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Written by Laura
Posted on September 12, 2018

I just finished the first season of the BBC series HARD SUN. As my readers may recall, I do not watch television (don’t own one even) and stopped watching it at age 14. I was actually innately cognizant then of the falsity of this world, and the lies perpetrated on the masses through programming. I just didn’t quite have all the dots connected, or the lexicon to describe it, as I do now. wrote:Steve Interview's Terral 09.07.2018
I learned about this television series via WSO founder Steve Olson’s recent interview with Terral Blackstar, who has been researching the #HardSun – #Nibiru – for quite a number of years now, and would be, so far as I have delved, the most expert on it that the public can access. Steve asked Terral if he had watched it, telling him that the show corroborated everything Terral’s research delineated. Interestingly, Terral had not yet heard of it, and asked Steve to email him the information about it. Sleuth that I am, I immediately found it, and purchased the SD version of Season 1.

I may have been tired, or rushing, but I thought for sure when I purchased it through Amazon Prime Video that there were five seasons. I know I went for the least expensive option. Last night I finished Episode Six, the last episode of Season 1, and when I looked for season 2, there was none. I was confused; surprised. A little more investigation revealed that it’s debated on the web whether or not there will even BE a second season, and I see why.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, HARD SUN opens a true Pandora’s Box of pandemonium and despair, the likes of which are unprecedented for anyone, elite or non.

Amazon Prime’s blurb on its splash page describes it as “Two London-based police detectives stumble upon certain proof that the world is going to end and fight to keep their family and the public safe in the face of impending Armageddon.” Well, that’s an economical description, but succinct is best. I think it’s about time this impending reality was broached as a subject. The Kolbrin Bible recounts the last Nibiru crossing, and of course, as the elite have done furiously since that time, 3,600 or so years ago, has been hidden from humanity until very recently when the cache called the Dead Sea Scrolls was found. Be advised also that only a small percentage of the contents of said repository of knowledge have been allowed to be accessed and released. We are still operating on very limited access to history here.

The show is very true in both intimation of facts and depiction of the human response to this knowledge of doom. This is an extinction level event and predicted to occur within this generation. According to the show, within the current five-year span. How does one prepare for this?
My own knowledge of this cataclysm that is happening as I type – we are in a rapid pole shift, signs and portents and prophecy being fulfilled all around us daily, watchers and messengers and harbingers tirelessly truthing – has me synonymous with the Hard Sun’s main characters and I hit the ground in terms of connection with the impact (double entendre intended) running. I have died a thousand deaths daily since the revelation of this knowledge, which for me was only in May, the timetable and remaining dots connecting. My family. The world. Life. All of it. It’s coming to an end. I’m a grandmother of three, a mother of two. What’s worse – what makes it truly horrendously tragic – is that because of my truthing, my awareness since birth and being set apart, I have been shunned, and have no way of contacting my offspring and descendants to be there with them in this time.

I feel like Atlas.

How does one live with this knowledge of what’s to come? It’s literally unthinkable, and levels a person reduced to their spiritual core, at best.

That’s how I deal with it as I prepare to meet our maker, the One True Almighty God, creator of Heaven and Earth.
At first, I sent links to videos and long, long emails to my adult children, until I realized that my address was blocked and in their spam folders. Physical letters and gifts go unacknowledged. For them I am already dead, but they are into witchcraft (my daughter and daughter-in-law both call themselves witches publicly), and my son is a Dungeons and Dragons DM at One Eyes Jacques in Richmond, Virginia in his spare time. They’re in their late and mid-thirties, respectively. How I wish that when my son was a teenager I had known it would all come to this! I would NEVER have bought him Magic cards and D and D and Warcraft! It started with Myst on our family’s first Mac. Shudder. And I thought I was a “good green witch” myself, because I was such a deeply reverent and dedicated organic gardener, ahead of my time. But as Richie from Boston says, I digress.

So, I have agonized over what to do: do I keep trying to tell the ones I love, or let them be in their sleeping sheeple programmed reverie?

After watching Hard Sun, as hard as it is, I have decided to continue to try to reach them. Not my grandchildren, the oldest of whom is 13 now, going on 14. That would, however, be different if my son and his wife were on board with this, and I was there as well, and could provide daily guidance and stability. But certainly, my son deserves the chance to break through the lies to the Truth. He’s an incredible person. Just turned 35, has a 28-acre farm, and is striving for 100% stewardship and sustainability. The sad part is that won’t last long now.

And my daughter, she’s a doula there in Richmond with the area’s largest doula practice, groundbreaking in bringing humane childbirth, lactation and parenting skills to the families, her special focus is to the African American population, and the mayor decreed an edict for Black Breastfeeding Awareness due to her hard work. But more babies coming into a dying world…
You see the sadness.

Watch the show. If anything, it can help you feel less isolated in your knowledge, and you’re wondering what to do, which, if you are anything like me, is a constant haunting.

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