How to Motivate Family and Friends to Become Survivalists/Preppers

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How to Motivate Family and Friends to Become Survivalists/Preppers

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19 Apr 2018, 15:26

Written by Jarrod and Terral
April 19, 2018
Jarrod writers: Sadly, I think you are correct. I turn 50 years old in June, my girlfriend’s son is almost 30 and lives with us. Unfortunately, he cannot see anything that is put right in front of him and does his best to show me where I am wrong about everything I tried to show him, 911 gun control, planet x, he never fails to find articles such as this one ... etty-legit
to shut me down. I really try to help him and give him good advice, but his only motivation seems to be playing video games. It is funny how these video game kids seem to know more than their parents.

I think it goes back to the book "the deliberate dumbing down of America", in short, this has been planned for a long time. My girlfriend although she believes me, unfortunately, life has so much thrown at us all the time it seems like she puts off preparing etc. and is not really 100% convinced even though the evidence is very clear to me. Would welcome your thoughts on what I can do to help bring her around. Take care, Jarrod
Terral’s reply (04.19.2018):

Hi Jarrod:

Thank you for writing and for your support of the research at

Black Star Overview for Families:

This video might provide assistance. Generally, those around us are more motivated to wake up and prepare from seeing our actions and commitment rather than anything we can force into their ears. Normalcy Bias is an insidious disease finding a high-percentage of the population unprepared once the crap hits the fan, which finds them curled up in a corner crying for mommy.

100's of reasons to be a survivalist - prepper

Sometimes our loved ones need other recognizable reasons to initiate the process of becoming a survivalist-prepper. Go through the links to see if your son and family members might respond to one or more of these threats to jump on the bandwagon. Sometimes the idea to go camping, hunting, fishing, etc. can motivate family members into the right direction of self-sufficiency that includes gardening and canning foods, developing water purification supplies and skills, so on and so forth. We plant the seeds (ideas, concepts, etc.) allowing God to cause the growth to be patient and faithful that God will produce the harvest. People can achieve almost anything if willing to nudge our loved ones in the right direction taking baby steps rather than trying to get them to eat the entire elephant in one bite. Blessings, Terral

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