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It took a moment for his mind to clear as it did most awakenings. He reached out with his scents. The room was cool and he know that it was to be a rainy day. This did not bother him, the rain always made this World seem some what clean or new.
It was still dark but he rolled over and looked out over the valley any ways and waited. It was still some time before first light. This was the best time of awaking for him. It was always quite and still, as if the rest of the World was still asleep.
This awaking was an important one for him, one that would defined his place in Universe. He had worked long and hard to get where he was now. There where many who thought that his projected was a wast of time but he felt that there was little choice.
He know what there fear was but he was not afraid nor did he have any seconded thought about it. He was the only one whom would have to pay the price if it did not work. He could see the out line of the trees now as the sky began to lighten.
Time moved so slow here that most would never wast it on a thought of this World. It was no different than a million other Worlds in the Universe but he was going to change this or hoped too. He thought back on what had led him to this point.
It had been known for Eons that the race was on a decline and reality was changing in ways that was not really understood. The only hope that he could see was that the race also had to change.
Dawn had fully come but the clouds keep the valley in a shadow of fog that he thought was rather pretty. It would began to rain soon as the temperature rose. This World had come a long way he thought, from a life less rock.
He had some of the best mines that the race had offending ideas and even a few that made demands about how he was to go about this. He really did not mind this, after all he could not think of all that had happen on this projected.
The choice of this World had to do with where it was and that it was far from any other Worlds that may also become infected. If this did not work as planed it would be easy to clean the area of space with out messing up the rest of the Universe.
This had to work, the future of his race depended on it and there was no way he was going to give up. He rose just as it began to rain. He know it would not last long, this was all planed the last time he was awake.
He thought back to what had given him this idea in the first place. His own race was so old that none where sure of how or where they had come from but many did believe at some point in time there was a beginning.
Many thought that the race had all ways been but he thought that there had to be a start. He was not sure of how or when but like all things in this Universe as well as time there was a starting point.
He hoped that this waking time would be a new starting point for his race. He was not sure of how many more wake times the race would have, but he know it was to be his last. What he was to do he was doing with love for his race.
He shifted and at once was at his alter. He raised his arms over his head and said in his minds voice “Hear me great Source of all. I ask that you show me your wisdom and grant me understanding and strength to do what must be done.” and then he voiced the sounds of honour.
He felt the love flow over his Soul in answer and all doubts no matter how little where gone. What he was about to do was the will of Source even if it did not work. After all the will of Source was all there was in the end.
He covered his naked soul with a glowing robe of purple light just as the rain stopped. He looked out over the valley. He could see the birds began to gather in the trees to bear wittiness. Soon the rest of the life of this World would appear.
He was proud of the hard work that many of them had done the last couple of awakenings to bring this world to life. It was vary pleasing to his scents and he know that it was good after all it was created with love.
He followed the small brook that ran down in to the valley. He had plenty of time before mid-day. That was when it was decided to start. The other side of the brook every few feet was lined with all the animals.
They watched him in silence but he could fell there love for him. He really had no clue what was going to happen but he know that with the all the love he felt and the hope of his race and by the will of Source he would save his race.
If this worked his name would be known by every member of the race. He found it hard to keep his ego in place but he reminded him self that it was for the greater good of the race not for his glory.
When he reached the centrer of the valley the rest of the group stood in silence. Each was bathed in a different colour glow. It was rather pretty he thought as he stopped in front of them. He felt the love and the concerns of each of them but they each know that this was most likely the only way.
The group had spent the last few hour fashioning for him his new vestal. It was made from dirt, clay and even moaner of this World and all the love they could add. As he looked down at it he first felt and then he heard a great low hum in the air around them.
Each of the group raised there arms adding there voice to the hum of honour. He had never felt the love so deep before. This must be what the Source felt all the time he thought. He let his robe drop and stood as a naked Soul before the Source.
The group slowly began to dance around him as they hummed. His mind seamed to blink and for a second he was cut off from the love of Source. This frightened him but then it was back. The hum became louder as the animals added there voices.
The felling of love grow to all most to much for him to handle and he began to fell that a wake time for him was all ready up. Every so slowly he drifted off in to the dark of sleep thinking this was all for the good of his race.
He shuddered awake and sat up. He was naked and was covered in dirt but was not cold. He was in a small clearing and was alone but he felt as if he was being watched. He looked around but was unable to see any one.
There was only trees, grass and flowers. He wondered how he had gotten there. He tried to think but there was nothing to remember before he woke and was there. Then slowly he began to remember that there was this felling and he long for it to return.
As he sat there trying to reason out what it was he remembered that what ever had happen to him it was because of that felling and it was good. suddenly it came to him, his name was Adam.

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