Event Horizons Tues-Dr. Shiva Ayyurdai For MA Senate Hr 2. Maria Payan Factory Farms Hr 1

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Event Horizons Tues-Dr. Shiva Ayyurdai For MA Senate Hr 2. Maria Payan Factory Farms Hr 1

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26 Dec 2017, 01:07

Good Morning! Event Horizons Tuesday, December 26, 2017 10-Noon ET

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Please join me, Dr. Robin Falkov with the one and only Dr. Shiva Ayyurdai. Shiva is now running as an Independent candidate for the Massachusets, United States Senate. Fake pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren, is seeking reelection to the Mass US Senate. Time to clean house and get real repesentation.

He joins us once again to discuss his campaign, vision for his work and world events.


From Dr Shiva:

"I am running for United States Senate from Massachusetts to be a 21st century Senator. We stand at the crossroads where we can either head into a Golden Age or into the Darkness. Incredible innovation and solutions, which have been created by everyday Americans, already exist for energy, education, health, affordable housing and much more. What stands in the way are the old guard of career politicians, political hacks, lawyer-lobbyists and academics who pervade Washington and local government with corruption and crony capitalism that chokes and suffocates these innovations and solutions from reaching us. America becomes great when innovators, entrepreneurs, working people with skills and those committed to using common sense and reason run this country. The Founders of America were blacksmiths, engineers, soldiers, architects, entrepreneurs, scientists — they actually worked for a living and produced through their labor, products and services to help other citizens."

"I stand before you as someone who is a personification of the American Dream. My parents and I left the caste system of India in 1970 where we were considered low caste “Untouchables” and “Deplorables”. We first settled in Paterson, NJ and I went through the public school system where I was fortunate to have come across incredibly dedicated teachers, coaches and mentors."

"On my 7th birthday, in 1970, I left India and came to America: to this land of incredible opportunity. As a kid, I learned from my parents, teachers, coaches, and friends that what mattered most was Truth — to uncover it, share it and fight for it. That core value is THE foundation of the America Dream. And my life has been about fighting for Truth, at every step."

more about Dr. Shiva

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is the Inventor of Email and holds 4 degrees from MIT. He is a Fulbright Scholar and has started 7 successful hi-tech companies including EchoMail, CytoSolve and Systems Health. He is currently the Founder and CEO of CytoSolve, Inc, which is discovering cures for major diseases from Pancreatic Cancer to Alzheimer’s. He is also the Founder of Center for Integrative Systems that performs fundamental research in systems thinking and is the home of Innovation Corps and C.L.E.A.N./R.A.W. certifications.

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