Information sent to Terral from our Geophysicist (GP)

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Information sent to Terral from our Geophysicist (GP)

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22 Feb 2018, 15:18

February 17, 2018

Hi Terral, I trust you are well.

You may remember I mentioned a while back my great great great grandfather was Urbain Leverrier. Now,
my interest in Neptune has been recently boosted by some further research and I have developed s
plausible hypothesis. I was wanting to contribute a small ad hoc summary for you. I have been working on
my paper and thought I would share some thoughts ...

We are about to enter a very unique time.

Without providing references, I would ask your subscribers to do their own easily verifiable cross checking.

A very significant thing is about to occur where, on 7th September 2018, Neptune is the closest it will be in
its orbit to Earth. That is ...'Physically' close.

Consider Neptune in its 168-year elliptical orbit around the Sun. Neptune is the 4th largest mass in our solar
system. Neptune is a cyclic contributor to solar system harmonics. Considering its discovery was made
through mathematical calculations of Perturbed orbits of known planets, it's existence was hypothesized and
then was shortly thereafter confirmed via telescope.

I find it perplexing that Neptune is not considered significant in our solar system and with it's relationships
with other planets ...and importantly... it's slow, long elliptical orbit around the sun. An invisible planet with
long elliptical orbit! Wonder if that sounds familiar. Through a telescope Neptune appears Blue, due to
methane. Katchina.

On September 21, 2018, Jupiter is closest to Earth proximity in its orbit around the sun. July 31st, 2018 Mars is at its closest proximity to Earth. October 31st , 2018 is when Venus will be at its closest proximity to Earth. From mid-August until end of October Mercury will be in transit across the sun, from Earth perspective. These occurrences are called Opposition.

Uranus will be in opposition 24th October 2018. Saturn reaches opposition on June 27, 2018. Beginning the cycle. Saturn has long been considered important in the occult. Keeping this in mind,....

The most important thing is as follows: in 2018 all planets in our solar system beginning June 27th and ending October 31st will achieve opposition within 120 days. It is an extremely rare solar positioning and I think you will enjoy modelling the chances of this occurring. I believe I am the first person to make this observation. Neptune has a significant influence on solar system harmonics.

I trust this opens up some discussion for your subscribers. It will be very interesting to view the Black Star in relation to this solar event from Earth's perspective as Virgo and Libra are placed as reference points for observations. I propose the influences of Jupiter, Saturn and importantly Neptune are the reasons why the key hole orbit and slowing down of Black Star is occurring.

I will further propose after Neptune opposition, we will see magnetic pole changes on Earth that will be very difficult to hide. Let's see how long it takes others to confirm my hypothesis.



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