12-11-17 topic of tonights show

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12-11-17 topic of tonights show

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Ancient mankind look out into the night sky at the lights shining in the dark and night after night watched. I have wondered how long it take for them to see the patron the lights fallowed. How many lives or even eons went by before they noticed that there was a few that did not move as the rest. They where called the wandering stars and soon when worshiped as various Gods. They where the planets we can see with our naked eyes.
Mars is one of the planets that can be seen with the naked eye. It is a terrestrial planet with a reddish appearance which may have help name it. It is the fourth planet out from the sun and in what is called the Goldilocks zone. The name Mars come from the Roman god of war whom was second only to Jupiter.
Mars was the Father of Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome so was worshiped as the guardian of Rome. He was known to the ancient Greeks as Ares. Originally, Mars was a god of vegetation and protector of the farms but as Rome grow throw military conquest he became associated with warfare. Some believe that all Romans are descended of Mars.
There are a few things that that Mars and Earth kind of share like tilt of axis. The Earth is 23.5 and Marts is 25 degrees. Mars orbiting speed is 14.5 miles per second and Earth move a little faster at 18.5 miles per second. The length of day on Mars 24 hours 37 minutes, Earth 23 hours 56 minutes. Even the atmosphere is made of mostly the same gases but Mars is 95% carbon dioxide. The Martian year last 687 Earth days with an average distance of 142 million miles from the Sun.
Mars is the fourth and the last of what science calls the Terrestrial planets. It is believed to have a dense metallic core that is dormant with a mantle and a lighter material that makes up the crust that is believed to be about 30 mile deep. The crust is magnetized in places but there is no sign of a global magnetite field. This is one of the reason they thing the core is dormant. Some believe that at one time it did have one but that was a few million years ago.
There is low atmospheric pressure so liquid water can not happen on the surface but there is a lot of it frozen at each pole and many believe that at one time there where vast oceans hundreds of meters deep. This I believe to be true. There are far to many signs of water every where you look. Many think that if that was the case then there is a good change that there was or could still be life there.
In an attempted to find life Mankind has sent 39 orbiters, landers or rovers but only 16 have been successful and there has been no proof showing that there has ever been life there. Just by looking at Mars you can see that there are many craters but do you know that there are around 43,000 of them 3 miles or greater and that 93% of them are in one hemisphere and some think that it could of happen in less than an hour.
There are many whom clam to have been to Mars and know that there is life there. I have talked with a few of them on past shows and have talked to many of them off air and one thing I do know is that what they say they believe.
I have spent hour looking at pitchers of the surface and have seen many things that don’t add up to Mars all ways being a life less world. You really have to look for your self and just check out the pitchers and You Tubes that people post. I not saying they all cant be trusted just that it is easy to now a days to work them in to what they want you to see.

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