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Ask an extraterrestrial...

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 23:03
by Im_a_Jin
Any questions for an alien can be posted to here. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Ok, exterrans, I will ask you a question, then...

Posted: 01 May 2018, 20:44
by Im_a_Jin
By exterrans I mean you, Humans of Earth. I say that, as we Errak refer to ourselves as Exerrak when we are at our homeworld, and Aderrak When we are away. I as a Jinni not living at home, would be called an Aderrak. See how that works? I don't know how the Soviets learned so much about E.T.

But I have a question for you humans. What would you do if a friendly group of Humans from another star system came to Earth and conquered the planet? 0: Casualties. New Justice, decent laws. Total resource management. Conservation statutes. A place where all live to ascend to a higher realm of consciousness where the answers to everyone's problem is just a phone call away? Do you think people would live according to the law? Do you think that they would riot uncontrollably? Do you think they would try to invent a new politics for social gain? Would you trust these conquerors at face value? Or would mass hysteria lead to the telling of a new mythology? Your species has the same kind of pocket computers used by the people who will come to marry the Earth.

The Plieadians are the oldest dearest friends of both of our cultures (Terrestrial Humanity and Jin). The Krenarki are performing operations in your skies and with their assistance Human medical technology in this galaxy has become such that people can be made whole from catastrophic physical damage. They have something like an ambulance which gives them the ability to heal anyone anywhere. The tribes of man will come together in wonder at the revelation of these things. The Earth will be joined at the joining of many forms of intelligent life that are coming together at this time, in peace and enlightenment for all kinds.

You may think you have nothing to add, as your controllers have trained you to think you are less than the sum of your parts. This treaty which the Earth will be a part of will end a war in space. They will not preach to you but every prophecy will be rendered in full view of the world so that the old skin of the old religions can be cast off in favor of the truth that God is with us; and,it is better to enlighten everyone than to keep a secret from everyone. God will be in the media, unless the media ignore the truth. ignorance will be replaced with infomation, and devices you can barely imagine will be put to work restoring the natural balance of life on Earth. You do not have the materials to practice interstellar wormhole generation. The materials just do not exist on Earth. So you will be helped. We (the extrayterrestrials in general) will force disclosure of the truth about the reach of life in the Cosmos. All of the galaxy will reach out to humans in ways that can no longer be covered up. Do not despair. The way of truth is peace in love.

The reach of Exterran thought will open doors beyond what many can imagine. Your grandchildren will be educated in technologies and functions of reality that your grandparents would claim as impossible with their physics. Poison will exit the food supply. Criminal conspiracies to defraud and harm the people will be uncovered and those responsible for plotting mass murder in boardrooms will have their liscences revoked. Those who choose to willfully enact detrimental executive actions will be removed from a place of leadership and reeductated. The lack of food water and clean living spaces will be a thing your grandchildren will never know. Remember the golden rule and do a good turn daily. I think we will be alright. And remember if you see an E.T. ask if they Klee. ~ Hope Faith Peace Love ~

My average response time should be broadened to a week. I really don't look in here all too often. 0: replies. 0