Neutralizing The Deep-Magma-Plume Threat

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Neutralizing The Deep-Magma-Plume Threat

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23 Aug 2018, 15:24

Written by Jarrod and Terral
August 18, 2018

Hi Jarrod:
Thank you for writing.
On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 3:25 PM Jarrod wrote:
Thank you for your reply. What exactly do you think the deep magma plume threat will do?
The deep magma plume formation (article and mapping image) has already taken over as the primary seismic trigger and is responsible for the seismic patterns we see today. Seismic-volcanic pressures originating in Indonesia-Fiji are shifting through the Americas into the Atlantic Ocean, as the deep magma plume formation continues growing out of control in Earth mantle transition zone. The Earth mantle transition zone containing the deep magma plume formation is also growing, which exerts energy on the rocky-type magma supporting Earth crust causing the tectonic plates around the world to separate. This plate separation leads to a sharp reduction in high-magnitude earthquake events, which is the reason you see Earth going 24 weeks for 2017 and now 2018 with no earthquake events of 7-magnitude or greater; when Earth historically sees a 7-mag quake event every 20 to 24 days with an average of 17 per calendar year.

The common seismic pattern we see comes with a series of 5-magnitude earthquake events (can range from 4.3 to more than 7-mag quakes) at the 10-kilometer depth along the four primary buoyancy-barrier corridors identified below plate fault lines like we see in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire with Corridor 1 (Indonesia, Philippines, Kamchatka, Aleutians and Alaska/Cascadia) and Corridor 2 (Fiji across to Chile and north through Central America, Mexico, the US/Canada West Coast into Cascadia/Alaska). These two primary corridors mark the positions of the two primary magma plume arms that extend from Indonesia-Fiji around the northern (corridor 1) and southern (corridor 2) Pacific Ocean to converge on the Alaska/Cascadia region, while at the same time the primary-deep magma-plume formation pushed under Hawaii (May 4, 2018) and is also pushing northeast along a straight line extending from New Guinea through Hawaii into Cascadia/Alaska.

Nobody can say exactly how this scenario plays out, but at some point, the buoyancy barriers containing the expanding deep magma-plume formation want to break sending glassy-type decompressing magma rushing to the surface to displace the magma supporting Earth crust causing the entire region to rise. Then, comes the breach that sends pyroclastic flows/dust clouds into the atmosphere causing the entire region to collapse causing massive crustal displacement of Biblical proportions changing the Earth to something like this (Scallion Map of the Future). Take a look at the crustal thickness map of the USA (here) to identify the thinnest crust along the US West Coast (in red) and the North American Craton (220-250 kilometers) in the Central USA that is away from the coasts that has real safe zones like in the Ozarks. The rising-decompressing glassy-type magma pressurizes the Yellowstone reservoir and then the magma chamber to trigger a violent eruption, which will likely be the case for regional calderas and dormant volcanoes up and down the US West Coast once pressures build sufficiently to trigger the crustal breach-collapse scenario. A deep cavern position is required to neutralize threats relating to the poisonous pyroclastic flows/dust clouds that can be carried by prevailing winds and the jet stream around the entire globe. The initial breach scenario may play out in the Alaska/Cascadia region or in Iceland, or in the Atlantic Ocean along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The idea here is to prepare for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the very best.
Do you think it will be a worldwide threat or isolated to a particular area? Will this be something that causes massive power outages etc.?
Many people around the world have already been evacuated (links) and displaced (links) and made homeless (links) due to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and related earth changes (links), as the dominoes stacked against the entire world are already falling. We can see evidence of these seismic-volcanic pressures circling the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire and converging on the United States with the largest quake striking near LA in years (link) and Alaska (link) with large-magnitude earthquake events migrating north from South America through Central America and Mexico (8.1 and 7.1) from September 2017. The question for those living in the USA concerns how much time we have to prepare, before these large-mag quakes strike at home to begin the evacuations of displaced people becoming homeless? Those with the resources are encouraged to relocate away from the coasts and onto the North American Craton and before the crap hits the fan and before the displaced masses transform into Mad Max where massive power outages are par for the course. My feeling is that people are becoming more desensitized to the calamity already going on around the world, which means they will be caught completely by surprise when the crap hits the fan here at home. Those identifying the threats to create the contingency plans for execution on time with large-strong well-supplied survival groups will be kings in the aftermath of the coming calamity, while at the same time more than 90 percent of the global population will be wiped from the face of the Earth. Blessings, Terral

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