Need More Truth: Walter Questions Terral on the Investigation

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Need More Truth: Walter Questions Terral on the Investigation

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29 Mar 2018, 14:59

Submitted by Walter
March 29, 2018

Hi Walter: Thank you for writing.
On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 1:20 AM, Walter wrote:
Last year, you seemed confident the crossing event would happen in May 2017. When it didn't, i'm sure you lost many subscribers. I've noticed as we get closer to May 2018, you are pushing the crossing event out to 2019 citing that you can't see PBS or measure its rate of speed toward perihelion. You also referenced a necessary correlation between earth changes and geopolitical events, which you have yet to define, as carefully as you and your team have defined corresponding earth changes.
Your characterization of future projected events on the Black Star Event Timeline are a bit off. Go to to see that another Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside alignment quake event is scheduled for May 15, 2018, which has been the case for almost a year. ... 7.png?dl=0

The coinciding Black Star Position Timeline shows Black Star path based upon the seismic data. Note chart symmetry using the pivot point date of April 25, 2015 (7.8 Nepal) with 12-degree-angle lines on the right and smaller 3-4 degree-angle lines on the left. The leading hypothesis-explanation is that the Black Star transitions from a long elliptical orbit to something more circular due to mismatched magnetic polarity (paper) and the unique magnetic repulsion "giant brake" relationship of the binary stars. Allowing for seismic chart symmetry and the projected May 20 crossing date (and perihelion position near Venus orbit path) gives us the May 20, 2019 'event' date using current modeling data. There seems to be insufficient space in the orbit diagram/solar system for the event to take place beyond May of 2019, but we are dealing with a gravitational-magnetic anomaly that behaves more like a black hole than any known celestial object; which means everyone can be fooled. Geopolitical, political and economic activities by the Elite and their puppet agencies are outlined in the Dakota Report Operations Section (link) that explain Jade Helm 15, New Madrid and Cascadia Rising Exercises where military-national guard-fema elements are trained-oriented for being deployed into harm's way. The House of Rothschild is manipulating precious metal prices using JP Morgan and the silver-short position inherited from Bear Stearns and the orchestrated 2008 collapse. We should expect the Elite Bankster Cartel will release a contagion part of their Fail-Safe Plan leading to roadblocks, quarantines and ultimately martial law for the duped sheeple to be led into FEMA camps that are actually processing plants for turning the sheeple into fertilizer for feeding the children of the New World Order. The Georgia Guidestones Agenda is fulfilled by the Black Star for the New World Order to begin once the Black Star leaves the inner solar system.
Walter: Last month, you anticipated as Mars orbit path came closer to the BS, we might see dust clouds on Mars, as an indicator of where BS is hiding in Scorpio, and then report back to your loyal subscribers your findings. Still we hear nothing.
Open your SolarSystemScope to realize Mars passes between the Sun and Black Star in early April 2018. The March 4, 2018 date was the time that the Black Star passed between the Sun and Jupiter to begin entering Black Star space where we are watching for Martian dust storm activity in the southern hemisphere of the leading edge of the red planet. Mark is working with Don our project astronomer and making nightly observations for identifying the gravitational lensing effect using background stars in the distance with information shared in the weekly newsletters for those paying attention.
Walter: Meanwhile, Jeff P has posted very compelling video footage of a red planet in our solar system, clearly visible to the naked eye. When you combine Jeff's post with Universal News Media's post, more and more, it looks like Nibiru/Planet X/Herculobus/Nemesis is real and visible while we hear nor see anything definitive from PBS.

Jeff P uses images that clearly show lens-type ghosting anomalies created by the camera optics that are useless to the investigation. ... -ghosting/ ... -flare.htm ... 0orbs.html

A good idea is to go through the tutorials for identifying the wide range of anomalies, before attempting to make a PlanetX/Nibiru case.
Walter: Seems to me, given the increasing proximity of these visible celestial bodies and their resulting magnetic portal connections to the sun and earth, we may be able to explain the earth's wobble, as well as the increased observed seismicity and vulcanism you've been tracking.

Everyone decides who is sharing good information for drawing their own conclusions about the need to prepare according to their survival strategy, which is what the Survival Group Program is all about. New deep magma plume activity has been discovered under the United States, Yellowstone and now the Gulf of Mexico with new volcanic eruptions coming out of Grenada. The data says that the USA is in the cross hairs of the coming seismic-volcanic storm where the US West Coast comes under fire first, which is where the investigation stands today. Blessings, Terral

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