Magma Plumes, Mantle Plumes and the Changing Global Tectonic-Volcanic Dynamic

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Magma Plumes, Mantle Plumes and the Changing Global Tectonic-Volcanic Dynamic

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16 Aug 2018, 15:30

Written by Clint and Terral
October 10, 2018
Clint writes:

Hi Terral:
There is a certain new vocabulary that one needs to pick up to fully understand your commentary. For example, most don't know the difference between a magma plume and a mantle plume. They sound about the same. And most likely most of your listeners don't know the difference.

Taking a few minutes to define some of the new (that is to the newbie's point of view) terminology will help a lot of folks get on board more rapidly to what you are trying to convey. Folks really do need to get on board rapidly because a whole lot of horrendous events are about to occur.

Let's look at the terminology from the magma perspective. There are "magma chambers" and “magma blobs." I count them to be the same. Yet, when I looked at what search engines say and what most of the writings are about, the words "magma chamber" is used to define the huge lakes of magma that have been relocating.
Terral’s reply (08.11.2018):

Hi Clint:

Thank you for writing. Magma chambers (Wiki) in my commentary refers to the area holding magma under volcanoes that are generally one to ten kilometers deep and a component in Earth crust like the magma chamber (image) under Yellowstone. Look at the magma chamber in Earth crust from 10 to 20 kilometers deep and then note the magma reservoir underneath that feeds magma-heat energy into the magma chamber. Then, look below the magma reservoir and below the Uppermost mantle to find the Mantle plume (Wiki) that is the hotspot connecting to Earth core like with Hawaii, Galapagos, etc..
Clint: The "magma blob" by the search engines can define a large movement of magma on the surface.
Not exactly. The deep magma plume formation (article and map image) is characterized as a Magma Blob that has scientists puzzled, which has connected to the Hawaii and Galapagos (and others) mantle plumes to begin growing out of control. The giant Carbon Blob discovered below the United States (article) also falls into the category with magma blobs (in my book) being discovered around the world. This blob is suspended at 300 kilometers below the surface and about 100 kilometers above Earth mantle transition zone (wiki).

Clint: I think the words "magma chamber" are better used to define the large lakes of magma that are forming under Vermont and Hawaii and elsewhere. This is a more descriptive definition because it uses the word "chamber." Such defines where the magma is. A magma blob only tells you that there is a bunch of magma somewhere. It could be flowing on the surface from an erupting volcano.

The magma chamber is a component of a volcano (image and website) like the crater, conduit, throat, branch pipes, etc.. Some volcanoes have a single magma chamber/reservoir, while others like Yellowstone have a deeper reservoir that feeds the magma chamber. Move deep below Earth crust and there are no magma chambers, but there are many magma blobs contained within buoyancy barriers and within buoyancy-barrier corridors (info). Anyone wanting more information on the deep magma plume formation and the related science should read the update and featured articles in these two 2016 newsletters to help connect more of the dots.

Terral’s 2016 Newsletter 28:
Terral’s 2016 Newsletter 42:
Clint: If you spent a minute at the appropriate time in your commentary to define a few words each week, it would greatly help most of your listeners. You might even want to include these definitions in the newsletter.
All of the related terms for understanding the deep magma plume formation and mantle plume connections have been shared in the weekly newsletters and update reports. The new subscribers/supporters can learn more by going through the links in this article and by asking questions leading to a new round of clarifying statements if needed.
Clint: When it comes to magma you could define the following:
Magma chamber
Magma blob
Magma plume (short video)
Mantle plume

Links to related information have been provided to help readers understand the terminology.
Clint: Importance of 10 km depth earthquakes
The pattern of 5-magnitude earthquake events at the 10-kilometer depth relating to deep magma-plume triggers was discovered by observation over the years, as the deep magma plume formation has grown to become a global phenomenon since 2015. The horn formations atop the deep magma plume formation rise suddenly from deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone (410 to 660 kilometers below the surface) to displace magma supporting Earth crust. The reasons for the 10-kilometer depth being part of the deep-magma-plume trigger remain a mystery.
Clint: Horn formations from the magma chambers
The deep magma plume “horn formations” (image again) are shown in red and green where the buoyancy barriers were tested to become a giant bubble that rises, and falls based upon formation internal pressures. The deep earthquake events (Indonesia, Fiji, South America) send magma-wave energy through the buoyancy-barrier corridor to push those horns up that trigger the 5-mag quakes at the 10-kilometer depth described in all of my update reports.
Clint: Most of your new listeners have no idea what these are when it comes to magma. You would be surprised how many don't know what magma is. Most have never seen any real magma in their lives. Yet, the new dynamics makes it very important that they do know the difference. Regards, Clint
People generally never see “magma” that is liquid rock (above the transition zone), liquid metal (below the transition zone) and glassy-type magma within Earth mantle transition zone. They see “lava” (Wiki) that is magma that has reached the surface like we see in Hawaii.

Another important point to realize is that many of these News articles include language about “magma plumes” and “mantle plumes” being discovered around the world (like with Antarctica and New England), because the discoveries were recently made due to increased seismic-volcanic activity. However, the scientists are still in the process of scratching their heads about the true source of the magma energy that can be coming from Earth core (mantle plume) or a magma plume formation like the one growing out of control in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire. Blessings, Terral

Clint’s reply (08.12.2018):
Hi Terral:

I am going to carefully read and reread these articles. I believe the magma blobs are what is going to drive the tremendous surface changes that we are about to see take place. The last near-side alignment inputted enough heat to cause these blobs to move significantly. Following far-side and near-side alignments with the Black Star will push that magma upward greatly affecting the tectonic plates the very thin crust resides on.
First, the deep magma plume formation (article and 2015 mapping image) that has made connections to the Hawaii and Galapagos Mantle Plumes (and others) is already growing out of control due to the new energy-heat source originating in Earth core. This growing deep magma plume formation and three electromagnetic-heat-energy sources (Sun-Black Star, deep earthquake events, and mantle plume connections) have taken over the global tectonic-volcanic dynamic producing the global seismic pattern we have seen for the last two years. The new seismic pattern includes a diminishing number of high-magnitude earthquake events (no 7’s in 24 weeks for 2017 and 23 Weeks for 2018) and a high number of the lower-magnitude earthquake events. Deep earthquake events (Indonesia, Fiji, Japan, and South America) in Earth mantle transition zone sends expanding-pressurized magma waves through the buoyancy-barrier corridors (1, 2, 3 and 4) that raises the horn formations to produce a pattern of 5-magnitude earthquake events (4.3-5.8) at the 10-kilometer depth like we have seen in Cascadia for the last three weeks.

The most-concerning aspect to realize is that the Hawaii Mantle Plume Connection was made to the Deep Magma Plume Formation in combination with the 6.9 Hawaii Quake from May 4, 2018 at the “peak” of the recent earth-change uptick period. The Hawaii and Galapagos Mantle Plume Connections have never been connected to the Deep Magma Plume Formation moving through an entire earth-change uptick period, which will run from September to the last week of November 2018. Earth core will be heating up from increasing Sun-Black Star electromagnetism AND these Mantle Plume Connections AND from Deep Earthquake Events simultaneously sending Earth and the Investigation into uncharted waters.
Clint: The first article that you sent from national geographic has a very interesting take on what the rising heat causes, ... s-science/

"Inside our planet, heat from the volatile core makes its way up through the mantle—the hot, high-pressure zone that lies below the planet’s crust. That heat causes the crust’s tectonic plates to slip and slide around. Where those plates collide, or divide is where we most often see mountains, earthquakes, and volcanoes."

Clint continues: Even though this is poorly written and somewhat misleading, it does get the point across that the heat rising up through Earth's mantle to the crust is what causes "tectonic plates to slip and slide around." I think we are about to see a lot of slipping and sliding around of those tectonic plates.
The magma supporting Earth crust shifts from shallow earthquake events like we just saw in Indonesia (Jeannie’s article posted below) and from deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone that send shockwaves through the buoyancy-barrier corridors to test the formation terminal ends and raising the horn formations that displace magma supporting the crust. The magma bubble discovered under the New England region is likely connected to deep magma plume activity shifting from the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone “through” the Americas into the Atlantic Ocean. BTW, there is another classification of “magma blob” that we should address: ... b77a29420b

Note the “carbon blob” formation is hovering at the 300-kilometer depth above Earth mantle transition zone and below the North American Craton (220-250 kilometers deep). We are still talking about “magma” suspended within buoyancy barriers that likely leaked from the primary magma plume formation, as deep quake events tested the terminal ends from previous Earth orbit cycles. These magma blobs are being discovered due to increased seismic-volcanic activity associated with shifting magma pressures originating in Earth mantle transition zone and the primary deep magma plume formation that is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon as we speak.
Clint: I think the 10 km earthquakes you are tracking are like radar pings of the magma blobs onto the lower crust or just below to determine where flow to the surface can occur to relieve building pressure. These pings don't just occur anywhere. They are occurring on high energy fields which provide continual heat into the magma as it rises to make its ping.

The magma blobs are determining where they will release pressure via these pings when it becomes necessary to do so as more heat is inputted to them. I know that this sounds like these magma blobs are alive. Perhaps they are in their own way as the logic of the Creator's design is better understood.
The pattern of 5-mag quakes at the 10-kilometer depth is created by the combination of deep earthquake events, increasing-decreasing solar-Black Star electromagnetic stimuli, and now mantle plume connections made to the deep magma plume formation that continues growing out of control 24/7/365.
Clint: As you enlighten me about what most likely is going on, I must ask, Terral, why are you the only one reporting this? Regards, Clint
You are identifying another pattern with full application to the current deep magma plume formation topic like we see with the three witnesses of spirit, blood and water (Scripture investigation) and the many timeline conflicts of the 911 Inside Job where the 800-pound gorilla in the room seems invisible to a vast majority of the general population. The answer to your query is simple to understand once the realization dawns that the “deluding influence” that forces people to “believe what is false” (2Thes. 2:11) is extremely powerful with applications that go far beyond Scripture.
14 But [f]a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually [g]appraised. 15 But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one. 16 For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he will instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.” 1Cor. 2:14-16.
Some among us appear to be immune to the deluding influence with doors opened by The Almighty through His Living Word (mind of Christ) giving us a distinct advantage for recognizing the truth over the average bear and park ranger.



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