Current events opinions and my 12/27/17 show

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Current events opinions and my 12/27/17 show

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21 Dec 2017, 12:22

I guess we all have opinions.
Obviously when one listens to Rev Radio we know that. ;)
I have many and they are strong. Some people suggest that we can beat a dead horse by talking about the events going on in the world today but I would like to politely disagree,
One we need to inform others of those events. I try and I emphasize the word 'try' to do so without trying to force my ideals or opinions on anyone.
Why should we inform?... well because we see how msm is not informing everyone of anything other than their narrative.
That is forcing ones beliefs onto others which is not appropriate in a free society.
I believe much of their narrative is illusion.
"But you are a light worker Christine you should not be so...negative"..many have told me.
Hey we are LIGHT workers because of the darkness not because of light. It is the light we need to be bringing into the darkness of the world , NOT just sit around and admire ourselves and each other over our pretty lights.
The way to expose the darkness and what goes on in it is precisely to draw attention to it IN the light.

Events that go on today can make us mad. cause sadness and despair. truth is not the cause of our anger or despair but believing it is not happening is what causes more imbalance then attacking it head on.
I am reminded of a little kid I used to babysit and every time he did something that he knew was bad he would cover his eyes thinking because he could not see me I could not see him. It is a similar thing that goes on in the society nowadays when people refuse to engage in understanding the truth.
So, I will continue to discuss current events on my show give my opinions and hope that what I say sparks a bit of outrage on you my listeners and a tad bit of inspiration to share the truth among your friends.
Above everything we need to be praying sending light love and energy into that darkness into the turmoil of the world that will always be present. If not to heal and bring this world into pure love and light which i do not believe is possible but to help balance that which seems to be so unbalanced.
Thanks so much for listening and for your support of my show and the great Revolution radio which I am blessed to be a part of :).. please support the network so we can continue in our freedom of expression and speech.
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