Black Star Thursdays

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Black Star Thursdays

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The Black Star Thursdays radio show provides weekly updates for the Project Black Star Investigation at These updates have been presented at Revolution Radio in one form or another since 2011, as researchers have been tracking the collapsed-invisible binary twin to our Sun using the earth changes. The Black Star is likely 2 to 3 kilometers in diameter, but one tablespoon of Black Star matter equals the mass of two Giza pyramids giving this object features and characteristics more like a black hole than any known celestial object. The Black Star came to the inner solar system in the Days of Noah and Moses to produce those earth changes. The Black Star will return again at the end of the age to fulfill Christ's prophecies from Matthew 24 (Joel 2) and Revelation.

Dakota Report: ... isinfo.pdf

Everyone is encouraged to read the Operations Section of the Dakota Report for information about Project Black Star and the coming genocide. The Planet X/Nibiru Movement is fake and run by the Global Intelligence Community much like the fake 911 Movement where operatives, assets and their dupes run a range of disinformation/desensitizing operations to ensure the sheeple never have access to the truth. We are living in a 2012/Deep Impact-type Movie where the Elite have green cards for entrance into the Rothschild-owned underground ark cites, while the sheeple are kept in the dark about what is coming from space that will change everything.

Regular newsletter, video and radio show update reports are made each Thursday providing information on Black Star location, earth changes and our need to prepare for what is coming from space. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter program for 25 dollars per year, which includes the benefit of writing Terral with questions and comments answered each morning and shared in the weekly newsletters to help others. Subscribe to the survival group program for 45 dollars per year to receive threat assessment information for identifying real safe zones. Then, write giving your permission to share your contact info (first name, one email address and home state only) with like-minded survivalists already in the program. You will receive the survival group info notification email listing your survival group options (5 in the USA) with the contact information of all group leaders and members for devising the very best survival strategy possible.

Here are complimentary links to recent newsletters including the one just uploaded this Thursday. You can contact Terral using the Contact Button at the bottom of the page on the website. Get more information in the Project Black Star Section at

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