How Much Time Do We Have Left?

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How Much Time Do We Have Left?

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12 Apr 2018, 15:17

Written by Clint
Senior USA Survival Group Member and Newsletter Contributor

April 09, 2018

INTRODUCTION: Recently, I have been asking myself the question, "How much time do we have left before the USA system is gone? I have been looking at the maximum time to remind myself of how short a time is left. I have come up with a maximum time before the USA system ends. I believe that to be around 9 years from 2018. 2027 is the latest date in my opinion that any normality and stability will be left in the USA system.

NORMALITY BIAS (links): I know that each abnormal weather and geological event is leading to yet more destructive events. The recent trends are pointing to more and more destruction coming. Yet, most think the worse is over when one of these events occur. The typical attitude towards the first really cold snap that hit in the North East this 2018 was "it would be over, and everything would quickly go back to normal." Instead, one cold weather front after another hit the North East. Last year, 3 hurricanes hit along the Gulf coast of the USA. This disrupted a lot of folks lives. But few that were affected by one or more of these hurricanes took it to heart as a warning to move away from the Gulf coast. The typical attitude was "we were due a hurricane and everything will now quickly go back to normal."

REALISTIC PERSPECTIVE: I don't think the worse is over. I believe that the USA has been slated for great destruction. This is not what I want to believe because I live a rather nice life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I value my current lifestyle. I am grateful for it. But I am not taking it for granted. I know that because of the corruption and evil that has permeated to every aspect and level of current society, that the only hope for America is mass revival. I don't see that happening. Yet, there will be a revival among a remnant and maybe even beyond that somewhat. But the masses are too hardened towards the Lord to come to repentance.

TIMING: No one can know exactly how much time we have without divine revelation from God. I believe it is possible to receive such revelation. But, direct timing revelation has never happened for me. Perhaps it will someday. For now, I do have several sources that can give me a clue about timing. One is my spirit that is connected to God and His universe. That spirit is telling me that we don't have much time left. Second, I have a Bible which is filled with divine revelation as well as good instruction on how to live our lives. Third, I have the help of the Holy Spirit to guide in truth. Forth, I have the recorded words from Chuck Youngbrandt whom may very well have been given some timing insight directly from the Lord.
9 YEARS MAXIMUM: A logical question to ask is, "How did I come up with 9 years maximum?" I have put together several bits of information that shows how I came up with 9 years. These bits are:

1. The return of the Christ: I am estimating the return of Jesus around 2033 based upon what Jesus himself said as recorded in Luke 13:32. Jesus said that he would cast out demons and do miracles for 2 days, then on the 3rd day he would be perfected. My interpretation of this verse is that each of these days is a 1000 years. Jesus said these words around 33 AD. Adding 2000 years, we have the year of 2033 which could be his return date. Then Jesus will be perfected during his 1000 year rule here on Earth. I will hold to the 2033 date with a possible plus or minus error of 2 years. If I am off by 2 years on the long side, this puts this interpretation of the Luke 13:32 at the year 2035 maximum for the return of the Christ.

2. 7 years of occupation: Chuck Youngbrandt prophesied that the USA will be militarily defeated by Russia, China and six other nations. After that defeat, the USA will be occupied for 7 years before the resistance is able to flush the invaders out of the USA. This will only happen after there is great revival among the remnant that survives the war and the occupation. I figure that it will take at least a year to flush the invaders out of the country. That is a total of 8 years which will occur before the return of the Christ. Subtracting 8 years from 2035, we have 2027. This is only 9 years away. Coming up with 9 years assumes there is no gap between the occupation and the return of the Christ. It also assumes a maximum date for the return of Christ.

When I combine these two sources, I come up with 9 years MAXIMUM of any kind of normality and stability left in the USA. With this in perspective and knowing how fast 9 years can past, this motivates me to be getting along with survival plans.

I believe that 9 years is maximum. Horrendous events could easily happen much earlier than that. Of course, there can be error in any speculation. I think the error will prove to be on the long side. I decided that if I was going to err, I wanted to err on the long side versus the short side. So, when I think "9 years", I believe I am looking at a maximum. More likely we have only 7 years left, maybe less, of normality and stability left in the USA.

DISASTER ALONG THE WEST COAST: In mid May 2018 another near-side-alignment is going to occur with the Black Star according to Terral's data. With the Black Star closer to the Earth than ever during this alignment, a lot of electro-magnetic forces could be unleashed onto the Earth's core causing massive heating via induction. The result could be major earthquakes and even some tectonic plate movement that causes major disruption along the West Coast. We will see what happens in the next few months.

DISASTER ALONG THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY: If a bridge or two collapses along the Mississippi, that may be a warning that the Mississippi is getting ready to greatly widen. When you are aware of a bridge collapsing there due to the shorelines moving, quickly get away from the Mississippi river basin. Chuck Youngbrandt said the enemies of America would attack the USA 37 days after the Mississippi valley greatly widens separating the USA into two halves. His projected date of this attack is August 11th of some coming year. That means the Mississippi river basin will widen around July 7th of some coming year between now and 2027 at the latest. If Chuck's dates are correct, then carefully look for news of bridges being shut down or collapsing along the Mississippi in June or early July before July 7th. When the Mississippi valley widens, WWIII will begin a little over a month later according to Youngbrandt.

CONCLUSION: Folks, I am not presenting 9 years to lull anyone asleep. I wanted to know what the maximum time would be for my own spurring on towards getting ready. I think we may only have 7 years, maybe less. When the Mississippi does greatly widen, then I hope to be at a safe haven well away from the dangers of a large metropolitan area in which I now live. Of course, there could be many other disastrous events occurring before then. Even if we do have 9 years that is not a lot of time.

Hope this short article on trying to answer, "how much time do we have left?" helps you to focus on how little time is left to prepare. Clint

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