutions, etc., don't even get close to telling or teaching the truth to the people. The average American is almost totally ignorant of the devices that have been set in motion to insure his or her soon demise.

5. Division: The news is continually distracting the people away from what is really important for their survival. Whether that is race against race, political party against political party, issue against issue, the world system attempts to divide the people. The truth is the power elite wish to murder about 93 to 94 folks out of every 100. There is no discernment with their selection. They don't care about race or political party or where one stands on a particular issue, they only want to eliminate. And they have a very insidious plan to do just that which most likely is going to succeed for most of the world's population that has no protection from the Heavenly Father.
6. Discredit: The term "conspiracy theory" was created by the CIA to discredit any that was getting too close to the truth. Anyone that gets too close to the truth will quickly be discredited by paid off hackers, trolls, etc. to vilify anyone that has the truth and any significant following.

7. Distraction: The world system continues to try to keep the people distracted with a busy life and too much information to digest to keep them away from the truth that could set them free. So, the masses stumble around like a bunch of zombies not knowing that their very lives are being set up for extermination.

These "magnificent" 7 have been established and continue to be supported by a very evil system that in the end wishes to see your early demise. I know many can't believe it could possibly be that evil. If you are in doubt, then ask the unborn murdered in abortion mills what they think. Their innocent blood will tell you the truth. That blood will be repaid for life-for-life. And the time of that payment is not very far away. God has allowed the wicked elements of the system to establish their evil to murder a whole lot of people. The only hope any has in finding the truth before God and crying out for his mercy and help in true repentance. That truth will set you free and allow you to escape the horrendous events that are about to occur.

Hope you make it.


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