Black Star Being Manipulated?

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Black Star Being Manipulated?

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Black Star Being Manipulated?
Submitted by Stephen
December 22, 2017

We had reversed engineered anti-gravity in mid-fifties and the original crashed disc at Roswell/Corona had
no flight controls. They were being flown with brainwave transmission possibly amplified at 3.5 GHz which
coincidently matched our new Radar (1947) and probably interfered with these anti-gravity discs (which I
saw four discs flying near Luke Air Force Base in August 1952 and they were chased by five Lockheed P-80
jets. I met the lead pilot of the P-80s almost 40 years later and he had a gun camera which captured the
whole event on film - later there was contact).
You keep showing the Black Star at/near Mars orbit in almost “fixed position”?! Is there a mechanic orbit
anaylysis that shows for say a three body problem (Jupiter, Black Star, Sun) what the approximate velocity
and orbit may be. The fact that you keep showing an almost fixed position strongly suggests that whatever
this is it maybe under intelligent control and far advanced of anything we have any knowledge about…..just
saying (maybe a plasma technology).
Merry Christmas,

Hi Steven:

Thank you for writing and sharing on the Roswell topic. The leading explanation today for Black Star slowing
inbound orbital velocity is that the Sun and Black Star have a magnetic-repulsion relationship similar to what
was observed in this article: ... 095339.htm

This means that their magnetic fields may even act as a giant brake, slowing down the stars.
The Sun and Black Star appear to have a unique relationship that includes mismatched magnetic polarity
and being connected by a star-to-star magnetic portal connection.

URL Black Star Event Timeline Diagram

Open the Black Star Event Timeline diagram to gather some vital information. While the
earthquake events begin with the 8.8 Chile Quake from February 27, 2010, the larger timeline begins on
December 26, 2004 with the 9.3 Sumatra Quake. Note the 12-degree average differential between nearsidealignment
quake events running from December 26, 2004 to April 25, 2015 to identify near-perfect
symmetry. The data suggests that the Black Star has been slowing inbound orbital velocity in direct
proportion to nearing Sun/Black Star Proximity from the beginning. This is the only way the chart data shows
symmetry for the Black Star traveling along an elliptical orbit path. However, all of that changed with the

2016 nearside-alignment quake event (7.0 Vanuatu) that came too early on April 28, 2016, when the Black
Star began making incremental moves left in the orbit diagram.

Black Star Position Timeline

This Black Star Position Timeline was created to work with the Black Star Event Time. Note that #6
represents the 7.8 Nepal Quake that is our pivot point showing symmetry on the right (1-6 at 12 degrees)
and symmetry on the left (6-10 at between 3 and 4 degrees). The leading explanation is that the Black Star
is transitioning from a long elliptical orbit to something more circular where the Black Star perihelion position
is between the Sun and Sagittarius near Venus orbit path.

While the Sun/Black Star relationship is likely more-complicated than we can currently understand, the
primary forces at play include the gravitational influences growing by the square of the closing distance,
while the magnetic repulsion forces grow by the cube of the closing distance. The next important aspect to
understand concerns the Sun/Black Star magnetic portal connection through which the Black Star receives
electromagnetism from across the entire spectrum for redistribution to the planets based upon Black
Star/planet proximity. In other words, the Sun and Black Star do not represent static magnets where
magnetic repulsion forces grow by the cube of the closing distance like when pushing the wrong ends of two
magnets together. The Black Star is siphoning electromagnetic energy from the Sun for Black Star magnetic
polarity strength to increase from Sun/Black Star proximity at the same time that the Sun is being drained to
grow weaker. This is why the scientists are claiming that the Sun is entering a Grand/Maunder Minimum,
while the heliosphere has shrunk 25 percent in just ten years.

Scripture records that the Sun turns 'dark' (Matt. 24:29-31, Joel 2) and 'black as sackcloth' (Rev. 6:12) and
our observations include giant coronal holes on the Sun becoming larger and larger. The leading
explanation here is that the Sun will turn dark from Sun/Black Star near proximity once the Black Star
reaches perihelion nearest the Sun. However, a springtime Black Star/Earth crossing event and the
magnetically-induced geological pole shift take place with the Black Star crossing Earth orbit path and
'before' the Black Star reaches perihelion. This is why the Apostle Paul says that the 'destruction' comes
suddenly like the birth pangs (earth changes) upon a woman (Earth) with child (1Thes. 5:1-5), because the
Day of the Lord will begin with a Black Star/magnetically-induced geological pole shift in the springtime and
in the month of May. Then, the Black Star will leave the inner solar system to return in 3600 years and fulfill
the prophecies of Jesus Christ, Joel and the prophets with a 'fall time' Black Star/Earth crossing event that
comes after the Black Star reaches perihelion to produce the 'signs' given in the prophecies.

The bottom line here is that the Black Star behaves more like a black hole than any known celestial object.
The Black Star is not being manipulated by aliens or angels or anything else, but has been slowing inbound
orbital velocity on the way to reaching perihelion obeying the rules of the Sun/Black Star relationship. The
Black Star appears to be gathering all the electromagnetic energy required over a short period for making
another complete orbit cycle and by robbing that energy from our Sun. The Black Star is God's Reset Button
used to divide times from times and we are witnesses of how the Day of the Lord begins.

Thief in the Night:

Get more information at:



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