Family and Survival

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Family and Survival

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12 Apr 2018, 15:21

Submitted by Clint
Senior USA Survival Group Member and Newsletter Contributor

April 10, 2018

Most have pretty well fallen in love with the USA system that provides them so much. This is a typical when a people prosper tremendously. It is easy for one to get their eyes off of God and to focus on how great and wonderful the system is. No doubt the USA system is great and has provided more for more people than any system that has ever existed. Most don't want to entertain the thought that the system would ever fail them.

The few that are awake to the reality that the system could fail are mostly older. Often the rest of the family is not awake at all to the possibility that this wonderful system could and most likely will soon fail. Often the rest of the family absolutely refuses to accept even the possibility that the system could fail. To help soothe any thoughts of peace and safety that a survivalist within the family may have disturbed, other family members will often attack the survivalist saying that he or she is pretty much "crazy", "eccentric", "paranoid", "non-realistic", "a nut", etc., etc. By attacking the person providing a warning of what is coming, the rest of the family can soothe themselves and support their comfort system. Basically, they don't even want to think that the system could fail for even a short period, and "it surely would never fail them."

The fact is that the USA system is failing more and more people. Many good paying manufacturing jobs have been exported out of the country. This is destroying the base of good paying jobs where many could make a decent living with a one income family. Now most families have both the husband and wife working often multiple jobs to make it. A whole lot of folks are just about at their maximum stress level. Last week I was talking with a lady that worked at COSTCO. She not only worked a 40-hour week at COSTCO but another 40 hour a week job in her home. She admitted to me that she would need to slow down, or she was not going to make it physically. There is a world of these people now living all around us. The system's medical system is failing a whole lot of people because "modern medicine" refuses to acknowledge and embrace medical truths that would help a lot of people. But the medical system is not going to go there because it would significantly cut into their profits.

The USA system with all its wealth has become incredibly corrupt and evil on almost every level. Eventually, the entire system will fail and be no more. I am convinced that the USA system is in its last decade of existence. Until the system fails, most are going to continue their love affair with it. Because most survivalist love their families they often present to them the need to prepare for what is coming. This ruffles the family member’s love with the system and often gets the survivalist family member pegged as a "nut" or other not so desirable category. So, what can one do to help insure the survival of their family?
This is my list of 9:

1. Keep presenting to them in a tactful manner (if possible) what is coming and what to do about it. They already got you categorized as a "nut." So, you are not going to get into much more trouble with them.
2. Realize that most likely you are not going to be able to salvage all your family, especially if you have a large family.
3. Proceed with haste to get your own survival house in order. If you are not prepared yourself, you are not going to be able to help any of your family members when the system fails.
4. Find a location on the North American Craton at higher elevation (900 feet or higher) in a very rural area, that will help you survive what is coming. Find a small community where other survivalist with adequate food supplies and a sense of protecting the community are already living and preparing.
5. Prepare your survival location for a day when the system can no longer provide anything more.
6. Relocate to your survival location especially in the months of May - October.
7. Tend to your food storage. Keep your food supply rotated on-site at your survival location. Keep your food stores hidden underground as much as possible. Increase your food storage to include other family members if they can get to you.
8. Maintain at least a one-year (preferably 2 years) supply of food for each family member that you hope to help survive.
9. Increase your food on-site of your survival location by gardening, raising chickens, raising livestock, learning to identify edible wild plants in the area, growing orchards, etc..

Ideally, your family will listen to you and agree with and support your moves to become more survivable. This may happen in some families. It has not happened in mine even though I am the oldest male in the family and most of the family are my children. I had to come to the realization that some of those I love just may not make it. With so little time left, I knew that I needed to move on regardless of what other family members did or did not do.

This is exactly where Noah was for 120 years with his family as he warned them of the approaching calamity of the flood. When time was up, Noah loaded onto the ark with his family. Because he could not bear to shut the door on so many of his family outside the ark, God Himself shut the door. When shut the wood grain of the door grew into the wood grain of the hull so you could not see any seam where the door once was. Not only was that door shut, it did not exist anymore as it became a part of the hull.

Noah did what he was supposed to do. He had prepared a place for his family that saw him and his family through the great flood. Left outside the ark were many of Noah's family members. Noah had done everything he could to wake them up to no avail. The Bible tells us that the last days would be like the days of Noah. Those who prepare as God leads in these last days are like Noah. Those who foolishly embrace the system instead of God and His righteousness, most likely are going to perish outside of the ark. The coming days will be quite horrendous. If you don't believe that, then hang onto your hat, the roller coaster ride is just getting started.

I hope this short article on family can be of help to you as you attempt to wake up and prepare for the loved ones within your family. Clint

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