The Elite and the Black Star Event: May 2018, or 2019?

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The Elite and the Black Star Event: May 2018, or 2019?

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15 Feb 2018, 15:22

Submitted by Linda; Leader of the Texas/New Mexico Survival Group Option

Hi Linda:

Thank you for writing.
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On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 12:20 AM, Linda wrote:

Hi, how are you, I hope all is good. I wanted to share my thoughts on some things and wanted your opinion if possible.

1- I noticed right now there is a lot of alternative media talking about ascending into the fifth dimension. Because I'm very cautious & analytical: I feel like this is a trick from the elites, trying to convince people when they are really wanting to get them into 5G, A.I., blockchain, nanobots, crypto, cern, dwave, rfid chip, etc when the actual motive is just total control artificial intelligence nwo?
We are in general agreement. The fifth-dimension propaganda reminds me of the FLat earth check out our sponsors click an ad disinformation being spread by the Global Intelligence Community using the lettered agencies, their operatives, assets and recruited dupes. The Achilles Heel of many analytical-researcher types is the inability to recognize Elite/lettered agency rabbit holes deliberately created and manipulated to lead everywhere and nowhere. A guy named Hijacker was my think-tank genius who provided political analysis from my Black Star radio shows in 2012 with DeaconJohn from Revolution Radio. Hijacker became obsessed with the FLat earth check out our sponsors click an ad disinformation program to be hauled away to leave the reservation never to return, which is the case for many people being duped by the Fifth Dimension hype being passed around the internet IMHO.

The New World Order begins for the Elite emerging from their Underground Ark Cities, to live under the Georgia Guidestones Agenda, once the Black Star leaves the inner solar system. AI is used to run the Real--world Simulations where simulation hosts are provided input-stimulus using the space-based-digital HAARP carrier wave that is the medium for AI communications with the nanobots introduced into our bodies through chemtrailing. The Real-world Simulations are run out of Denver, under the auspices of Council on Foreign Relations Working Groups (Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission cronies) and the Denver-based CIA all working under the House of Rothschild/Bankster Elite Umbrella. Their goal is to break the 5-nanometer barrier allowing AI to manipulate amino acids inside human hosts, so in time the input-stimulus feeds can be reversed with human hosts being manipulated using the simulation hosts. AI manipulation of amino acids is vital to the Elite Fail-safe Plan that includes the release of a contagion that includes a herald/carrier strain and the mutagen, which are two elements/components of the AI-assisted Binary Weapon. The only known method to neutralize this threat is through the use of sodium borate as the nanofilament-replication inhibitor. That said,
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2- I do believe that the US dollar will crush due to all our debt but I also think that they created this crash on purpose to go into crypto and eventually control your every thought.
The US dollar will crash on the day appointed by the House of Rothschild using JP Morgan and the silver-short position inherited from Bear Stearns through the 2008 financial debacle. Silver prices today are being manipulated down to give a false sense of security in the worthless US dollar to keep the sheeple sound asleep. Human-host thoughts/emotions/body function are all manipulated by AI using the Real-world simulation hosts where the simulation is the Matrix.
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My question is they are talking about global currency reset/Rv where foreign currency is supposed to reset and those who Carrier will have Wealth. I do hope this is part is true only so, that I can help me build my survival group. Do you believe that this foreign currency will read value or reset & be gold backed? I.e. Iraqi dinar or Zimbabwe
The seeming good news about the anticipated RV (revaluation: Guru website) generally comes in the fourth quarter of each year, but this scenario has been talked about for a long time keeping speculators busy trying to capitalize on the profit-making venture; which can easily be a distraction/diversion to maintain wealth in what is currently worthless fiat currencies. My expectation is for more of the same (hype/talk) to the end with the best investment being small-denomination silver for bartering/trade after the crap hits the fan. We shall see.
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3- just checking in on do you still think we're on track for May 20, 2018 or do you think there's a higher chance of more time? I sure hope we have more time. Thank you, Linda
I believe the pivot-point date between the Black Star's long-elliptical orbit and the transition to a circular orbit is April 25, 2015 providing perfect symmetry for both orbit paths, which you can see in the Black Star Event Timeline (from website) compared to the Black Star Position Timeline (dropbox link). Look at both diagrams to realize all the 12-degree lines from the Black Star elliptical orbit side have perfect symmetry, while the new pattern developing after the April 25, 2015 7.8 Nepal Quake shows equidistant lines of 3 to 4 degrees. The seismic pattern says the Black Star/Earth crossing date is May 20, 2019, but we must make allowances for Jupiter influence that can be making these near-side alignment quake events to come too early. After all, Jupiter's influence in year's past caused the backside-alignment quake events to come too late. Then, Mars will be a perfect witness starting March 4, 2018 to pass between the Sun and Jupiter for entering Black Star space. We watch the red planet's leading edge and particularly the southern hemisphere to see where Black Star/Jupiter/Sun magnetic portal connection convergence is taking place, which will give us data for determining Black Star position relative to Mars. The bottom line for threat assessment and survival strategies is to plan for a May 2018 event, just in case the Black Star and Jupiter are throwing us a curve ball. We use the opportunity to run our own war game exercises that will pay dividends for a May 2019 event; but we are in the right place at the right time should a May 2018 event become reality.

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