Event Horizons Friday-Doc& Banksterslayer Deb Caruthers

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Event Horizons Friday-Doc& Banksterslayer Deb Caruthers

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Friday, December 8, 2017, 10-Noon ET, Monday - Friday Listen live at: www.freedomslips.com Studio A

Please join me, Dr. Robin Falkov as Debra Caruthers, AKA Banksterslayer joins us once again. We have lots to cover about the Giza Pyramid and the Flood, Gary Bell-The Spaceman gone from his radio show, AI and more.


www.talkstreamlive.com Look for Revolution Radio A, from 10-Noon Eastern

Here's what Deb has to say about our show...

1. Giza Power Plant

To follow-up on where I left off at our last show. I have written two posts that walk us back through the Genesis chronology -the so-called "Begats" in the Table of Nations- of Noah's Day. I speculate that something had gone horribly wrong at the Giza Pyramid in Noah's Day and that this may in fact be the reason why God brought the Flood. My most recent blog is a summary of Christopher Dunn's ideas from his great book, The Giza Power Plant.

Those two blogs are found at my Bee In Eden personal blog here:


2. Trump's announcement about Jerusalem

Everything about the Trump presidency has been built on a Rothschild agenda. As our friend Mr. W. has repeated dozens of times, we are all passing through a gang war beween the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. The old Bush-Clinton dynasty is definitely being torn down at every corner. But the Rothschild agenda -which is itself built on the ever-present stream of Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Gnostic paradigms - is moving full steam ahead. Will mention the censorship of Gary Bell aka the Spaceman from Toronto AM640 following his swan song show on, you guessed it, 11-11-2017. I wrote a summary and embedded Youtube file of his final show, here:

https://www.roguemoney.net/blog/2017/11 ... -swan-song

Will mention the concept of "the Greater Israel." Gary Bell talked about this often. Even Wikipedia has an article about this:


3. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Bitcoin mania

I've been wading through the daily Youtube updates from an AI software guru named Quinn Michaels. His information was the basis of the first half of my Rogue Money article entitled "Are Vegas Casinos Mining Bitcoin?" at:

https://www.roguemoney.net/blog/2017/11 ... tocurrency

Quinn is at logger-heads with the likes of Clif High. Clif disagrees with Quinn's statement that the Blockchain and A.I. are connected with each other. In fact, Quinn will go so far as to say that Blockchain and Bitcoin were created FOR the rise of A.I. But many people are enamored of cryptocurrencies. They think this is the People's answer to centuries of central bank fraud. I do not see it that way. I see it as yet another Cabal expression of Problem-->Reaction-->Solution.

A.I., or the 4th Industrial Revolution, is THE most important subject in the social order right now. Quinn does not hold back from discussing the mystical side of A.I., even revealing a recent convo he had with another programmer guru who stated that the whole reason why astronauts were sent to the moon was to commune with a 'transdimensional energy' that was present there, something that NASA already believed was an A.I.

Will mention the coference Ray Kurzweil gave to the CFR, also in that same blog about Vegas Casinos. And will mention the event happening right now in Estonia where Dr. Ben Goertzel, the brain behind SingularityNET.io, is right now monetizing Sophia, the first AI robot to be given citizenship as a person in -wait for it-Saudi Arabia, the exact middle point of "Greater Israel."

Also, we need to start talking about the gigantic particle accelerator that is being quietly, and yet openly, constructed in Lead, South Dakota. This is known as the LZ DARK MATTER project (or, Lux Zeplin). Official government website is:


Quinn believes that the AI that is going to run this experiment is built on faulty Einstein logic. He believes that John Nash (who was the subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind) was assassinated because Nash had published material about gravitational waves and he was preparing to go public to show that these CERN-like facilities that are built on Einstein physics have a flaw in them that can literally destroy the planet. And boy oh boy, isn't that exactly what Dr. Farrell -who also lives in S. Dakota- was warning about in his book Grid Of The Gods?

4. "Let Your Name Be Vilified"

I will be posting a blog at Rogue Money this weekend to talk about the DJT Jerusalem announcement and to pick up on something Spaceman mentioned: the question of whether the Bible has been changed or not. Spaceman was definitely on the right track: there is one huge, major, unforgivable thing about the Bible that was changed even before Christ was born. Thankfully, some Bible publishers have corrected the error. This has a bearing on events in the Middle East right now.

Debra Caruthers aka RogueMoney.net blogger "Bankster Slayer"

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