The Special Video on the 7.6 Papua New Guinea Earthquake

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The Special Video on the 7.6 Papua New Guinea Earthquake

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01 Mar 2018, 14:15

Submitted by Bonnie

February 26, 2018
Hi Terral:

Bonnie's video:

Bonnie writes: Could there be a connection relative to the magnetic polar deviation or know, the circular chart...??

Update on this earthquake by Dutch....he evidently feels that undersea volcanoes need to be considered...and he covers more on the island itself.
I believe when I watched one of the videos...this was a plate rocker...!! For a shallow earthquake, how might you pinpoint exactly how much moved. The area being close to the Solomon Islands...don't you think that another plate splitting break soon may occur in the foreseeable future.
Dutch may have figured this movement, if I'm not mistaken further on in the video.
Krakatoa...We seem to still be a distance from the likelihood of Krakatoa becoming active...that is, the Child of Krakatoa. I felt that I do not have enough knowledge re geology to go forward with that numerology forecast for an eruption in 2019. The numbers did add up. This is I am backing off for the time being.

You had a question in your video--I cannot recall now...maybe, it was why the same magnitude in the same area...???
Frank H has quakes forecasted through March 2nd - 7th. (and my teeth are aching...again)

FYI Mary Greeley has a video out today about geologists leaving Utah, emergency plans and data released.

Re: the Krakatoa e-mail TESLA stated that he was able to unleash earthquakes. How do you suppose he did that...??.. ... r-man-made

The two earthquakes at Papua New Guinea last year and this year...electromagnetic area here...natural oscillation yearly..??

Terral's Reply (02.27.2018):
Hi Bonnie:

Watch Terral’s Video Report:

Thank you for writing. Let me try to remove some of the confusion about the 7.5 Papua Earthquake event that seems to mirror the 7.9 Papua Earthquake event from Week 51 of last year. We are looking at a seismic pattern that cycled through last year with the two big 7's at the backside alignment on November 14, 2016 (7.8 New Zealand) and November 19, 2017 (New Caledonia). Earth paused just one week with those two big 7's, because the number of deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone remained high through the earth change lull period to produce 5 big 7-mag events that ended with the 7.9 Papua Quake in Week 51 of 2016. However, Earth waited six weeks in 2017 for the big 7's to begin striking, which has shifted the activity later in the cycle. Reverberating deep magma plume waves transfer massive energy throughout the entire deep magma plume formation (410 to 660 kilometers deep) that develop a rhythm to test the formation terminal ends like we saw with the recent 7-mag Mexico Quake (corridor #2) and the 7-mag Alaska Quake (corridor #1). However, if you followed my reports, then you know that this deep magma plume-wave energy has been retreating back to the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone where the deep magma plume wave energy is focused at the end of the earth change lull periods twice each calendar year.

The wave-driven energy apparently finds equilibrium with the release of this final big 7-mag quake in the 'center' of the Indonesia/Fiji Origination Zone that just happens to be positioned at the Papua New Guinea location receiving deep magma plume energy from all 4 buoyancy-barrier corridors. So, the deep magma plume energy originates in Indonesia/Fiji to cycle through the entire formation to bounce/reverberate around and return to the origination zone. If my suspicions are correct, then this fifth big quake that followed the two big 7's at the backside alignment will be the final release of seismic energy leading to weeks of seeing no 7's at all. That 7.9 Papua Quake from last year (Week 51) was the final big 7 in the cycle pointing to this 7.5 Papua Quake from this year being the last one in this current cycle, which we can verify moving forward, or not. We will have to wait and see. Remember that Earth went 24 weeks last year with no 7's after Week 51 until July, when Earth historically sees a 7-mag quake every 21 to 22 days even without the Black Star being in the inner solar system.



Terral’s 2018 Newsletter 09:

This newsletter update report includes more commentary on identifying the importance of the 7.9 Papua Quake from last year and the 7.5 Papua Quake this year with both being the seventh big-7 quake in the series.

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