The Upcoming Earth Changes Part 3 - "The Proof"

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The Upcoming Earth Changes Part 3 - "The Proof"

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06 Sep 2018, 15:43

Written by Rosanne and Terral
September 1, 2018

Watch video:

Ari Kopel- Upcoming Earth Changes-part 3
Rosanne writes:

Hi Terral,

Would you watch this video, if you have time, it’s less than 30 minutes long. This guy Eddie Page says he has proof that there’s seismic activity at Yellowstone. He shows the form he obtained and read what it said. I found him by accident about a month ago. Although my husband tells me to be really careful when listening to him, I have followed him. He predicted the Alaska earthquake swarm about 2 weeks before it began. Yes, he’s weird, claims to be an alien hybrid!!! (Whatever!)
But my concern is more what he read about Yellowstone. I’m listening to you and learning that the volcano activity is all connected to the earthquake activity. I understand the magma chambers and horn formations. I can see clearly when you explain it all. Thank you for what you do. I just hope to get your take on this report. Also, Mary Greeley put out a video of how the steam color is changing at Old Faithful and how it’s eruption has slowed down considerably. I’m doing my own homework, just need to hear your opinion on this one.

Hope you are well,

God Bless,

Terral’s comment/reply (09.02.2018):

The Cascadia-Yellowstone situation is more dire and scary than reported in this video where more information is needed for seeing the larger picture. The explanation is a bit complicated, so here goes: ... antle.html

Read the article and enlarge the 2015 mapping image showing the deep magma plume formation growing in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire deep inside Earth mantle transition zone. Note the magma plume horn formations (shown in red and green) atop the deep magma plume formation created by testing and stretching of the buoyancy barriers. Then note the article title again to realize the geologists/scientists are "puzzled" about this formation, which I do not believe Ari nor Eddie realize is part of the new global tectonic-volcanic dynamic; as the terms are missing from the lengthy commentary. We need to back up a little bit while keeping this deep magma plume formation in mind:

The true "cause" of these dramatic earthquake events and volcanic eruption events is connected to our Sun's invisible/collapsed binary twin that is already moving in the inner solar system now positioned between the Sun and the Libra Constellation. The Black Star made a magnetic portal connection to our planet in the early 2000's when the Black Star was between the Sun and the Gemini Constellation triggering the 9.3 Sumatra Quake from December 26, 2004. Earth began receiving powerful electromagnetic energy from the Black Star that was translated into heat energy via Earth metals and the induction process leading to diminishing northern ice sheets reducing polar drip and breaking the ocean conveyor (2010) leading to the polar vortex phenomenon (2012), jet stream fluctuations, super storms, floods, droughts and you name it. The Earth passed between the Sun and Black Star to trigger the 8.8 Chile Quake from February 27, 2010, and the 9.0 Fukushima Quake from March 11, 2011, predicted by my research to within just four days and the big Guerrero Quake from March 20, 2012 to within just two days. Eight days before that event, Earth magnetosphere turned around for 28 hours (March 12-13, 2018) that you can see below using the link with my video: ... d.gif?dl=0

My video:

You can see all of the Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside-alignment quake events and the backside-alignment quake events posted in the Black Star Event Timeline at to begin seeing the larger picture and realize that what is happening under our feet is directly connected to what is coming from space! Next:

Terral’s 2018 Newsletter 35:

This is a complimentary link to last Thursday's newsletter allowing you guys the opportunity to read my Black Star Update Report for connecting more of the dots. Open the newsletter and move down to the 2017/2018 Seismic Chart that includes all of the earthquake data for quakes of 2.5-magnitude or greater for the last two years. Notice the long string of red zeros (0) in the 7-Mag Column that ran for 24 consecutive weeks where Earth had none of these large-mag quakes. Look above at 2017 to realize Earth had the same 24-week period with no 7-mag quakes on the entire planet when Earth historically sees 17 of these 7-mag quake events on average every year. Both of these 24-week periods began with a large-powerful tectonic-reset earthquake event in Papua New Guinea (7.9 for 2017 and 7.5 for 2018), which is the center of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic Volcanic Origination Zone where this deep magma plume formation began forming to begin growing around the entire Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire. Next, focus your attention on Week 11 and follow along, but be prepared for some shocking information that might frighten some of these readers:

The high-water mark for the 2.5 to 4-mag quakes was 586 events starting in January 2011, when my Project Black Star Investigation started. We broke that record in Week 11 with 644 events that skyrocketed to 2745 events (OMG!) in Week 19. Go back and look at Week 15 to realize Earth had only one earthquake event of 5-magnitude or greater on the entire planet for the 7-day USGS reporting period (Sat. at midnight to Sat. at midnight UTC). The reason for the anomaly is that this gigantic-deep magma-plume formation pushed under Hawaii in combination with the 6.9 Quake (May 4, 2018) allowing the Hawaii Mantle Plume to make the connection, which in combination with the Galapagos Mantle Plume connection and other mantle plume connections is causing the giant deep magma plume formation to now GROW OUT OF CONTROL. Week 15 has no large quakes and only one 5-mag quake for the entire week because all of those horn formations were raised up together throughout the entire expanding magma plume formation. Deep earthquake events send massive magma-plume-wave energy coursing through the four-primary buoyancy-barrier corridors where Corridor 1 and Corridor 2 have terminal ends pushing right now under Alaska/Cascadia.

We have been tracking the pattern of 5-magnitude earthquake events at the 10-kilometer depth triggered by these rising magma-plume horn formations for the last three years, as they have been shifting north along these corridors to converge on Alaska/Cascadia. Open your EQuake3D Program and flip the globe over to identify the pattern of 5-mag quakes at the 10-kilometer depth extending from Central-South America into the Atlantic Ocean to realize Corridor 2 is expanding OUT OF CONTROL and heading towards Europe. In fact, hold Africa in the center of the screen to note all of the earthquakes striking at the 10-kilometer depth, because they are all deep-magma-plume triggered from the deep magma plume formation with arms reaching around the entire planet to become a global phenomenon.

Now, if you are following along, then let's revisit all of these recent quakes from the video report above for seeing the larger picture: Earth passed between the Sun and Black Star in combination with the 6.9 Hawaii Quake to produce that cluster of earth-change activity that includes 7, 8 and 9 new volcanic eruption events for each 7-day reporting period moving through May. Earth then passed the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun to reach the 90-degree position on August 19, 2018, only 20 minutes (UTC) into the day, when the 8.2 Fiji Quake struck at the 609-kilometer depth. In fact, Earth had about 60 of these deep earthquake events striking near the same epicenter over the 7-day period that set a new record for the investigation. Earth always receives a powerful electromagnetic Jolt once we pass that magical 90-degree position relative to the Sun and Black Star, which produced the 8.1 and 7.1 Mexico Quakes from September 2017. The powerful Jolt was felt sooner this year because the deep magma plume formation was already inflated and ready to go due to the many mantle plume connections being made that includes the Cobb mantle plume in Cascadia made here just recently.

Understanding the new global tectonic-volcanic dynamic means understanding the deep magma plume formation that has become the primary and dominant seismic trigger. Deep quakes in Fiji sent massive magma plume energy racing through all the known buoyancy-barrier corridors, which triggered the 7.1 Peru Quake near the elbow position of Corridor 2, before the energy was directed north into Alaska/Cascadia. The "harmonic tremors" being detected are being generated by deep magma plume activity where energy originating in Indonesia-Fiji and along Corridor 1 and 2 are sending energy around the world to trigger other quake events like demonstrated by your tuning fork example. We agree that increased seismic-volcanic activity will trigger a linchpin quake event in Cascadia producing a new round of large-powerful quakes that lead to a Yellowstone eruption due to the deep-magma-plume threat that is already growing out of control. The dominoes are already stacked against the USA and Europe and they are already falling right before our eyes if you have eyes to see the larger picture.

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