Kelly’s Term Definition Interview Video 01.31.2018

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Kelly’s Term Definition Interview Video 01.31.2018

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01 Feb 2018, 14:48

January 31, 2018

Watch Video:
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Kelly interviews Terral using the Zoom Program to ask questions about the scientific terms used in the weekly Black Star Update Reports. EQuake3D and Solar System Scope are used to help illustrate Black Star position in the solar system and Black Star influences on the Earth.
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Links used in this video:

Deep Magma Plume Original Report 2016 Newsletter 28: ... 8.pdf?dl=0

Mysterious Magma Blobs Have Scientists Puzzled: ... antle.html

Deep Magma Plume Update Report 2016 Newsletter 42:
file:///C:/Users/Assassin/Dropbox/Newsletter%202016/2016%20Newsletter%20Volume%2042.pdf Article:

Carbon Magma Blob Discovered Under United States: ... 66e0b1420b

Rising Magma Blob Discovered Under New England: ... s-science/

Scallion Map of Future:

Navy Map of Future: ... 4ab227.jpg

Magnetic Portal Connections: ... 30oct_ftes

Terral’s Magnetic Portal Connection Video:

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