Independent Voter Radio Show Questions for Devin Nunes

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Independent Voter Radio Show Questions for Devin Nunes

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03 Jun 2018, 14:49

Here are the questions I sent to Devin Nunes June 3rd as I try to get an interview.

I'm seeking to get Republican Devin Nunes on for an interview, here is the list of questions I had for him and the three documents I included.

Hello, I'm Mitchell Bupp. I wanted to ask Congressman Nunes a few questions about the unfolding plot to neutralize candidate, President-elect and now President Trump by enemies of the State. My, "Independent Voter Radio Show" airs "LIVE" Tuesday nights 8-10 PM. Here is a link to my show links about this ongoing plot.

If he can not do an interview I understand. Could you please get him to answer these questions below?

I have hundreds perhaps a thousand plus links about this plot by the Deep State or Shadow Government since this started unfolding in 2016.

My questions would revolve around the so-called "Trump Dossier" that I believe is woefully incomplete.

First I wanted to ask about the Steele Dossier.

"BuzzFeed leak"

The BuzzFeed leaked version has a set of numbering and dates on the photographed pages. Has the Chairman gotten to look at the "missing" memos"?

Have the photos of the BuzzFeed pages been examined forensically by the FBI/DOJ?

Do we know the source of these "BuzzFeed" leaked documents? (FusionGPS/Steele/Orbis)?


"Fusion GPS"

Were there other contractors hired by FusionGPS or Democrats running as parallel opposition researchers?

Nellie Ohr role in Dossier? Is she connected to Brennan since she has associations with the CIA?

"Trump Dossier versions?"

Have Bill Kristol, Washington Free Beacon, and Paul Singer provided the Trump intel they were given by FusionGPS from October 2015 through May 2016?

The Clinton campaign from April 2016 through Jan 2017 paid for opposition research. Has it been subpoenaed?

If not, then have you taken steps to secure the data from multiple players?

Do we know who worked on the earlier versions of the FusionGPS Trump Dossier prior to Christopher Steele joining the "Team" in mid-June?

Who did Steele work with to produce his memos?

From my count, I see many versions of this "Trump Dossier" floating around, however, I am aware of only one version leaked to the public through BuzzFeed.

The versions used to brief Congress by Clapper and Brennan been examined?

Is the "John McCain" leaked version the same as the BuzzFeed leaked version?

Has any of these dossiers versions been cross-referenced and examined?

Has the Chairman gotten to see the "Obama Dossier" that was passed around the government by the Obama administration? (Bob Cardin" has a copy)

Have the papers of Former CIA Director John Brennan been subpoenaed?

Also the same for James Clapper?

"missing memos?"

The BuzzFeed leaked documents indicate a pattern of missing memos. The 35-page leak of 17 memos each dated and numbered. If we are to believe the numbers they indicate;

Steeles' first memo was #80 making 79 before he was employed in mid-June.

The numbers end at memo #166.

How many actual memos have you seen?

Do the FBI/DOJ provide more than the 35 leaked pages?

Well anyway, this is a good start.

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