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Image that its a dark stormy night with lighting flashing and you are all alone in a cabin deep in the woods. Lighting flashes and the power goes out. No big deal you think its happens. You look but can only fined one candle but the low light is welcome.
Soon the storm began to move off. You deicide to have a look out side from the live room window that over looked the front pouch. You can not see your car parked not far away it is way to dark. Then there is a flash of lighting and the whole yard lights up. It blinds you but first you think you see some thing move out pass your car. You try hard to see but it is just to dark out but the next time the lighting flashed what you see shocks you. What ever you had seen was now right behind your car but the figure is to dark to make out who or what it is.
What ever it was it was taller than most men and you decided it was time to grub your shotgun. You blow out the only candle so it is now darker within the house than out side. You hear the wood boards on the pouch made some noise. You slowly move over by the window to where you hope you can see but it was still to dark to see any thing. It was so still out you could hear the raindrops fall off the roof to the ground.
All most two hours go by with out a noise then you can hear what sounds like some thing shape being pulled alone the siding boars of the house getting louder and louder but you still can not see any thing. Before it reached the window you are at the scrapping stop and it was again dead silence. Suddenly you hear what sounds like a big dog sniffing the air but you know what ever this was it was to big to be a dog.
You think that maybe if you make a lot of noise it will run off but some where in your mind you know that would not work, it was on the hunt and you are the hunted. You move back away from the window but as you back away you see two yellow eyes throw the glass pain. The shock made you trip on a chair and you start to fall back.
At the same time the window exploded as the thing jumped at you making a loud growling sound. Before you hit the floor it has a hold of one foot. You point the shot gun at the thing but before you can fire the thing bits your foot. You let out a scream of pain as you pull the trigger. The buck shot hit the thing in what would have been a man shoulder and it lets out a hollow that makes your blood go cold and hire on the back of you neck raise. In a flash it was gone out the way it had came.
After a moment you noticed it is getting light out, the dawn was coming. You foot is a bit messed up and it would take a few stitches to close up the holes but at lest you will live but as of yet unknown to you now part of the Lycanthrope family. ... bb6682.gif

Lycanthrope or as it is commonly know as being a Werewolf may just be more common than believed. The legends of man being changed into a wolf or being able to change into one are far older than most think. Going back as far as the Sumerians with the Epic of Gilgamesh.
A potential love of his had turned her previous mate into a wolf so he was smart and jilted her. In Greek Mythology the book Metamorphoses by the Rome poet Ovid tells the tail of King Lycaon. For what ever reason he served the God Zeus human meat and Zeus freaked out and killed the Kings 50 sons with lighting blots and turned the King into a wolf. This is where it is believed the word Lycanthrope came from.
In the Old 13 century Icelandic text saga of Volsungs there is a tail of a father and son whom found magic wolf pelts that would change the wearer into a wolf for 10 day. Even in north American there are tails of Skinwalkers that could become a wolf and ever a few other animals. It seam to me that the tails of people becoming wolfs or werewolf can be found all over the World. Now a days the most known type of Werewolf is the one that Hollywood has given us. ... bb6682.gif
In 1941 the move The Wolfman came out and from that moment on the way that Lon Chaney Jr. played the Werewolf became the stranded for all Werewolves. There is a line in that movie that is great I’m not sure if it is older than the movie but it is a good line.
"Even a man who is pure at heart
and says his prayers by night.
May become a wolf when the
wolf-bane blooms
and the moon is full and bright”
It is repeated a couple of times. If you have not seen it you should check it out. It is well done.
Lycanthrope in the 14th century was taken very seriously with the Courts of Europe. Many where convicted and executed.
Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun in 1521 where executed
Gilles Garnier “Werewolf of Dole.” in 1573 executed by being burned at the stake
Peter Stumpp in 1589 a serial killer who murdered and sometimes ate his victims was executed
JACQUES ROULET in 1598 was placed in an insane asylum.
History is full cases just like them but tails of Werewolf (no punt intended) are still happening today. In the England city of Cannock Chase in the last 40 year or so there have been dozens of encounters. It is said that in the 70’s a boy of 17 used the Ouija board to make a deal with the Devil to change into a wolf.
It would seam that there are a few ways to become a Werewolf. Be turned in to one by a God the Devil or cursed by a gypsy. If you are bit by a Werewolf and live you will become one or if you are the descendent of one you may want to keep an eye on the moon.
Even today there are many sighting. From 1936 till today there have been over 200 in Wisconsin alone.
In 1989 one of the most know about is the Beast of Bray Road in Delavan Wisconsin. This case they even made a movie about. There is the case of Skinwalker Ranch that reported a misshaped wolf type creature that would stock people and has attacked and mutilate livestock. There has even been a report of a young boy whom was killed near San Francisco by a wolf but there has been none in the area in over a 100 years.
There has been a lot of sighting of what is being called the Dog Man in the American north east. Could they really be the same thing? After all wolfs and dogs are of the same family or are we now face with some thing new? One thing is for sure is that there are a lot of things out there in the dark.

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