Black Star Dragging Moons and Other Debris?

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Black Star Dragging Moons and Other Debris?

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29 Mar 2018, 15:16

Submitted by Stan
March 22, 2018
Hi Terral:
I was wondering: I always read of people claiming that the incoming (what says) planet by way of gravity is dragging moons and other debris behind it.
Is it possible the Black Star could be dragging what people claim to see, behind it or is it going to slow?
Terral’s reply (03.23.2018):

While the Black Star entering into and moving through the solar system has caused a pinball effect (meteor/fireball report log), there is no evidence to my knowledge that the Black Star has planets or moons like a mini solar system. The Black Star behaves more like a black hole (see article) than any known celestial object, but the deep V-shaped gravity well descends to an extremely high-mass object rather than to a singularity with the physicist jury still deliberating about whether the gravity well is encased within an event horizon, which is my suspicion.

Watch video:

While the black hole-spacetime commentary is a bit technical, about 3 minutes in you can see that objects at a distance from the event horizon are influenced very little or not at all. However, crossing the event horizon places any object in an environment of massive change, which I believe is also true of the inbound Black Star. The Black Star is likely only 2 to 3 kilometers in diameter with features, characteristics, and behavior of a mini black hole where the event horizon is also very small compared to the typical black holes in the galaxy studied by scientists.

Sun’s gravity reach: ... ll-in-size
The typical PlanetX-Nibiru researcher (like at assumes that we are dealing with a ‘planet’ much like Gill Broussard (links), when in reality we are tracking the invisible-collapsed remains of our Sun’s binary twin.

Magnetopause reversal March 12, 2012:

Mystery Mars Dust Storm March 12, 2012:

Watch the two videos to connect the dots between puzzling anomalies that are both connected to the inbound Black Star at that time moving through the Leo Constellation.

Sun, Earth, Mars, Black Star positions on March 12, 2012: Screenshot

Note that the Sun, Earth, Mars and Black Star are in near alignment on this date, which is one year and one day after Fukushima (03.11.2011) and about one week before the predicted 8+mag Guerrero Quake event from March 20, 2012. Run the magnetopause video and watch Earth magnetosphere turn around for the bow shock to face the Leo Constellation, not for an hour and not for a day, but for 28 hours! Then, make the connection to the Mystery Mars Dust Plume kicking up on the nighttime side of the red planet on the same day. The evidence says that subatomic particle flows were coming out of the Leo Constellation from beyond Mars orbit path and with sufficient concentration-intensity to outmatch the Sun’s solar wind at just 1 astronomical unit (93 million miles) from the Sun. These phenomena could not possibly be connected to any planet comprised of regularly-spaced subatomic particles but could only be produced by a nearby star that is already inside the solar system, because the Sun’s influential reach to the heliosphere pressure shock is 122 astronomical units.

The key here is that both mystery events were not caused by direct Black Star influence as if the Black Star is radiating massive subatomic particle flows into the solar system environment. These events were caused by Sun-Earth and Sun-Black Star and Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection convergence leading up to the Sun-Earth-Black Star alignment on March 20, 2012 that produced the Guerrero Quake Event. The converging magnetic portal connections generated portal-to-portal cross firing that produces highly-charged ionic clouds given direction between the converging connections, which became the subatomic particle waves that struck Mars from behind to produce the mystery plume. The massive wave then passed through our planet to turn the magnetosphere around, but having nothing whatsoever to do with any planet, or Planet X, etc..

Some believe that the Black Star is picking up and dragging asteroids from the asteroid belt that will slam into the Earth at some point in the timeline, but I am not buying into that explanation either. The Black Star is moving in the southern hemisphere of our solar system, but by less than one degree relative to the ecliptic plane; which is why the earthquakes are predictable at the Sun-Earth-Black Star alignments. However, draw that 1-degree line out into the solar system to realize the Black Star passes below the asteroid belt and below the planets at greater distances, as you move away from the Sun.

Asteroid Belt Facts:
• Despite the many objects in the asteroid belt, the space is so vast and the distance between objects so large (around 600,000 miles) than space craft are able to fly through the belt without colliding with any asteroids.
Most people are surprised to find out that the average distance between asteroids is a whopping 600,000 miles, which means a space craft can fly through without colliding with anything. The Black Star behaving like a black hole has an extremely small reach and is orbiting the Sun below the ecliptic plane to only reach the plane nearing perihelion very close to the Sun, which is estimated to be near Venus orbit path.
Stan: If so would the magnetic breaking effect experienced between the Sun and Black Star also occur between the Black Star and what is behind it to slow that down? Thanks Stan
No. The magnetic repulsion relationship between the Sun and Black Star is unique to ‘binary stars’ that have mismatched magnetic polarity like we see here: ... 095339.htm

The Black Star is siphoning solar electromagnetism from the Sun, using the Sun-Black Star magnetic portal connection, to increase Black Star electromagnetic and magnetic polarity strength potential. Pushing two static magnets together the wrong way increases the repulsion force by the cube of the closing distance. However, the Sun is being drained of electromagnetic energy at the same time that the Black Star is increasing in electromagnetic and magnetic polarity strength potential, which means the repulsion forces between the two stars are growing my more than the cube of the closing distance. The surrounding planets and any moons-asteroids do not possess the mass-density, features, characteristics or behavior of binary-twin stars.

We are tracking a gravitational-magnetic anomaly moving through the inner solar system using the earth changes with supporting testimony from the sleeping Sun, Jupiter’s liquefying core, Mars dust storms, and the Elite manipulating the world puppet governments, but, again, without any evidence that the Black Star has any orbiting satellites at this stage of the investigation. Blessings, Terral

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