Kelly Questions Terral about the Black Star

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Kelly Questions Terral about the Black Star

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04 Jan 2018, 15:57

Hi Kelly:

Thank you for writing and for your support of the research.
Kelly 1) Terral, Quick background up to starting Black Star (BS) research. Stay away
from 9/11 stuff..... We want to focus on BS. Doing BS now full time since _________
You are asking for background up to starting Project Black Star. Right? Well, the current
investigation started on the heels of writing my book “The 911Truth: Exposing The Cheney/Rumsfeld Black
Operation” (written fall of 2010) that culminated from 5 years of running the 911 Investigation. The 911
Investigation started once The Mystery Explained was written in the summer of 2005. The Project Black Star
Investigation began in January 2011 following the discovery of the Elenin (NinEle = 911 backwards) Comet
on December 10, 2010, which turned out to be a lettered agency psyop. The psyop was discovered using
keyword analysis skills gathered from researching Scripture (for decades) and the 911 Inside Job.
Kelly 2) What: Why called star?
We are tracking the invisible/collapsed binary twin to our Sun that has turned Earth magnetosphere
around for up to 28 hours:

This phenomenon took place on the same day of the mystery Mars dust plume event:

The features/characteristics of this gravitational/magnetic anomaly say that we are dealing with a 'star,'
because planets, moons, comets, asteroids, etc. cannot possibly produce the kinds of changes we see in
the solar system. ... isinfo.pdf

Read the Operations Section of the Dakota Report to find connections between the 911 Inside Job and "Project Black Star"
and the coming genocide.
Kelly How big.... dense and other characteristics.....
The Black Star is likely between two and three kilometers in diameter with powerful magnetic polarity
strength. The leading explanation today is that the Black Star was formed from the implosion/supernova of
our Sun's much-larger binary twin a very long time ago. This event forced Black Star subatomic particles
together removing the empty space to produce an object that behaves more like a black hole than any
known celestial object. One tablespoon of Black Star matter would weigh more than two Giza Pyramids. ... 095339.htm

The Black Star has mismatched magnetic polarity with the Sun creating a mysterious relationship that
includes a 'giant brake' forcing the Black Star to slow inbound orbital velocity based upon nearing Sun/Black
Star proximity.
Kelly: Has it been here before.
Terral Yes. The Black Star produced the earth changes relating to the Days of Noah and Moses and will
produce the earth changes from Christ's prophecies in Matthew 24 (Joel 2) and Revelation. Only Paul sees
how the Day of the Lord 'begins' with the destruction that comes suddenly like the birth pangs upon a
woman with child. 1Thes. 5:1-5.
Kelly: Orbit properties... Is this what is called Planet X, Nibiru etc?
The Black Star aphelion position is between the Sun and Gemini Constellation with the perihelion
position between the Sun and Sagittarius. Earth crosses the Black Star orbit path each year along the 1.6-
million mile segment Earth travels on May 20th, according to current modeling. The Planet X/Nibiru
Movement is fake and run by the Global Intelligence Community like the fake 911 Movement allowing the
House of Rothschild/CFR/Etc. to manipulate false narratives from all sides.
Kelly: When did it come into our solar system?
Current data suggests that the Black Star is responsible for the 9.3 Sumatra Quake from December
26, 2004 and for the mystery storms on Saturn in 2010, when the Black Star was moving in the Leo
Constellation relative to the Sun. This produced the 8.8 Chile Quake from February 27, 2010 for Fukushima
to follow on March 11, 2011 on the 377-day (and 188-day) cycle dominant from 2004 through 2015.
Kelly: What is the current path?
Black Star path is identified using the Black Star Event Timeline in combination with
the Black Star Position Timeline: (scroll to diagram) ... 7.png?dl=0
Kelly: What are the possible crossing dates...?
The current Black Star/Earth crossing date is projected to be May 20, 2019, but new modeling data
can move that date up to May 2018. Slowing Black Star inbound orbital velocity makes determining the right
year very difficult, but we know the event will take place in the month of May on the spring side of the solar
system from our northern hemisphere perspective.
Kelly: Will it HIT earth?
Terral No. The Black Star is moving just below the ecliptic plane and is in the southern hemisphere of the
solar system, when crossing Earth orbit path on the spring side of the solar system. The sudden destruction
comes from Black Star/Earth near proximity that tips our planet over. Earth crust and embedded metals will
follow the laws of magnetism, while ocean waters will obey the laws of gravity crawling upon the land in
some cases for hundreds of miles.
Kelly: How close will it get and for how long will the crossing last.
There is insufficient data for making these determinations. We must know Sun/Black Star/Earth
proximity for the time that the Black Star is in the inner solar system for gathering variables for completing
the equations. We need to know Sun/Black Star magnetic polarity strength ratios along with Black Star/Earth
proximity for determining how quickly Earth will be rolled over and in which direction. Earth will be passing
by the Black Star at 66,000 miles per hour for the north pole to be repelled by the Black Star, as our planet
wobbles like a spinning top out of balance for a period. Then, Earth moves away from the Black Star for the
Sun to recapture Earth magnetic polarity control that stands our planet back up again to produce a morepowerful
geological pole shift of our planet than the original shift produced by the Black Star. Therefore, we
prepare for the worst-case scenario, while hoping for the best.
Kelly 3) How did the BS happen?
The binary twin to our Sun went supernova to produce the Black Star as a remnant body that now
has a planetary relationship with our Sun having inferior mass. We are dealing with God's Reset Button used
to divide times from times, as the Day of the Lord is about to begin.
Kelly: What direct effect will it have on Earth?
The destruction will come suddenly, as the birth pangs have already started. Earth will be rolled over
and then tipped back up again to produce a series of geological pole shifts. The Black Star is responsible for
the shrinking heliosphere, sleeping Sun, weakening Earth magnetosphere, depleted northern ice sheets,
reduced polar drip, ocean conveyor disruption, jet stream fluctuations, the polar vortex phenomenon, super
storms, meteor/fireball report uptick, record global sinkhole formations, mass animal deaths, earthquakes,
volcanism, global warming, warming of all the planets, and you name it.
Kelly: 4) Where: Can we see it?
No. The Black Star cannot possibly be photographed using any devise using light within the narrow
visible spectrum. The Black Star absorbs light across the entire electromagnetic spectrum where the
gravitational lensing effect (microlensing) is perfected. The Black Star will turn the Sun dark reaching
perihelion, but that event comes 'after' the Black Star/Earth crossing event that wipes out a high percentage
of the global population. Those witnessing the 'fall time' Black Star/Earth crossing event at the end of the
age will see the Sun turn dark, but that event will take place on the fall side of the solar system in November
and not in May.
Kelly: Will we ever see it?
No. That is why the destruction comes 'suddenly' like the birth pangs (earth changes) upon a woman
with child.
Kelly: Where is it today January 2018?
The Black Star is positioned between the Sun and Libra Constellation near Mars orbit path based
upon current modeling.
Kelly: 5) Why should I care?
I care, because all the data says a large percentage of the global population is about to be wiped off
the planet and I feel the responsibility to warn others. Why you should care is completely up to you based
upon what God has allowed you to see about what is coming from space that will change everything. The
Project Black Star Investigation came after knowing the truth about the 911 Inside Job, which came after
knowing the truth of Scripture. So, my life's work and legacy and particularly my heavenly rewards are all
shaped by my search for 'the truth' and sharing the information with others.
Kelly: Why are we not being told by the government?
The real USA Govt is centered in Denver, Colorado with the Council on Foreign Relations
manipulated by the House of Rothschild and the Elite that own the underground ark cities like the one
connected to the Denver Airport. The CIA moved headquarters there in 2005 where the A-Team
manipulates the B-Team at Langley, while the CFR began operations there in 1938 in preparation for
manipulating their Georgia Guidestones Agenda to begin the New World Order once the Black Star leaves
the inner solar system.

Google: Denver Airport Mural Images

The fact is that the real Govt has telegraphed everything that is happening in the images at the Denver
Airport for those with eyes to see. You are living inside a 2012/Deep Impact Movie where the Elite have
green cards and everyone else is being prepared for the coming destruction.
Kelly 6) We then invite folks to look at the other videos and website to learn...
Very good. The fact is that the truth is stranger than fiction with people running around clueless like
in the Days of Noah marrying and living lives like everything is going to be just fine, while some among us
know for certain that is not the case at all. My view is that the sheeple will continue going 'baaaaaa' all the
way to the end no matter what anyone says or does. However, we do have a window of opportunity to help
the few.



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