The Energy Equation of the Human Body

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The Energy Equation of the Human Body

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30 Aug 2018, 15:45

Written by Clint
August 27, 2018

The human body is a marvelous creation. It has much more ability to live and thrive than all except a very few will ever give it credit or even imagine. The problem with the body of so many is that the overall available energy of their body is not being utilized efficiently. Their daily available energy is bogged down in addressing bad daily habits, mainly in dealing with the different foods and drinks they consume.

Arnold Ehret (1866 - 1922) understood the human body's energy equation better than anyone I have run across in the literature. He lived way beyond what his Bright's disease would have inflicted upon him. He had a serious problem with this disease. He quickly decided it was illogical to follow the conventional medical wisdom of his day. He made the right choice for life. With his pursuit of truth using his German logic, he found the ways of life that would have easily allowed him to live hundreds of years. If he had got in-line with the conventional medical wisdom of his day, he would have died many decades younger. This is still the case for a large percentage of the population afflicted with "degenerative diseases."

Most likely Ehret would be alive today if he had not died from an "accident." Most likely he was struck in the basal area of the head which caused his immediate death. I suspect his death was murder. The system had to get rid of him. If he had been allowed to continue to live, he would have a following of millions today which would be extending their lives way beyond the normal lifespan. This would have caused the system some significant problems which were much easier for them to deal with in 1922 versus 2022.

"Vitality" is defined as the state of being strong and active; energy. Arnold Ehret looked at "Vitality" as the available energy a person had minus the loss of energy caused by obstructions. Arnold's discovery and idea were to help the human body increase "Vitality" by reducing the amount of energy needed to deal with its obstructions. His simple, yet most profound equation is: "Vitality = Available Body Energy - Energy to remove obstructions." As the energy needed to remove obstructions was decreased the overall "Vitality" of the person improved. Arnold Ehret conclusively proved this to himself and others by his own extraordinary life and the lives of his patients.
I have taken Arnold's original equation and modified it slightly. Basically, it is the same equation with more definitive elements of the "obstructions" found in his original equation. My equation for Vitality is:

Clint's Vitality Equation:

Vitality = Available Body Energy - Energy for Digestion - Energy for Detoxification - Energy for Repair - Energy for Obstruction Removal

My equation is a bit longer than Arnold Ehret's. But it brings more to light regarding the loss of energy due to digestion, detoxification, and repair. The goal is to provide the maximum energy for "Vitality." This can be accomplished by either increasing the "Available Body Energy" or minimizing the energy required for digestion, for detoxification, for repair, and for obstruction removal.

Each of us have only so much "Available Body Energy." The body uses its "Available Body Energy" in the most efficient ways possible to insure its survival and reproduction. The lion's share of that energy under our control goes to addressing what is put into our body. The share of energy consumed by the digestive and detoxification processes are second only to respiration. They consume most of our body's energy on a day to day basis.

Many peoples' bodies are tired and deteriorating much too rapidly. This is usually because too much of their "Available Body Energy" is being consumed to digest foods and drinks and to remove too many harmful toxins.

It would be nice to be able to plug a machine into an electrical outlet that would input more available energy into our bodies. This really neat invention would then provide the extra energy we need to feel great all the time. There is such a machine. And it does not even require an electrical outlet. That most amazing machine is high energy fields. All one needs to do is to dwell on them to increase their "Available Body Energy."

Last week I visited the home of one of my spouse's friends for lunch. Before we ate, I tracked down the high energy fields at this person's new home. He had an immense high energy field residing on his front porch just as he went into the front door. I told him that after sleeping on that high energy field for a week, he would experience more energy. I know that will be the case because I have slept on a rather strong high energy field for a week and that is exactly what happened to me.

Not everyone is blessed with a strong high energy field at their doorstep. I don't have one available at my home. If one was there, I could easily find it and utilize it to full advantage to increase my daily input of "Available Body Energy." I did find a weak high energy field in the park where I walk. I can rest on that energy field for 5 minutes and keep walking mile after mile, if I rest on that field for 5 minutes every mile. I can rest elsewhere for 5 minutes and not get near the same effect.

There is more to the "Vitality Equation" than increasing "Available Body Energy." Another way to increase "Vitality" is to decrease the energy needed for digestion. This can easily be accomplished to some degree by eating more high-quality fruits in the right way. This is just one way to decrease the energy needed for digestion. But it is a very easy and important first step towards minimizing the energy consumed each day by the digestive processes. Another way to achieve more "Vitality" is to reduce the energy for detoxification. This can be accomplished by eliminating/reducing the consumption of sugar foods, alcohol, and substances that require a lot of energy to break down and excrete from the body like caffeine.

Note: You might think that sugar foods should be in the digestion category. Yet, their greatest energy drain to the body is due to their stimulus to increase microorganism populations in the gut. These increased populations in turn excrete higher amounts of their wastes which then must be broken down by detoxification processes more than digestive processes.

When the energy needed for digestion and detoxification is reduced, more energy becomes available for repair and for the removal of obstructions. One does not immediately realize a significant increase in vitality when they decrease needed digestive and detoxification energy because of this shift in the body's energy distribution. As needed digestive and detoxification energy is lessened, energy shifts to repair and to the removal of obstructions. Such may take months or even years. As each segment of energy in the energy equation is properly addressed, the body starts to feel healthier with a sense of wellbeing. The skin becomes soft again with a healthy shin coating of oil on it.

As I usually do, I will relate to the above with my own actual experiences. I AM NOT an example of extreme health and vitality. I am a person who has flirted with the edge of death way too often in the last 7 years. If I had not embraced some of the ways of life 7 years ago, I am 100% certain that I would not be here today.

I am grateful for each day of life. I know I could easily have perished years ago without the knowledge and help the Heavenly Father provided. When you are about to fall off the edge of your table of life, it is time to get really serious with the Heavenly Father and His Christ about following His lead instead of your own. This is what I did 7 years ago. He has been merciful to me.

One month ago, I started a vacation in the Philippines. When I go to the Philippines, I can eat and live a much worse or much better lifestyle than I normally do in the USA. This time, like the last, I decided to live a much healthier life style. The new diet requires much less energy to digest each day. This frees a lot of energy for other things the body needs. Also, I am consuming much less toxins having drastically reduced caffeine. This also frees a lot of energy for other things the body needs.

The immediate result of the diet change was that I had a lot more available energy. My body immediately experienced a lot more available energy for repair. This was immediately noticed by how fast my skin started to heal. I had skin problems from the top of my heat to the toes of my feet. Those problems were, and some cases still are, dry flaking scalp, crust behind the ears, eczema, shingles throughout the left side of my body, athletes foot, calluses, bunions, overall dry skin, open skin sores mainly on my feet and hands, and parasite infection. I was getting miserable from my skin conditions.

The first thing that healed were the open sores on my hands. That only took 4 days. These sores were not healing despite the application of medication. Then the dry scalp and scabs behind the ears healed up. The extra energy was used to start repairing the skin problems on my feet along with the shingles throughout my body. Then suddenly, the healing slowed down quite a bit. My feet are still healing, and the shingles are going away, but at a slower pace. Overall, I am very pleased with how much better off my skin is after only 1 month.

At first, I could not understand why my skin slowed in its fast healing. It took a little while to figure this one out. Going back to my equation for Vitality, it became apparent what was going on. The added energy from easier digestion at first was directed to skin healing. Then I reduced calorie consumption at least 1000 calories a day. This caused my excessive fat to start melting away. At that point a certain percent of the energy freed via more efficient digestive processes was transferred from repair to the removal of fat obstruction.

It requires a lot of energy to break down fat triglyceride molecules to form carbon dioxide and water. The blood must work double time to move a lot of extra oxygen to the fat cells and then to remove the carbon dioxide resulting from triglyceride molecule being broken down. The liver must work double time to break down toxins that are stored in that fat. This requires a lot of energy.

Excessive fat is an obstruction. Some of the energy that was going to skin healing was transferred to fat removal. Now my body is melting away excessive fat at a good rate. But this has been at the expense of less energy available for skin healing. In a few months all my excess body fat will be gone. At that point, energy will become available to remove other obstructions or transferred to increased repair elsewhere. Note: My gut was disgustingly massive a month ago. It is still too massive. But at least it is not disgustingly massive. Some of my larger shirts feel like they are going to fall off my shoulders. This is how dramatic the fat has melted away.

I am not worried about the slower skin healing. Already, I have experienced a lot of skin healing. The rate of healing is still pretty good and much faster than normal. The skin is growing so fast that old dead skin of calluses and bunions that it is pushing these areas of skin upward causing the larger areas of calluses to crack open and peel. Within a month or so, the skin on my feet will have completely healed. May skin is reversing in age several decades. Not only is my skin healing or has healed, but a very nice thin layer of oil is now being excreted by the skin, so no dry areas remain except where calluses on my feet prevent the excretion of oil from the underlying skin.

What happens when all the skin is healed, and all the obstructions are removed? At that point an incredible amount of energy will be released for further detoxification and repair. Eventually, the body will be at a point to experience much more positive energy. This will improve overall "Vitality" tremendously. Arnold Ehret experienced this kind of wonderful energy that provided his body tremendous vitality. I look forward to writing about the same someday soon in 2019. I think I will!

I still have a way to go to see all the excessive fat to melt away. It will in the next 80 days. Then other obstructions of the body will be removed, and more repair will occur. Overall, I am feeling better and have more energy than a month ago. I don't have near the pain or itching from deteriorated skin areas. I know that when my body is fully repaired without obstructions, that the increased positive body energy experienced will be phenomenal!

I give tribute to Arnold Ehret for his brilliant work of over a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, his life was tragically taken from him. His work lives on in a few short publications that others have compiled and published. I have read them many times because of the tremendous insight that Arnold Ehret had for his time and for today regarding the marvels of the human body. Arnold provided a formula for the energy equation of the body over a 100 years ago. I have modified his equation to break down his general definition of obstruction to more specifically address the energy consumed by digestion, detoxification and repair. As the energy needed for the minuses ("-") in the "Energy Equation" are minimized, greater "Vitality" is realized. That means a much longer life span with a very vibrant body will be achieved.

Yes, you can continue to live if you are on the edge of life. I did by embracing he ways of life that God was showing me to follow. Yes, you can improve your vitality. But you are going to need to minimize energy utilized each day for digestion, detoxification, repair, and obstruction removal. Yes, you can extend your life by years and even decades. Yes, you can obtain a much more vibrant and better-looking body!

Hope this article on the energy equation of the human body can be of help to you in understanding your own body. Clint

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